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Forum: Armchair-GMMay 16 at 1:17
Thread: NJD MTL
Cole's Numbers are all Positive
He tied a Career high when the season ended

MTL can afford to take him at that price and cap.
He's the Anchor Petry needs to allow him more time to jump in on the OZ Push

Romanov will have Weber to mentor him on 2nd line behind Cole-Petry
Chiarot will mentor Fleury who plays a very similar hard hitting style an he can hopefully have a positive impact.

MTL has Size , Speed and Skill With Mete up for Trade allowing MTL to avoid losing him in the Expansion draft for nothing as he's not worth protecting IMO with Romanov here , Norlinder not far out as well as Harris and Struble having solid NCAA years by 2021-22 they'll likely all be Pro playing either NHL or AHL level. Just as Petry and Cole would be going UFA We'd have multiple D on both sides at the Pro level under 23 who can fight for their spots.

The Number of Quality Prospects in All Draft Rounds we've drafted since hiring Eric Crawford from out under VAN who underestimated his value letting him walk
Well its simply Flawless.

Crawfords only Percieved miss as Head of Scouting and the man Timmons put in charge of Day to Day after his Promotion the Assistant GM
Was Arguably Kotkanemi .

That said KK is still the best Center in the 1st round of his draft year By a Country and despite being the youngest to turn Pro he's still found success being rushed.
I'd still take KK>Tkachuk for the same reason i stuck by Price>Setegouchi for years as DS was scoring 20 and 30 goal seasons while price was up and down from AHL to NHL.
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 16 at 3:11
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SevenLeg</b></div><div>I'm not saying this is bad. I'm just not willing to give what will probably be an early 2nd for a guy who will a struggle to get in the lineup and Groulx while we already have Evans for that role</div></div>

Evans doesnt play the same game Groulx does

Evans plays a position based game focused on being a playmaker 180/200 ft of the ice then crowds the goalie for Deflections and Tip ins he practice's relentlessly as seen in his final Year recap of his Career as Captain of the Notre Dame NCAA team. As per Timmons last camp his Goal scoring ability is similar to Gallaghers aka blue collar goals

Groulx is a big bodied Goal Scorer who is as close to a sniper as you can get without actually being one.
His Forecheck is amazing and his compete level is very high having more of a Radulov type attitude to the game.

Honestly Together they could create a pretty Solid 2/3rds of a line with a Veteran like Byron guiding them or maybe Drouin if they play consistent
Point is you can never have enough young Goal Scorers especially when they score and play completely different but complimentary styles.

We could move on from some of our UFA's making a Profit in their final year of contract before moving on to youth keeping the cap low.
Meanwhile MTL will have a great youth base lead by Domi and Suzuki on offence while Romanov and Weber secure the back end and Price/Primeau take the crease.

With that group and the almost 20m we'd have by not signing our top line again but trading them we could sign a few big names.
Maybe go grab Taylor Hall or Offer sheet Sergachev since TBL's hands are tied at anything over 7m over 5 years (even getting someone to waive their NMC wont clear enough cap for all their players needs including Cirelli)
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 11 at 6:56
Forum: Armchair-GMMay 11 at 6:41
Thread: 31 in 31
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 17 at 10:46
Forum: Mock-DraftApr 10 at 10:16
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MCfubar</b></div><div>There's always one that falls. This year it happens to be a talented but diminutive center.</div></div>

not that far they dont drop

10 spots , sure but we're talking about a kid that had i think it was 43 points in 17 game point streak
His ability to score is largely based on special teams as he can score short handed as easy as on the man advantage.
He was 2nd fastest to 100 points in the Canadian Junior hockey league in 47 games 1 shy of tying Alex Lefreniere .

It happened to Forsberg to but he dropped from top 5 ranked by many to 11OA based on lack of size
He currently leads the 2012 draft class with 353 points

It happened to Suzuki as well who's currently 8th in scoring among the 2017 draft class jumping into the top 10 his rookie year with Makar.
Currently only Elias Petterson and Makar are clear cut better players with a faster rate of production in that draft .

People sometimes get a Fiala and have to wait for them to bloom late or a Leblanc who just straight up busts
but usually if they're talented enough they dont fall outside the top 12

Rossi is easily comparable to Duchene in his playing style and his impact in the faceoff circle
He's just mentally on a different level then most players in the draft.
His lack of size usually means needing time to develop is the downside is it takes 1-2 years despite being top 10 because they cannot get called up to playing 4th line minutes like a Poehling for example who has size and plays physical.

