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Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago
im not sure their GM gives up Crouse
I think Utah would take Marner but i think they'd rather use the 6th OA this year to do it
Like VGK their owners said they want a team in the playoffs this year contending not competing.
I think they'll use that pick to land someone over the top then sign a top UFA like lets say Reinhart to a big deal

I think McBain or Hayton in a deal makes more sense with the 6th OA with Soderstrom for Marner
It gives TML what they need and they can still trade the 6th OA up or down depending on desire.
Zegras deal or Necas deal would be done pretty quick i think, if that was the desired intent

Marner has Value especially if TML just RS 50% or pays someone to as whether Utah needs it or not
Its about opening up the market so there's competitive offers they're forced to match

Marner walks into Utah and makes the playoffs with their new team and he's set, thats the bar.
TBH i think he exceeds that he's just not a Gamebreaker type but He contributes he's just noticeably absent when the games are Physical
Crouse is the opposite and its the biggest part of his game making him a good fit for their GM's first long term signing and seemingly his favored player in Crouse.

TBH McBain , 6th OA and Soderstrom would be my Choice.
Big Power Center who is a hits leader whereever he goes and will only get stronger as he's built for a bottom 6 role and thrives on special teams.
Soderstrom seems broke but i think he just needs a climate change to something more familiar. I think if Timmins can make it in TML then Soderstrom should be a shoe in.
Requiring Waivers now is a downside but Soderstrom has progressed he just hasnt learned to play defense yet , same issue he had in Europe.
He's an Offensive Defensman who doesnt get used much defensively as coaches never ensure he learned his craft first before venturing into forward territory as a scorer.

At his age , his size on your roster, if used in a 3rd pair role on special teams? sure he could start
But he's not top 4 ready outside the AHL right now

Trade the 6th OA then walk away with McBain, Soderstrom and something big from the 6th OA any way you slice it
Forum: Armchair-GM18 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dan_the_Man</b></div><div>No that's a flat out F***ING lie they have to trade Sergachev, Cernak or Cirelli. Kero lying to yourself to make yourself feel smarter than you are Stamkos signs around 5.5(+-) a couple hundred K. And you dump Jeannot and Sheary while going with rookies and league minimum vets 22 man roster</div></div>

No its Math you cant refute or you simply would instead of acting out.
Your need to act ignorantly with personal attacks says you're punching above your weight calss.
I simply talk facts as Admins are also posters and anonymous.
Ive got busted more then one cause they happen to come across me breaking rules

So when you want to debate im all for it
But i wont be dragged into a situation where i gotta deal with Admins for no reason.
Math isnt hard and anyone who can do it know that signing Early not testing UFA status if is something GMs do often with core players to avoid the distraction of the Media if nothing else.
You only wait to become a UFA if you want more money then your team is willing to give prior to July 1st.

As for "they have to trade Sergachev , Cernak , or Cirelli" . . . then why would Stamkos want to come back?
Lose any of them or any of your core 4 and its game over man

But if Stamkos leaves its no different then MSL passing the torch to Stammer who had his team and his goalie in his era.
He got Healthy in time to join Vasilevsky , Kucherov,Point, Cirelli, Sergachev,and many others some who were traded even
While Stammer took on a Veteran role with Hedman and Mdonugh to guide them

Giving away any of that Core he built is foolish
He can leave for a few years at max contract and come back to TBL later when Kucherov is basically in Stamkos position ready to pass the torch as they go on a run.

But paying Stamkos makes no sense and mark my words Mcdough coming back confirms it
You dont add 6.75m in McDonugh and this isnt really a debate worth having
But by acquiring Stammer it put TBL lightening in a position you're arguing to sacrifice the youth core who will replace the Current Core in order to save Stamkos ?
I think Brisebois passes and Stevie Y gives Stammer a call and a big contract he wants if thats what Stamkos wants.
But all i can speak to is the Math and TBL+McDough =Stamkos gone
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Nhl_oilers</b></div><div>It’s not a bad plan to grab Catton at #10, however, I doubt he makes it passed Montreal, and definitely not passed Utah.</div></div>

UTAH has 0 Defensman signed last i checked.
Their Owners said they want to compete today like VGK

IF Demidov goes 2nd and Lindstrom 3rd it will create a Freefall of Quality D Galore for Utah.
Levshunov who's ready now likely wont be taken over Iginla, Catton or Eiserman as CBJ has Defense galore and needs Forwards same as MTL

