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Free agent fan for 15 years flirted with a few teams but never quite got there til my jets were reincarnated
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Well I guess they could add both but I'm sure Hamonic will want trade protection to keep him here and not Seattle bound, he'll want to remain close to
Lake of the Woods and I'd hate to see DeMelo lost in the expansion draft, I wonder too if one of Gawanke or Kovacevic isn't pushing for a top 4 job in a couple years.

Well I'm of the opinion that the Jets need to stop paying Vegas for their cap dumps and I like Stastny but he chose the Knights so **** em he can stay there or Vegas can compensate the Jets to take him if they want to move him to sign Lehner or improve their defense or whatever, this guy already cost us Armia, a 1st round pick that turned into Sandin and now we're gonna throw more assets away for him as a 34 year old UFA, I say **** that noise, there's other options out there.

Really think Ehlers and Laine are mature enough now as players to make a line work with almost whoever, might work with Little this time around should he return, they just need someone with more offensive ability then Copp.

What's the Montreal package you're talking about?
If the Jets land Lafreniere I think inquiring about Eichel is what Chevy should do.</div></div>

Eichel would be awefully tempting for sure, I wonder if he would sulk or try to play his way out of wpg, but damn there wouldn’t be a hole left with that add, I was thinking mtl would come up with a healthy package for a French Canadian superstar. With mtl having a few guys playing in the league exempt from expansion draft would intrigue me, Suzuki/brook and a couple firsts somewhat protected top 3 possibly. Or maybe kotaniemi/Romanov and similar firsts, I’m not sure what going rate would be