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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GMBL</b></div><div>Looking at the current roster you have 500k+4m cap increase (could be more) +any dead cap

Potential raises:
DeBrincat ~2.4m, Bouchard 1.5m+, Skinner 1.3m+, McLeod 500K+. Not sure, how much dead cap they have but they would be running out of money fast. They could get 3m with the Hoffman buy out but why go down that road in the first place? They need defensive help more than they would need him, so make more sense getting a 4-5m rental on defense.

Just needs some rearranging of players and picks perhaps. Maybe Barrie to Ottawa with Hamonic coming back (pay a 4th for retention if it matters). Foegele sent off to Wsh for fc. Yamamoto+the 3rd (from Foegele trade)+more for a better D-man that could be available.</div></div>

Hoffman you're arguing will be hard to move as a pending UFA if you need room next year?
Thats the arguement here? You can always make a move and be paid for it with pending UFA's even the injury prone veterans close to retiring get atleast a 2nd round pick if not more depending on the Market.

I'd suggest MTL loses value by moving him for a player we wont re-sign so EDM can dump cap.
Given Barrie would get just as little ice time on Burrows PP as Hoffman does his offensive upside from PP wont be there for him.
We'd get more waiting until next TDL and RS selling him to an overzealous team with tight cap space.

As Hughes keeps saying we got teams interested in Hoffman just not at a Price he's willing to accept.
He'd rather wait then RS like with Chiarot who everyone insisted wouldnt get any real value at the TDL (its all people said on this site)
But in the end he got a 1st round pick , 4th round pick and a B to B+ level NCAA prospect

Hoffman this time next year will be landing us a package that will include a similar NCAA Prospect to , 1st round pick and a 7th round.
For a team with only 2-2.5m in cap and need help on Power Play then he's an easy sell to atleast 1/20 teams who are usually buyers with a few others that mostly just kick the tire's .

Hoffman got screwed he signed up for a SCF team looking to make a run at the SCF again.
What he ended up on was a team where his former linemate is Power Play Coach and will only give him shifted if everyone else is injured.
Then he gets caught up in a full blown rebuild just as the mid 30s veteran winger had thought he found his team for a SCF run after taking a 1 year deal to assess his best options.
He signed on for Weber, Price ,Chiraot,Petry, Danault,Lehkonen , Toffoli , Kotkanemi and many others who were fresh off a SCF hoping to be this runs next Perry.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 18 at 4:26 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Drshnuckels91</b></div><div>The factors you listed are true but power forwards are very slippery slope

They can be huge difference makers like Dustin Brown during the kings cup runs or even guys like Ovi his whole career but with that being said they can fall off a cliff meaning have a ton of money tied up long term to them could be a crucial mistake

Guys like Dustin Penner or Milan Lucic who used to be those guys have all been payed a ton and fallen off a cliff once aged. Yes Anderson is great now but this seems to be the peak and there is a large market for him with other teams but personally I don't see why Edmonton should even want him at this point (though I understand why other teams who lack physicality with young talent would cough* cough* New Jersey) Edmonton has a terrible history with overpaying power forwards who fall off a cliff outta nowhere (Lucic, Neal, Penner, Kassian I mean the list goes on and on) There is no reason we should take on that risk when we already have enough physicality on the offence. Yes I undertand he is a solid piece for a young team needing a veteran presence to create room for those young offensive stars to blossom but Edmonton is arguably the last destination he should go to which is insane why Kenny wants him

I don't hate the guy as a player he's def valuable in a top 6 I just hate him for Edmonton.</div></div>

Didnt Ovi hit his career high for goals in his late 30's?
Kinda a bad example i think you woulda done better using Rick Nash as an example.

Dustin Brown i just disagree with he had an off year or two but he's no Quick.
Brown was the Captain and like Jumbo Joe he played Mentor to the next Generation being whatever they needed.
Jumbo Joe was one of the best Centers in the NHL there was no need for him to play wing but he did as its what the team needed.
LAK it was the same thing as they had tons of Skills and Kopitar now had the Captaincy as like Joe he swapped his C for his Successor's A.
Brown was needed as the Gritty guy who protected the youth more then he was needed to be the teams top goal scorer.
I mean Ironically his worst offensive years were during his Cup wins and Reigns.

