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Just a Guy who Likes Context.
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Forum: Armchair-GMNov 11, 2020 at 7:43
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EzioUchiha</b></div><div>that's an overstatement. The most realistic comparison to Alexader Romanov would be Dmitry Orlov. He's a good Dman but he's not Elite.</div></div>

not even close
Just because they're both high impact hitters doesnt make him and Orlov close to the same.

while Orlov was 19 in the MHL aka Junior
Romanov was 18 on the first Gagarin Cup win for CSKA Moskva helping shutdown both Emelin and Markov's new teams

Romanov is about 1 1/2-2 years ahead of Orlov's Rise to the NHL including Romanov outshining Orlov internationally at a younger age.
Romanov's a 3rd Generation star to one of the most Brilliant minds in KHL Hockey(the Scotty Bowman of Russia)in his Grandfather and Player/Agent Father who's helped him
prepare for this for this next step for years.

Will Romanov be a 60 point player , probably not but its also not out of the question he might hit a career high in that range at some point.
Romanov ideally is the guy you groom to play top spot like Weber helped NSH do with Josi .
His maturity coupled with the fact he's not intimidated on the ice by veterans tells any KHL fan who's watched him that he'll be a force in the NHL under Weber's tutlege .
I think for the next 3-4 years you'll see Romanov's importance rise with his minutes based on his Special Teams Ability alongside his ruthless Hitting Style that defy's logic.
(he's like a Tank with a Ferrari Engine as Opponets with 5 inches reach and 20-30 pounds on him get destroyed like they hit an invisible brick wall.)

Romanov because of this is a favorite to become MTL's next leader they wont let go of easily.
(was Markov , Now Gallagher,Next Romanov )
Forum: Armchair-GMNov 4, 2020 at 12:04
His talent was NEVER in question
What was in question was the fact just weeks before the Draft at 17 he committed to a 2 year contract with the KHL.

KHL unlike other league's doesnt allow Prospects from the NHL Draft out of their Pre-Existing Contracts making him drop even further in the rankings as Per Trevor Timmons after he shocked most people taking him in the 2nd round. Many thought the 17 year old would wait and re-emerge the following year in order to get a better ranking as well as burning 1/2 years off his contract making it so more teams took interest.

Factor in he's a 3rd Generation Russian Legacy player who's Grandfather is a Russian Hockey Icon both on and off the Ice.
Most people expected him to join his Grandfather and Mentor the AK Bars GM who's one of Russian Hockey's most honored GM's and the equivelant to NHL's Scotty Bowman.

People overlook all the reasons he had to stay in Russia and ignore the NHL that lead to him being counted out by most.
The difference maker was the fact that Marc Bergavin was scouting in Russia a lot since 2014 from Panarin to Radulov, Shipachyov to Gusev
He spends a lot of time talking to Sergei Federov who's done nothing but Gush over Romanov since 2016-17.

MTL had every reason to use a later 2nd pick to snap up a guy who was predicted to go in the late 5th-6th round based on his circumstances IF he was taken at all.
Had we waited chancing he gets drafted a year later then we were looking at a lot of Competition .
Unlike most of our 2nd round picks the past 30 years he's someone we had scouted for years before he was actually ranked .
(he trained with AK Bars his Grandfathers team up until he was 16 so anyone with scouts in russia had the chance to notice him)

Everyone's acting shocked but the fact that MTL historically finds its best Gems in the 2nd round can be seen by anyone who looks up MTL's top 20 all time scorer's will see half them were taken in the 2nd round for that reason. Those are prospects we havent kept an eye on nearly as close as MTL has Romanov .

As a KHL fan i keep an eye on things oversea's so i was not shocked he succeeded but more shocked he was drafted a year earlier then 9/10 expected
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 26, 2020 at 6:48
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Copenhagen</b></div><div>Did you forget to add a first to the oiler deal to take your cap dump???</div></div>
cap sucks but the players better then A Lot of the Oilers chosen top 6 RW players

I mean MTL at best should get a pick and maybe give up an Ikonen or pick
But that doesnt mean Byron wont work in EDM aka home of 4th liners on 30/31 teams playing top line just.
McJesus is so good EDM can scrape by doing so for now.
He'll eventually get tired of it and leave in a way that makes the Gretzky Departure seem civil.
That on EDM owner who's brought more losing seasons to EDM then any owner in its history while Fans still Choose to support him because they love losing .

I mean Kassian on top line?
If you didnt have McJesus as your top line Center then Oilers would do more then just miss the playoffs they'd be a bottom feeding NHL team dead last in the league.

Byron unlike most of Mcdavid or even Drisatl's wingers he has Speed , Hits a ton for his size and Scores Goals on Crap teams without talented Centers
Putting him with Mcjesus is basically guaranteeing he'll find success if guys like Kassian an Alcoholic with legal battles MTL cut lose after his car accident because he was Wreckless and had no personal Accountability.(even today in court he's dragging out his long standing issues from his very brief stay here)

He worked out great for EDM despite his Many Many Many issues
Assuming a Superior Player wont work out just makes no sense to me.
3.4m will be a value compared to what he could produce beside McJesus provding EDM another speedy option to carry pucks into the OZ so teams dont just have to shut down McJesus to shut down EDM's top line .(which is all it takes as he always plays beside bottom 6 players or guys way past their prime overpayed to the point it makes Byrons contract make very little.)
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 5, 2020 at 12:17
Normally i'd love this but if we move Danault its not to bring in a Center as we still need to move Domi to wing as is

I actually love the package though so ignoring MTL's got way to many Centers right now its value is fair.
Personally i'd love Brendan Lemieux in the package as he's currently everything MTL needs adding Size and Hitting power with the added benefit of him being a good fighter known to protect his team mates which we need Desperately.

Howdens better then Lemieux its just MTL's LW Is our issue long term as is the lack of hitting power in our bottom 6 since Thompson departed.
I know NYR likely wouldnt want to give up Lemieux but its how you get this deal done i think as we simply dont need another center unless he can put up 20-30 points a year while Hitting , Blocking shots and winning 53-55% faceoffs .

Domi's been great up until the Pandemic with 116 points in 154 games since switching to Center for the first time since AA hockey with a 44% win rate year one and 49% win rate year two as he becomes more well rounded and adjusted to the position. Suzuki's been a stud and needs no hype . Kotkanemi has come back strong with the Pandemic buying him the time he needed to heal his injuries and heal his body . Evans and Poehling could both make a case for playing 4th Center with Evans earning the right to play 4th line RW thus far and looking for an upgrade .

Lemieux-Poehling-Evans(size,speed and with grit will see them get 11-13 minutes in MTL system before special teams as long as the hit often and hard.)

MTL in this scenario is in a prime position and they could also bring Thompson back to help Poehling manage the work load hoping he has even half the impact on Poehling he had playing 20 games with Suzuki as Nick credits him for turning his season around it only makes sense to go to the well again with Poehling this time.
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 4, 2020 at 11:40
Forum: Armchair-GMOct 4, 2020 at 11:21