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Jun 3, 2018
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Free agent fan for 15 years flirted with a few teams but never quite got there til my jets were reincarnated
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>Things I'm wondering about for this season and the impact they may or may not have:

-Will there be a big decline in Wheeler and/or Stastny's play/production AND if they're not producing will Maurice lower them down in the lineup and try some other guys like Vesa, Hark, Svech higher up in the lineup to see what they can do?

-Will Copp and Lowry repeat and build upon the offensive breakout seasons they had or will they go back to their averages? If they can repeat what they did last season that'd be absolutely HUGE for the Jets!

-Will Maurice adjust the systems both offensively and defensively or will it be the same as it was.

They do seem to be serious with the Comrie experiment, I'm in the minority but I'm okay with them giving Comrie a chance.
As for grabbing a better backup I'm just not too sure who's available, Hutch is on waivers, would he be better? Would guys like C.Hutton, Dell, Anderson be any better? The only guys I can think of that'd likely be better then Comrie and could likely be acquired for not too much are Rittich or Greiss, both are UFA's and I doubt either Nashville or Detroit are making the playoffs, Greiss's cap hit is $3M and Rittich's is $1.5M so could be manageable but would take some retention or them to take some salary back.
Anyway outside of those two I'm not sure who could be acquired that would really be a clear upgrade, will be interesting to see how it goes with Comrie and if they decide to upgrade on him.</div></div>
I guess you need to give Comrie a chance to turn him into a greis type that can actually start a few in a row and not have a large drop off, I’m not completely sold on helly being ultimate elite, with a condensed season and a trip to China, was hoping the Jets would find the dough for a guaranteed 25 to 30 game backup and push helly. I would bet by playoffs that there’s going to be a 1a 1b, and a 3a and 3b. With Gus between stastny and Wheeler and harkins with Lowry and svech. Pp time for Wheeler and stastny but not a established in top 6. If Maurice can adjust also to a youth movement and roll 4 lines and play the hot hand, no matter the salary or tenure. I’m really excited about harkins and svech. Svech could turn into a gift from detroit
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>From my view Heinola shouldn't make the big club and it pains me to say that cause he's making me eat crow!.. Lol
I was certain Heinola was ready for a top four job this year if he wasn't already a top 4 dman last year or even in his first year but if I was making lineup decisions based just off of the pre-season games there's no question in my mind he'd be going to the AHL and honestly it's not even close for me, he's mostly struggled, is seemingly always chasing his man and has difficulty winning a puck battle, many of the other D prospects that are a tier below Heinola like Kovacevic for example have had much stronger showings in these pre-season games. I'm sure he'll dominate the AHL but it's the best place for him, I'd rather have Stanley in the lineup and Beaulieu as the #7 dman.

I realize that it was just a pre-season game without a deep NHL lineup but that game last night against Vancouver was a typical Jets game, forwards can't generate offense, they get hemmed in their own zone constantly and their goals were the result of luck, it's frustrating and boring to watch.

It's Maurice hockey though unfortunately and he still can't build a line to save his life, this coaching staff really needs to be flushed and replaced cause the style of play they want and the systems they run won't work.

On a positive note Svechnikov and Vesalainen have looked good, Toninato is a solid 4th liner and the AHL guys like Esselmont and Poganski have played well so the Moose should be competitive this year.</div></div>

Always a good take, I’m actually pretty optimistic of this squad doing some solid things, contract length on Dillon and Schmidt going forward are going to be a issue, paying dividends this year, but I think there’s definitely some solid talent coming fast, but need full time moose time til after Olympics. If there’s no conference finals, there should be a full coaching change. I would love to see Gus between svech and harkins, but would probably be tied to the bench with that idiot Maurice and his love of vets. Lowry/copp/nash probably be solid enough on the checking front, vaselainen will have to attempt to scoop a vet for ice, will be interesting to see how healthy and what legs stasny and Wheeler going to have in a condensed Olympic year. I’m praying there’s a waiver tender that the jets can afford, are they serious with Comrie experiment?