Why did this happen to Brown?
He was a old NHL player who survive the transition to a more Speed based game.
He brought his Physicality down but it wasnt until he was under 200 hits from his average 250-300 hits a year.
That's when his offense came back as he had to put more effort into his passing skills to survive this new speed based NHL.
I watched a LAK tribute when he retired and he was talking about all the highs/lows and changes he overcame.

I mean Lucic is an overpaid but this is a case of his contract being the issue not Lucic.
Lucic will play next year and have many offers but no one will sign term and at those numbers again .
Andersons deals rough sure but so is Karlsson as he's been linked to a possible SJS deal with MTL.
There's many examples of these types of situations where MTL could still walk away with what they need.
Karlsson despite his cap i'd take in a second given our RD depth but most importantly what he'll do for Ghule moving forward.

Gallagher on the other hand is a harder sell even though he's my favorite habs he wont be as easy to maneuver into a trade.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 18 at 4:06 p.m.
Thread: Were buyers
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 2:33 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Drshnuckels91</b></div><div>Anderson is still a negative asset man that contract isn't gonna get any better</div></div>

Elliotte Friedman i trust more then people without a track record of being right.
He says that's simply untrue and atleast 4 teams are in on the Anderson Market over 2 seasons now.
EDM,TML,NYI and now CGY have all been confirmed as kicking the tires on Anderson trying to make a deal work.

Not a huge market on him due to the factors you listed
But there's always a Market for Power Forwards who can score goals.
I mean Kevin Hayes is my favorite example as everyone says they wouldnt trade for him before this hot start they were adament about it.
People were still in on him because Power Forwards like him create room and force coaches more often then not to assign multiple guys to defend against.
If Power forwards were a Chess Piece they'd be The Queen as they're so rare and versitile their value stands out above the rest.

Any Position you name if you Add that kinda size and skill its coveted and of value.
Its why talented Giants like Chara , Burns,Edmundston , Hedman , ext all get the pick of the NHL teams when it comes to these big buggers who can move on Defense.
In the Net the bigger the goalie the more net he covers but when they move like Vasilevksy ,Bishop or Price that's a who other level .
Whether its Power Forwards,Giant Puck Moving D or Extremely Athletic Big Men in the Net players with Size and skill regarldess of contract always have a home in the NHL as long as they can play.

Most important to note is that everyone who plays with him succeeds.
Caufields 16 goals and 25 points in 21 games came only after Anderson joined his line day 1 under MSL.
Since then they've found an upgrade on Anderson as a Power Forward to fill that role so he was with Dvorak -Gally.
Gally's been productive and Dvorak had a hat trick.

His Physicality creates room for you to move like a Rodeo Clown he plays a role so others can Succeed.
Put him beside players who are established and not where he's playing the Veteran Mentor and maybe there's more potential in Anderson.
VGK for Karlsson i see being a good swap for both teams and players
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 2:18 p.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 2:09 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NoVaSpartan</b></div><div><a href="https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/3761190">ACGM for more clarity</a>

Now some of this will obviously shift but I believe you aren't quite properly factoring in what the NHL expects to happen with the Salary Cap. Should it go up around 4 Mil like expected in 2024, combined with Beaucage and Olausson pushing for roster spots, it seems quite doable that Colorado could pick up a couple bottom 6 guys for cheap (I'm thinking along the lines of the Dowd contract signed by Washington last year), and not have to sacrifice anybody. It would be certainly not as easy/flexible for Colorado to operate with only 2 scratches for the year, but it seems more than doable if they have faith in MacDonald being able to play offense or defense (or replace MacDonald with a different cheap deal). As long as the cap does go up like expected, with 4 mil jumps in 24 and 25 (which I currently can't see a reason why it wouldn't), they should be able to fit Georgiev and Rantanen's new deals in, assuming Rantanen gets around a 1-2 million raise.</div></div>

You dont factor in what isnt confirmed.
If its not on this site then it isnt confirmed.
While i get what you're saying i also know they always say its going up and half the time its true but only a portion of what was predicted.

