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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oilnate</b></div><div>There's alot of people who would disagree with that. I would say he's our best defensive prospect right behind Bouchard and Broberg. Almost every player struggles going from junior to pro. Poehling is in Laval right now and only has 7 points through 22 games. But he's developing. So is Samorukov, the problem is Samorukov doesn't get the minutes being stuck behind guys like Jones and Laggesson, then Manning when he gets sent down so he ends up fighting seasoned AHL veteran keegan lowe for minutes. He'll turn it around give him some time</div></div>

Poehling took a head shot and has been fighting back from Concussion issues so that's a pretty weak comparison that draw's away from your valid point . His first 12 games he put up 1 point before scoring 5 points in 7 games including a PPG and a SHG to get the Call up for KK first injury

Samorukov and Brook both were Junior stars and top offensive D in their league with Brook being the better prospect slightly due to his Power Play consistency and Skating .Both are having a rough transition to the Pro life and have seen their value dip after a standout final year in junior had people talking about both as potential top 4 D in the next few years . Both D will be 23-24 at the earliest before there in a regular NHL role and that's ok for the teams but lowers their trade value as they become more of a longterm investment or gamble

i think Lehkonen and Brook for Samorukov and Yammamoto works for both teams
Lehkonen is a good hard working LW EDM could use that MTL can part with only because Armia does the same job overall outside Lehkonen's superior speed and back check it just makes more sense to keep the biggest Finn that's also from KK hometown .
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