He's probably the best scorer outside Lefreniere and the best Center outside Byfield.
Struzle is a better player then Rossi but is a pure winger making his value lower
That said it depends on who's picking at the #2-4 positions whether it will be a C ,W or D taken #2,3 and 4.
(if LAK gets # for example its likely they still take Drysdale as he fills their biggest hole and he could play for them next year unlike the C or W.)
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 9 at 3:51
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 9 at 1:48
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JTBF81</b></div><div>Tampa isn't trading Cirelli for ADA, what a terrible trade for Tampa. Tampa has 0 need for another winger in Tatar, and certainly not at the cost of their best d prospect who will be playing next year. Tampa is more than likely rolling Hedman-Rutta, McD-Cernak and Serg-Foote next year, with a couple cheaper depth options. Rutta was a more than adequate defenseman on the right side and then McD Cernak remains the shutdown 2nd pair. Serg could be moved up and back to the right side if needed, but these pairings or something similar should work fine. Shattenkirk was never brought in to be a long term answer, everyone in Tampa knew that. He's good offensively but more of a liability on defense. Unless he takes a very team friendly 1 or 2 year deal he's gone.

There's no chance they lose either Cirelli or Serg, both will very likely be bridged for less than 10 million combined and Tampa makes a 22 man roster work just fine with a flat cap and a cbo. Tampa has been running a 22 man roster for most of this season, so no big change. Killorn, Paquette and Gourde/Johnson via cbo are lost, and Tampa will be fine. The one rfa that is more of a ? is Cernak, but even be should be able to be kept in the ~2 million aav range. If not, then JBB could move him for value which could, in theory, allow Shattenkirk to stay. I think Tampa would rather keep the almost decade younger player though. Overall though, Tampa doesn't need Tatar and doesn't want ADA back, certainly not for a young 2C that plays a fantastic 2 way game and should contend for the Selke soon. Next year Tampa should look something like this

Still a strong top 9 and some grit on the 4th line as well. If Maroon doesn't want to take a short deal then Tampa can replace him on the 4th line with another relatively cheap F(either a vet or call up). In your lineup Tampa certainly doesn't fit all those players under the cap just by trading Cirelli and Paquette, unless the cap rises considerably.</div></div>
those lines are rough but sure dude whatever you say
its not like they have a history of acquiring the top guy available every TDL
O wait , they do .

Stamkos is TBL best Center and most dominant faceoff player
why not stick him on wing. The past 3 years since rule changes with faceoffs started
Stamkos has been the most relied upon and steady Center.

i know there's a number of things i should point out
but Stamkos at wing just doesnt make sense to me given both career highs in points at 97 and 98 points
Stamkos had career highs in faceoff wins ,and draws

Most teams would kill for a Center like him
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 8 at 3:57
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xqb15</b></div><div>I think most of the other teams say no. The big thing I disagree with is Domi at 8 x 6.5. If Domi is as great as Hab fans say this is a ridiculous under payment. If he is what everybody else thinks that’s still awfully cheap for 8 yrs.</div></div>

Domi is getting 100% Full NMC and like others who get that he's taking less for control of his future.
along with guaranteed Signing bonus of 2m which players covet pre lockout

6.25m is a great deal as it gives Domi a Diabetic who could be out if anything major type 1 diabetic aunt became anemic and it effected her for close to a year before she found the right balance of foods to eat. My point is he's given control and money... god forbid something happen he's guaranteed money

Domi isnt going to get much more then 7m given his streaky play with two double digit pointless streaks this season he's a depth scorer not the leader of the team.
He's the guy to back up Suzuki who in his short stint in the NHL put up the best rookie performance since Gallagher was runner up to Huberdeau for rookie of the year.

Suzuki's a player who gets better every game with a compete drive that makes him dangerous.
Domi's a player who is good and has potential but its limited by his inconsistent and streaky play (think Lars Eller but capable of being a dominant 2nd line Center)

Domi's limit is 2nd line because he may have a ton of record breaking hot steaks but when he's cold , he's deep space freezing cold.
Suzuki even when he's having an off game played a solid game but was defined by 1 rookie mistake whether its a missed pass or assignment.