Your post gets you by on the bare minimum but doesnt account for depth if injuries happen with a 22 man roster.
While more Girard opens up room you've now got 5m to sign his replacement and a decent Center assuming Johnson returns on a 1m.
If he doesnt then its 5m for 2 Defensman and a Center that can help you win a cup

Again doable but you'd be getting buy on the bare minimum and if injuries occur after the TDL would be left reliant solely on AHL, Junior Call Ups and Oversea's Loans.
Again all doable if you're not in Win now mode after winning the Stanley Cup but losing your 2nd line Center ,Winger and Starting Goalie .
While you found replacements you didnt replace the 50 goals Kadri and Burakovsky combined for nor did you replace the void Kuemper left that COL had been missing with Varlamov.

While yes you can skate almost a full 23 man NHL Team you arent putting forth a contender even with Girard gone.
Right now COL would have to use Girard to fleece a team like LAK who has infinite RD and in need of a LD like Girard.
Girard deal would have to be a 3 way deal to make the cap work but doable

I could see COL/LAK and MTL doing a 3 way deal
COL could get Durzi a top RD prospect who's primarily a PP player with a lot of his production coming there and with Doughty down stepped into top minutes in the final stretch into the playoffs.
LAK could get Girard the missing piece they covet.
MTL could take on Roy or Walker to fill their RD needs while clearing most of the cap they need. Lizzotte or Lemieux would likely need to go to COL

It also create's more room for Clarke and Spence with Durzi and Walker gone.
LAK are a stronger team after this as are the COL
MTL its questionable but we got a RD who's injury prone to fill a void during a rebuild if we get Walker.
If we get Roy then we got our Petry replacment on 2nd pair and 2nd PP unit.

That would solve all the problems for COL for a few years atleast until Durzi needs paid.
Even then if he works out half as well as i think he will as a PP dominant player on the PP dominant team then COL will have 4/4 top D able to play big minutes in various roles
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Thread: New 4th line
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 1:34 p.m.
Thread: New 4th line
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>Agree with your Cizikas trade, vehemently disagree with the last part. If there's a bridge that's been more fully torched than that one, I'd be surprised. Beyond that, though, the Islanders would be looking more for help on the wings, not on the dot.</div></div>

You're one injury away from worst in the league.
JGP is taking a ridiculous amount of draws at a ridiculous win rate.
Take him out of the equation and Nelson and Ciazkis couldnt handle half that total

Your issue isnt wing i find as you are 1 inury from being introuble

1st line Barzal average's 35% on 110 draws for worst on the team
2nd line Nelson to make 1 middle 6 Center 48% on 240 draws for BN
3rd line JGP 58% on 329 draws for one of the NHL's best faceoff Center
4th line Cizikas 55% on 209 draws largely all Defensive Draws which are much higher to maintain a high winrate at

You take out JGP and NYI crumble.
You need a Oreilly,Tavares or hell even Dvorak works in a pinch although he's just be a bigger version of JGP in the role he plays but much cheaper longterm.
That type of player brings NYI from the SJS level 2005-2015 of "Atleast you tried "despite being favored yearly always got spanked by actual contenders

Personally if it was me i'd be looking hard at William Karlsson
You could Leverage Cizikas term and cap against a term that's given away
Reigning Vezina Trophy winner and a nearly Point Per Game forwards 2 straight years to remain cap compliant.
Who knows what they would give up to swap those 2 players

Karlsson would be an upgrade on Cizikas and because of the cap relief VGK will likely give up something good like they did to MTL to clear cap for Pacioretty by taking Tatar.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 12:59 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NoVaSpartan</b></div><div>thus the part where I clearly state that this is assuming that one of Girard/Toews is being dealt due to the wealth of LD in Colorado's system, but they can also make space for Newhook up to 4.2 without making a move. Assuming that Byram and Newhook both receive 3 year, 3.5 million dollar deals, Colorado would be able to have a 22 man roster (with MacDonald and MacDermid as scratches) with resigning Johnson (1 x 900000) Helm, Cogliano, Maltsev, Ranta, and Kaut to the same cap hits, leaving Colorado with 100K in cap, which can be adjusted as it is unlikely that Helm and Cogliano will get higher than around league minimum in my opinion.

