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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sebybbq</b></div><div>Murray won’t sign that offer sheet, he will at leadt be making the same salary that he was making last deal with the increase of salary that rfa are supposed to get.</div></div>

show me this rule ?

i'll show you the decline in his play the breakout performances of Jarry and Desmith.
TBH of the 3 i want Murray the least of all but he's the only one PIT fans want gone period .
i trade for Jarry its a no , i trade for Desmith they want NHL Regular return for an AHL Call Up

What Murray did was ride MAF coat tailed and failed every year since he left.
lucky for us Price is on MAF level more or less which create's a chance for MTL to get a Back up who can play
If he doesnt pan out it doesnt matter because Seattle is likely to take him regardless as he's still a decent back up for whats left.

why do you think Murray deserves so much?
Last post i payed him 4.2m and while every single other person said the was overpaid you were insisting he'll get more ?
He's failed to take the starting position , PIT gave up their 3 time SC winning Goalie and havent made a Final since for choosing Murray.

It would be like if we traded Price to STL and Kept Halak
We'd regret it and see him as a constant reminder of what we gave up for a goalie who is barely top 20 in the NHL when he's playing his absolute best at his career highs

i'd get it if we were talking about a goalie who struggled a little but played good overall
but were talking about a guy who had the keys to the kingdom and played really poor hockey compared to his mentor before him
Insult to injury is that MAF has been to the Finals since while Murray shows he can handle the workload of being starter
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Putting Domi and Tkachuk back together could work out for CGY
Given the rate of success or lack there of with their mid to late 1st round picks
Getting Domi a Center with 116 points in 151 games in his first 2 years playing with a 41% FO win rate year 1 then 49% year 2 .

Everything about Domi's increased ability to play Center says this fits CGY needs giving them another 2nd/3rd line Center with the potential to add scoring depth to CGY

Sergachev deal doesnt make sense
only reason for TBL to give him up is if we offered him 6.5m or more long term on offer sheets which they cannot match due to many NMC and to much cap promised.

Dubois to be honest will only be as good as Domi's proving to be, it seems like a lot of hassle just to get a little younger.
i'd just scrap the post and offer sheet Sergachev and trade for a 2nd line RW which is what we need as Danault doesnt play RW (LW sure but RW he doesnt play that physical style required to not get boarded everytime he plays the puck .)

This all seems forced and the lines as a result are really bad

Especially Brook who was often a healthy scratch in Laval and averaged less then 17 minutes a game
Not to mention he doesnt block shots , hit or back check and is as 1 demensional as Petry probably was at his age .(like Petry over the next 3-5 years he'll grow slowly into a PP leader)
Fleury is much closer but honestly could use another year
Chiarot can play LD and RD thanks to injuries in WPG and to many Left handed shots

you also forget Mete , Evans,and Ylonen who are all better options then running Teasdale , Kulak or Weal .
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Thread: Ben945
MTL doesnt need PLD

Domi's growing jumping from 41% faceoff win rate to 49% in his first 2 years putting up 116 points in 151 games .
i'd much rather keep him and add a big bodied RW like Andersson who can create space beside him .

PLD we're past now as we Got Suzuki playing well among the youth at Center plus we got two mid 20 centers entering their prime on a 2-3 years rise since being moved to Center.
Danault after being moved from 4th pair LW when we got him climbed to 3rd line center when Desharnais got injured leading to MTL moving DD. Danault and Shaw had a struggling Pacioretty join them on 3rd line as a demotion leading to the last time Danaults played bottom 6 Center. A steady progression that was also saw in the Faceoff rankings as he jumped from top 50 to top 15 to top 5 in the NHL .

Domi and Danault are a lock
right now its about finding them a josh Anderson ,Ilya Kovalchuk and IMO a Matt Martin (or Patrick Maroon) to round out our roster.
on Defense the simplest fix is always the best and we know Jordie Benn can play in this system plus we still havent acquired a shot blocker to replace him and need a mentor we trust for Romanov.

i'd just offer sheet Anderson with 5 years term at 3.75m cap to mirror the Gallagher deal he signed before he broke out.
i doubt CBJ signs it given JA requests for a trade and his sharp and fierce decline since being denied (CBJ could match and end up stuck with a player who is unhappy and wants out )
A 2nd round pick is a fair return all things considered .

Sign Kovalchuk , and Martin (other better options but i like a low cost hitter who's got a grit edge as it gives us a Shawn Thornton type for 4th line )
Trade for Benn as he's the cheapest 20 + minute shot blocker you'll find who fits our system and we let him walk so we could sign Kulak (which we regret)
Lucky for us we over payed Chiarot according to most before the season and that's worked out great for us but had we been playing Chiarot,Mete,Benn we would have been better off .

Werenski will just be in Romanov's way and given we over drafted figuring only 1/6 LD we drafted with depth picks would work out just for 4/6 to over achieve puts us in a unique spot.
Harris , Struble and Norlinder all are ahead of projections as it stands with only Norlinder and Romanov with the potential to be top pair LD so we can afford to take our time like ANA from 2013-2018 (before they traded away all their defense.)
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Thread: Habs Land
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>If you honestly blame a teenager for expecting to be drafted higher and getting disappointed after it didn't happen, you don't really take account that these players are just humans. Just imagine yourself being in that same spot, you've just basically been told that you're going to be picked to this one team, and then at the draft day the rug gets pulled under your legs. I don't know what kind of psycopath one would have to be if they didn't feel bad after that, and maybe shedding a tear or two is a pretty fair reaction from a kid at that point.

To me it is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of him being a human. And respectively, he's played well as a prospect for ARI, despite being unlucky with injuries.

Oh, and some teams would absolutely pay up premium prices for him. He's still good enough with high ceiling in potential and his contract is pretty great.</div></div>
Professionals dont act that way and Junior players atleast are more mature then this.
i think it comes from Canadian Junior mirroring the NHL schedule and playoffs
you can have his weakness , we dont want it as shown when we passed on him

He's done nothing more then Beaulieu has but atleast Nathan could stay healthy .
you're putting to much stock in what might happen in fairy tale land and none on what he's accomplished .
character issues aside he's a top 10 projected D who was ranked #4OA among NA skaters but taken #16 OA
you know when this happens? when teams question the players attitude like with Merkley for example (as well as when they committ to KHL teams )

D'angelo was a better player with character issues that ARZ also drafted after he dropped in the draft.he was bullying his teammates and was traded from a championship hopeful team to a non playoff team his draft year for it and ARZ took him (only to move him first chance they got despite an embarassingly weak RD core )

They'd move Chychrun to if offered a open line up player like they were Stepan for D'angelo and i believe the #7OA pick
not saying MTL is a good fit , we're not as we have Romanov and Mete plus 3 other really decent LD prospects who all overachieved this year and are ahead of projections.

MTL needs a undisputed top RD prospect to develop for 2-3 seasons out when Weber has his career ending injury (it'll happen because he keeps playing through injuries for non playoff rosters)
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Thread: Murray OS
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Thread: Murray OS
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