If Levshunov goes top 3 with any other D going top 5 then Catton could fall to 10th
We're talking ANA and CHI both choosing D which isnt even unlikely its just hard to see teams passing up on Demidov or Lindstrom
Then you consider Demidovs KHL Contract which is always an issue effecting Draft positioning and Lindstrom being injured most of his Draft year like Galchenyuk was.
Its very possible if 5 D go in the top 10 which is likely given so many NCAA Players, Memorial Cup players , WJC players,ext on the Blueline finished or are finishing strong.
Buium wasnt even top 10 to start the year but is being talked about top 5 after breaking Lane Hutsons NCAA record he set last year. Buium did it while winning the championship no less.
Dickinsons a 17 year old averaging 25+ minutes in a Memorial cup and playing a dominant role as a big blue liner who's the most Versatile top 4 D prospect in this draft.
Levshunov finished his first year in NCAA after leaving Russia and did so as a top 10 NCAA Dman as the 6'2 209lbs Dman
He's done so while playing a complete game at both ends of the ice taking him from a top 10 option to start the year to a top 5 must in virtually every ranking.

Doesnt stop there either
We got Lefty's and Righty's all top 4 guys
You also got Yakemchuk and Parekh guys who will grow into a 2nd pair role from bottom pair and Special teams plays.
Yakemchuk lays those Alexi Emelin level Predatory Grey Area but Technically Legal hits and will take time to mold into a top 4 regular as he needs to gain mass to play his style at the NHL level.
Parekh is a Special Teams star who plays solid on PK and PP with the same need for mass to transition his style of game to a top 4 role.

Lots of guys this year but this is the most stacked draft of quality D ive seen since the 2003 draft
Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 8:06 p.m.
Remind me what was the cost last time a back up took a team on good playoff run and was traded right after?
I mean i couldnt believe it when NJD gave up that pick for Schneider, in hindsight it still blows my mind.
That said given its VAN again involved i doubt the reference or its context is lost on them

NJD needs a goalie more then VAN needs to trade one.
Like Ullmark/Swayman debate of last year there's no need to move 1 for the other to succeed
VAN can wait until after Markstroms moved and gain leverage in the market if they wanted to make a deal.
But selling low for a player they dont need doesnt make sense.

VAN is a good team who needs to tighten up D a little but mostly Miller no showing after game 2 of the EDM series is why they lost.
He played 27 minutes that final game where VAN had just 15 shots i believe. They were shutting him down easily
They needed to go with their depth playing great minutes to spread their good checkers thin and over work them. Hard to keep up if they got tired legs trying to cover 4 lines the same instead of just 1

If anything i'd say VAN if they did a deal for Necas that Miller would have to be involved as would NJD 1st round pick this year in a package for it to benefit VAN and build on its run this year.
That said i think leveraging Miller in a Kotkaniemi deal to get Necas cheaper makes more sense and gives CAR an Heir to Andersons throne who can help eat up games for him so he's healthier when games count more. It would give CAR the punching power it needs now and a solid back end. All they'd have to do is re-sign a few of their D they like and they're back in the hunt as much as VAN

Deals gotta benefit both sides and make them better
If they dont then you need leverage with NJD doesnt have here as they're the ones in need
Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 7:54 p.m.
Whomever signs Stamkos is gonna create a ripple effect
I'd hold off on Kerfoot as Kakko still has value as Power Forwards always take longer.
TBL bringing back McDonough at full salary when they need to dump cap to sign Stamkos to me says they arent going to be able to resign him unless a Sergachev,Point Vasilevsky or Kucherov level contract is dumped and even then it would be tight plus counter productive.

I think you'll see Stamkos end up in TML with Marner being moved out to collect assets and free up Cap.
I think by Proxy for a team to make room either way a domino effect if created
Maybe CAR targets Marner if Necas signs an offer sheet somewhere or maybe they pay someone to take on Kotkaniemi or make it a requirement of acquire Necas.
Maybe TML trades Marner to LAK for PLD create a need for TML to dump a Center like Jarnkrok or Kampf for nothing or to expedite the process pay you.