However, in the much more likely event that one of Girard or Toews is moved, none of this is a problem, as they'd have enough cap room. I can post an ACGM I used to work it out if you need more detail, as it is hard to provide enough in a comment such as this.</div></div>
With one of them traded yeah its possible but tight

Even if lets say the 2 RFA's sign for 7m combined of 13m then you factor in lets say Girard's 5m .
You're back down to 11/23 contracts with Girard gone and not need 12 contracts signed on 18m.
You give 7/18m to 2/12 players you've signed leaving 10 spots for 11m .

This is Doable but it requires 10 forwards to sign for 1-1.1m each for 3 years to sustain this build without sacrificing Toews with Girard.
That's also leaving you in a vulnerable positiion when your Goalie's and top RW will be up at the end of the term.
Plus its already a hard sell getting 10 quality NHL level players for your cup run when your Starting Goalie left and your answer while good is still a step down from where you were. I mean for years Goaltending was COL issue and Kuemper filled that void the best. Georgiev is doing great but i dont see the same dominance and ability to steal games that made Kuemper clutch.

Your build is like buying a mortgage with a rate of 20% or higher interest on a 25 year term
Sure it sounds doable even if horrible terms but when you leverage yourself like that your 1 bad year from bankruptcy.
But feel free to post your take on this complex cap situation and show me how this builds possible and sustainable without moving players or giving the kids more.
(you better pray one of them doesnt Subban or Kotkanemi your plans trying to sign their way out)
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 12:39 p.m.
Thread: New 4th line
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>oliver_wahlstrom</b></div><div>Cizikas has an argument for being one of the worst centers in the NHL this season. He hasnt done anything since 18-19. Sure frederic may not be the answer but someone else is</div></div>

That's actually a lie
His Faceoff Metrics alone put him in the top 40 in the NHL yearly
While his role may have adjusted like a Matt Cullen or a Steve Ott to Faceoff Center on the Bottom line or a Hard Hitting Gritty Center in Ott's case their value changed as did their pay to reflect that . Casey Cizikas isnt over paid he's making what he's worth and poses no real liablilty .

If you just looked at his offense and based your entire opinion off that then i could see why you're confused.
But you're ignoring the team he plays for the role its designed to play in conjunction with what they've given up to acquire and keep that line.
While Cizikas might go and cheap the line wont get blown up just 1/3 will get moved again like when they temporarily moved Matt Martin to TML before getting him back.
I think this time around Cizikias /JGP are safe as they take 80% of the teams faceoffs with Brock Nelson taking on 15-16% and the rest sparsley spread between a few others.
I just dont see how NYI moves Cizikas without getting Tavares or someone like that back for their top 6

I mean there's the real dream trade
TML wants Tavares and his cap cleared despite his solid play he's in Nylanders path to growth.
NYI gave Barzal the chance to stand alone and in every regard but faceoffs he succeeded.
That said Faceoffs dont got to be an issue with Tavares back nor does secondary scoring.

NYI have piece TML need
TML has their former Captain
Maybe involve a 3rd team like MTL who will overpay for a Beavillier to make it happen cheaper.
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Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 11:50 a.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 11:37 a.m.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 15 at 11:19 a.m.
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Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 6 at 5:40 p.m.
Thread: Bedard
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 6 at 5:31 p.m.
Man this is ignoring too much, i dont know where to start.

Our First Elite line in 30 years you're just demolishing based on Ignorance.
Dach is almost at 2 points per game since moving beside Caufield and Suzuki who doubled their seasons production since Dach Joined them.
Before Caufield or Suzuki were no show's offensively while the other produced usually in a loss with 3 seperate examples each before Dach.
Since Dach they produce at both ends of the ice every night.

We got Caufield-Suzuki-Dach now all we need is a 3rd man for Slafkovsky-Mesar in the Future (Zadina would be my target)
With Owen Beck coming up just as Dvorak will be moved he will fit in nice at 3rd becoming the only MTL Center who can take draws with both hands with a positive win rate since Koivu.
72% was his win rate when we sent him down and he went from unknown to someone like Xhekaj last year where people like myself took notice a year before the rest of you.
Beck will get the job though because of his attitude as he stated in his Rookie Camp interviews when asked "What type of player are you, whats your strength" and he replied :

"Actually i dont really have any, im what they guys need me to be whether its a Goal , a Blocked Shot or a Big Hit im just looking to keep pushing the team forward"
After that he was as good as a made man as the last person i remember saying something very similar was Brendan Gallagher and we see how well that pick worked out for us.