If Domi wants to stay in MTL i think both sides meat in the middle at a team friendly cap for giving Domi 5 years guaranteed cheque's from MTL
Of all the moves i made this is the only one i dont struggle with as i dont see Domi leaving for an extra 500k-1m if we're offering him 8 years with 5 at a full NMC
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 8 at 3:44
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>csick</b></div><div>Tampa needs RHD way more than wingers tho so i see them keeping Foote. They have plenty of wingers they could add in the deal if they wanted to get Tatar, Volkov, Joseph, Katchouk, Raddysh, etc</div></div>

How many of TBL current D core was drafted and developed in TBL from 2010-2020?

Cernak only you say?

TBL always goes out and trades for experienced D?
Makes sense its always a Mcdonugh,Sergachev,Girardi, Stalman,Coburn, Shattenkirk or one of a half dozen legit top 4 D that TBL signed rather then develop their own.

For TBL to invest the time needed to develop young D they'd have to sell their aging core with NMC's which they cannot do .
Their option is to go all in while they have Stamkos,Hedman and Vasilevsky because after a decade of drafting they've not found any replacement for 2/3 .

Its entirely more likely they trade for a RD who is already at the NHL level that another team cannot protect.
Its why we got Drouin because we had a player that was protected that they needed.

This year they'll trade Cirelli who they cant re-sign outside a bridge deal under 3.5m if they want Sergachev and a 23 man roster.
Cirelli gets traded for lets say D'angelo's rights back giving TBL they RD they drafted back after 2 other team developed him into a #1 RD


that's a scary Dcore
TBL upgrades its RD to a competitor ready today for a championship run
TBL upgrades from Cirelli's 44 points to Tatar's 61. completely different roles they'll play but Tatar gives TBL a top line winger

Tatar-Stamkos-Kucherov(54% facccoffs,60+ point players)
Killorn-Point-Gourde(51% faceoffs,20 goal scoring wingers for elite level Center)
Palat-Johnson-Coleman(49% faceoffs, 20 goal scorers and 3/4 of your PK group)
Verheghe-Stephens-Goodrow(52% faceoffs,Hopefully they can out play 2/3rds of the leagues 4th lines)

9/9 top 9 forwards are 20 goal scorers
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 8 at 2:28
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 7 at 8:58
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 7 at 8:36
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drewjenkins</b></div><div><strong>I'm not a fan of either team.
But Tatar is a UFA next year ... so whoever trades for him is getting a 1-year rental who was benched in his last playoff appearance.

How many rentals command a 1st round pick + 1st round prospect ? Will he return as much as Karlsson or Taylor Hall ?</div></div>

That's a joke right?

JGP got a 1st , 2nd and a 3rd round pick same as Tatar years back for worse numbers
Coleman a middle 6 forward got a former 1st rounder Nolan Foote and a 1st (Foote&gt;JP)
Hayes for a 1st ,Lemieux and a 4th round pick for his last months as a UFA

Thats just from what i remember i'm sure there's more. All middle 6 players with not a single established 1st line player and team leader in offense.
on the other end Someone who's better then Tatar who was a pending UFA got That as well as a top Defensive Prospect ,3rd round pick and a AHL Prospect

Its deffinately reasonable for Tatar to land a 1st and a former 1st round pick that hasnt transitioned well.
Its much more likely its a Ho-Sang,Yamamoto,Lemieux ,Andersson ,or even a Cal Foote .
Prospects from teams in a cap pinch with a history of trading top prospects to get back quality today including some trades listed above.
EDM could move JP easily but if you're gonna cry about a struggling RW who's requested a trade already and wants out to the point he said f it and left the NHL , fine keep him.MTL retains up to half and his salary then the quality increases or picks are added as Tatars Quality vs production is already a value but it only gets better the cheaper he gets especially for a TBL in particular who's went all in trading every 1st round player drafted between 2010-now except Cal Foote in pursuit of this.

There's far better quality out there that dont have the stigma of being a top 5 pick who didnt live up to your potential .
(CGY has Sam Bennet but atleast he wanted to be there )
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 5 at 8:59
Thread: trade value
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 4 at 11:52
Forum: Armchair-GMApr 4 at 10:26