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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Mglgoalie33</b></div><div>Well, Elvis fits the window and Mtl is probably off his 10 team and he is Austrian(which might help Reinbacher a tad). I see a fit there. Lankinen might be a target for contenders though, a possible bidding war which I'm afraid of getting into.</div></div>

Reinbacher will need the help and likely even more of it.
We're doing a lot of Damage to his Development by making him the first Swiss born 1st round pick to waste their time in the NL
Rest went out to QMJHL ,SHL, and Liiga.
We might need to grab Nino Neidereiter for the additional support to make sure this kid shows up.
Otherwise he wont survive the MTL media

He's in a league thats has like 13 Prospects it developed in the NHL
I mean Its a Retirement League for those who cant get jobs in KHL,SHL, Liiga, DEL or even Allsvenskan even.
Marc Antoine Pouliot,Mikko Koskinen, Daniel Winnik , Markus Granlund, David Desharnais, Brett Connonly, Christian Djoos, Marko Mueller , Alex Textier , Tyler Ennis, Jacob De La Rose, Jiri Sekac, Sven Andrighetto and Raphael Diaz.

Whats the worst part? Of all those former NHL players i like Valteri Fillipula is leading them all at 39 as he sits 5th in league Production and 4th in Assists.
Thats the league we're sending the kids to when ironically DEL has produced far more NHL talent and higher quality.
NL you learn half as much in twice as much time as the majority of their players are lifer's. Their top 100 players all time has like 3 players who were in the NHL.
The rest are guys who spent 10-15 years in the NHL and offer little to nothing in terms of developmental influence on aspiring NHL players.
Its why ironically the Swiss born end up in the DEL at a much higher rate then the NL.

At best we might get a Roman Josi after 4 years over there total but its far more likely JJ Moser is what you're getting if you develop him over there.
That said JJ Moser Sophmore year was better than most of last years habs players outside Matheson (JM had 3 pts less )
Still thats a high Price to pay for when Moser and Josi were both 2nd round picks. Only Swizz that went 1st round did so cause they developed outside the NL in Canada,Germany and Sweden mostly.

Ive been all about Support Reinbacher since about a week after the draft.
Its just baffling that they'd send him back to an inferior league to develop like he's some 2nd round nobody.
All the other 1st round picks born in Switzerland didnt play a single game in the NL as it was seen as a poor developmental choice.
But Hughes seems to be on board with it and its making me nervous.
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