Anyone playing 2nd or 3rd Center between now and next year when they both likely Debut same as our last 2 cuts from the year before did in Ghule and Xhekaj.
Like those two big D i expect them to have huge personal years and great team years as well before coming up and commanding a roster spot.
Monahan and Dvorak are ideal because they're both raising their value while helping us tanking at the same time they buy Beck and Mesar another year.
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 6 at 5:19 p.m.
Not trying to be a dick
But didnt Burns just out play Karlsson their entire SJS time together and get a lesser return based on his contract?(which was way lower)
SJS had to retain 1.5/8m of his deal just to get his 3 years of Team unloaded

While its true Karlsson's amazing start with 19 points in 14 games is great it just brings teams back to the table.
Otherwise Retaining Salary and giving up a Prospect for a AHL Call Up,a Prospects and a conditional 3rd round pick for Burns would make any deal on this site sound ignorant when asking for it for Karlsson.

The reality is while no teams were at the table on Karlsson before this deal without SJS RS of at least 40% of his Contract.
There's atleast 2-3 teams like OTT or DET who see a huge hole in their RD and have to make moves so the losing can stop and the Winning can begin.
Karlsson hasnt played a Full Season since leaving Ottawa nore has he reached similar Norris Trophy numbers so you cannot argue he has the same or similar value either so dreams of a deal this big cant be reasonably argued especially after attaching that contract and term.(that wont be rewarded , hasnt yet in NHL history even Eichel had to take far more Quantity and less Quality then he normal would have)

IF Karlsson were to somehow yield most of what you're asking its only with 40-50% RS over 5 years allowing his new team the chance to RS and flip him later on to re-coop loss's.
Otherwise its a non starter without a Brendan Gallagher like Contract coming back .
Atleast as far as the NHL and Recorded History is concerned as i can name many examples of why this doesnt work for every 1 example you can of it working.
Its why i include all known examples of it working to cut the legs out from under your point by using the same facts to lend credibility to mine.
But do feel free to try and prove me wrong , ill use your point in my next arguement to further enforce these statements of fact
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 6 at 5:01 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OlegP</b></div><div>DET fans aren't getting our glorious Hoffman tank weapon and 2 picks. They already have Vrana (when he's on the ice 10 games a year)</div></div>

Hoffmans not a tank weapon he finished 3rd in team scoring during last years tank . . .
Armia if anyone is our Tank Weapon , one might argue Dvorak given he's only every been on tank teams ever in his quite lengthy career.

Hoffmans problem is simply as he scored 49.50% of all his points in his career on Power Play
Since coming to MTL he's not been put on PP with any real consistency unless to plug holes for injuries as Burrows doesnt like using him.
During Burrows 5 forward Power Play unit season in which he's skated that formation 7/12 games so far Hoffmans yet to register any full Power Play shifts.
A couple times they used him to get OZ entry then you see him barrel off the ice for Caufield to sneak in behind the D and snipe it home.

Hoffman is being used wrong whether on purpose for a tank or not .
His consistency has not changed he just found the first team dumb enough to not give a Power Play Leader any Power Play Time.
Sadly our fanbase isnt wise enough to notice such things or dedicated enough to fact check such things.

While Hoffman's problem is easy to fix just giving his Power Play time like Every other team in his Career to date.
Armia and Dvorak's inconsistency has no rhythm or pattern to it. Recooping their value will be impossible with the only upside is they're great Tank pieces
Forum: Fauteuil - DGNov. 6 at 4:54 p.m.
Sean Farrel Lead Team USA in the Olympics with only 1 point seperating him from Slafkovsky in 3 less games .
Our Skills Coach Nicholas spoke more highly of him as a Prospect then any other player in our system talking about his hockey IQ and Compete level calling him "The Silent Assassin "

"Sean Farrell to me is a very heady player. He is phenomenal. He knows how to read the ice. He's playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers. For me, this guy is going to be very, very special. He thinks the game and he has elite tools, like his shot actually is very underrated. He can wire the thing. And he's an elite passer," praised Nicholas, during a Twitch Q&amp;A in May.

