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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dan10900</b></div><div>bc Drouin sucks</div></div>


Rakell in 282 games scored 205 points for 72% production rate
Drouin in 258 games scored 167 points for 65% production rate

Rakell had success when ANA had the top D core in the West as well as the deepest and best Faceoff Centers and Tandem of Anderson and Gibson .
Then he signed a big deal and since his production and time on ice dropped off .

Drouin played on a good team 1 season due to Stamkos Injury playing so well he was traded for a Legit top LD prospect just taken in the top 10 draft that year. Since coming to MTL a rebuilding team he's lead the PP every year . Drouins done well in a rebuilding team like MTL with a completly different forward group then he joined in 2017-18

Honestly Drouins younger and a good 3rd line player who can play Special Teams similar to Kessel
Rakell is a 3rd line 27 year old with declining play and numbers proving more and more he was a product of a successful system but when called upon to lead could handle the load.

Its not like we are talking about Sam Steele or Nick Suzuki
We're talking about a couple guys who both team though could be top line players legit in their own rights who failed to live up to expectations.
We're talking 2 guys who both need to go to contenders where they can be 3rd line regulars and win a cup .

Rakell makes sense for EDM's needs given his cap and the fact that Kassian is playing to wing for EDM most of the past 2 years he'll address their needs . Drouin makes the most sense on on a couple teams but i think CBJ makes the most sense given their PP issues but if we're talking legit Contender i'd say WSH or NSH make the most sense with NYR also making sense as an added boost to their already lethal PP with Panarin and Zabinjeb
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMs</b></div><div>Drouin played a lot on the RW before <a href="/users/Billy739" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Billy739</a> you watched Drouin play a lot</div></div>

Drouin played in TBL as a RW having a breakout Playoff Performance that lead to MTL being willing to pay the cost to get him.

He came to MTL jumping to Center directly after spending the summer Training with Pacioretty at Center the Coach thought it was a worthy gamble.Then MTL's LW was the weak point at the 2nd/3rd line role leading to Drouin playing there. Right now he's almost as productive as regular but scores less Goals on LW . Like Radulov he can play either side but if you want Goal scoring he needs room to skate as thats what defines him as a player.

MTL logically should have tried him at 2nd RW again but he was injured and Armia stepped up in Shaw's absence so there was no need really.

Right now IMO you're better off with Lehkonen-Suzuki-Drouin on 2nd and Byron-KK-Armia on 3rd
Byron produces less on his off wing. You need size not speed to battle on your off wing or else you end up injured like Evans in game 3 plastered fast first into the glass and left a bloody mess. Byron cant sacrifice speed and succeed as most of his points come from plays he carries in the OZ on rushes. Drouin has packed on 10+ pounds this past year building himself into a player that can skate and battle infront of the net as seen with his goal in game 3

Ideally Drouin needs a team with Consistency and Structure.
MTL doesnt have that for him as he's not a core player as much as we'd hoped he'd be.
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