Plus until the Draft the new owners in Utah wont have had a chance to make any real impact either.
They want to contend like VGK they said from day 1. That to me says they'll have to upgrade on Haytons and McBains
McBain in NYR makes y'all a legit scary team especially if he clicks with Rempe and half mold him to play McBains style of hockey(similar to Rempe's but with Purpose)

Tons of moves NYR could make
Kerfoot for Kakko is among the worst.
Especially when there's better to target given NYR has the most success during Free Agency historically
If i were NYR i'd be taking a flyer on Elias Lindholm on a 1 year 3m deal where he gets to try to rebound his value.
Since Coach Sutter was dismissed Lindholm has been on a decline so NYR Coaching style i think would appeal to him right now.
At 29 years old he's got a small window for 1 last big deal if he can rebound this season similar to how Monahan did in MTL(just dont let him play injured like we did the first year)

Worst case Scenario at his worst he's Kerfoot at his best.
But at his best Lindholm at least for 1 year could be a top 5 scorer on NYR maybe even whipping Kakko into shape.
Then after that 1 year is up move Kakko out if he still sucks or by TDL is both Lindholm and Kakko crap the bed.
Either way more practical and cost effective way to utilize NYR natural strength in Free Agency Appeal
Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 7:17 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GeneralLandro</b></div><div>You would all day long and we laugh about it all day long</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GiggywithGibby</b></div><div>You might, Anaheim wouldn't.</div></div>

I stated what i meant in English i "MIGHT"
I like McTavish too and i've been on the fence about this for a while as OldNYIFan can confirm
Every Zegras trade i say there's 1 ANA player i might trade that top 5 for but that would have to be the day of the draft depending on who went top 3 before i'd make that call. But it comes down to who's available as McTavish is good but im not convinced he's better then Demidov or Lindstrom long term is where i struggle with this
I mean if both are gone and its all D left or Catton or Eiserman or Iginla then sure ,i'd trade.
But if Demidov or Lindstrom is there i dont know. As good as McTavish Truly is, and he is REALLY Good.
Demidov and Lindstrom are too. Both fit MTL's needs and Hughes has expressed interests in both as well as Iginla.

I get your side of it
I wouldnt trade Suzuki for your 3rd OA
Doesnt mean much outside i like Suzuki a lot
Most people would at least consider a package built around it at the very least.
I would not , and i suspect you're the same. No shame in it and its why Core Players arent moved often untill pushed out by youth

I mean i get ANA POV as you've got Zegras to move for a good pick even if he wouldnt make me consider giving up a top 10 pick for him, i'd likely give up a top 15 as he has value. So why would ANA feel motivated to use McTavish even if your really really wanted two top 5 picks in this years draft, its counter productive like MTL moving Suzuki for a 3rd OA would be today. But if i were to even consider doing it McTavish is the only ANA pieces id be looking at is the context of my original statement essentially
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Thread: Competitive
Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 7:24 a.m.
Thread: Competitive
Thats less then the established rate to trade up 2 spots and that was for a mid first round pick
MTL isnt opting out on Iginla who Hughes was the first top mention him as a possible Trade Target over Eiserman who started last summer expected to go 2nd or 3rd overall.

I loved cheering for Pelletier in Junior but i dont want him on the Habs no way , no how.
I wouldnt even consider it for a minute as he only survived by drawing a ton of Penalties and Diving a lot really.
He was on a Stacked team and made teams pay for it any time they took a penalty.

But that was Situational and the System he was in more then anything else.
Jakob would sometimes get caught trying to pretend he's an elite offensive player and the things he'd try would cause odd man rushes galore.
Coach yelled at him every single time "We dont play Selfish Hockey here, its a Team Sport you have a role , do your job or L'Herueux will"

He's a fine Project for a team that can Humble Him, and you'll need to often and a lot.
But MTL aint got time for that and we want no more Subban type personalities no matter how French they might be.
Loved him when he played for us but our Coach could handle him while MSL isnt that Mean, he doesnt have it in him.
The sheer amount of energy wasted on constantly just keeping Jakob focused isnt worth it for a 5'9 ego trip

You guys havent found out but you're about to when he turns Pro at the NHL level full time and finds Validation.
That is unless your Coach can humble him and mold him in ways ours simply cant.
If Patrick Roy was in Charge here then yeah 100% i want in cause Roy who get the most out of Jakob and Humble him
He's chastise him publicly for playing selfish hockey if need be unlike 999/1000 coaches would and Jakob needs tough love
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