I know everyone did this with Caufield too
He wasnt even worth the pick we spent on him despite leading Team USA just the same as Farrel did , just never against Men.
My Point is people on this site see height and if you're under 5'10 or over 6'4 your value is automatically diminished based on your size .
Why? Statistically their brains say "people bigger or smaller then that range arent represented in the NHL" which is mostly true in the 1970s but not since.
Each season more and more bigger and smaller players since the 1970s continue to increase over time as the game adjusts and becomes Deeper requiring a true 21 man roster for a cup 2010-now

I'd Counter with a deal for Zadina using Evans who Cap and Term fit with DET needs just as they have to pay out to many players including 2/4 Centers.
Zadina and a 4th for Evans and a 3rd would be my offer as you can always flip Evans to a contender at a later date and get atleast a 1st without RS at any TDL.
Centers no matter how old or beat up at worst walk away with a 2nd round pick and 1-2 prospects but either way on the high or low end Evans if DET wants to move on can yield a profit.

If Evans has value why doesnt MTL sell him at the TDL? We will
I just suggest using him to get Zadina for Selfish Reasons
Czech may not be Slovak's native tongue Verbally but their Writing are both the same.
Kinda a more complicated version of what Quebec French and Acadian French have going on
One's Formal and the other is an Informal version of often mixed with other language's.
While Formal French see's offense in the context of certain words like "They"
With Acadian "They " mean "They" with no Snobbish undertone of Formal or Informal or any other varying degree of complex situations that change a words context.

I explain all this because i know this site and the Ignorant reign Supreme.
They assume these language's are as far apart as Cyrillic and English or French and Spanish.
Reality is well im sure their conversations wont be proper enough for TV Interviews without constant correction.
Its plenty fine to communicate with a linemate in a language not spoken by 97% of the league.

I'm a big fan of the idea of Slafkovsky-Zadina with Mesar long term
I think in time it will give us a true top 6 line to compete with Caufield-Suzuki-Dach.

That leaves us Farrel-Beck-Anderson on 3rd line
with Pezetta- Mysak-Gally
Bottom 6 is about Bulk Shots with Netfront guys paying the price.
Top 6 is all about Skilled Guys, Quick OZ Entry and Sniper's in every regard in all 6/6 positions
Sure half them are Primary Playmakers but all them are known for scoring Goals just as much
Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 6 at 4:24 p.m.
This post is going to get rough when DET and LAK fans show up

LAK is trying to Publicly trade Walker one of the 5/6 RD they had skated with Edler out leaving only Mikey Anderson i believe it was left.
I've done many trades with LAK and with this deal no LD can leave only Sean Walker who is just as sketchy with his injury history as Edmundson so value isnt far off.
I just dont see any Context where a team with the NHL's Largest Surplus of NHL D all the way to the AHL level has to over pay for a mediocre Defensman

I mean i love Eddy for reason like last night him arguing on the Anderson Ejection turning it into a Power Play for MTL in which Suzuki scored.
If that was Suzuki or Gallagher there then the games over and you're not convincing the Ref's that as bad as the hit was trying to 5 v1 a guy while successfully 3v1 him cant go unpunished via the NHL's 2nd man in rules from 30 years ago implemented to stop Line Brawls and Bench Brawls. He can make arguments like that while Suzuki can learn from them Gally really just barks at the Ref's trying to bully them into submission which rarely works. (the Brad Marchand Approach)

Eddy's Value is as a leader
On ice his offensive upside is in serious decline as his back gets worse each year the torque required for a big shot just isnt there without causing damage.
That said his Veteran Presence to a Rebuilding team is worth it as worst case he goes on IR best case he educates the youth.

Matheson for Walker really would make the most sense
MTL could likely squeeze a 2nd round pick out of the trade without Retaining , more if they do retain.
They get turn Petry's return into a 2nd and 4th round pick while acquiring a RD who is lesser but plays at the same 2nd pair level.
Its a loss sure but no where near the loss that MTL is holding in their hands now.
If Matheson was a RD we wouldnt consider trading him for a lesser player in Walker
But the reality is that he's not and if Savard goes down our D core will be chasing its tail and Allen's barely acceptable NHL numbers become unacceptable through no fault of his own.