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Thread: Buh bye
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MisstheWhalers</b></div><div>How much do you think fans are going to enjoy watching boring hyper defensive hockey?

I know I shouldn't dump on the Bowness hiring before they even play a game but seriously other than bringing back papa Lowry this is one of the worst picks for a coach that Chip/Chev could've made imo. I didn't want Vincent hired but he'd of been a better pick than Bowness.

He's such a strange hire for this team and where it's at, Bowness doesn't seem like the kind of coach you bring in if you're going to do a short retool and move some younger players into the lineup but they're not really built to play his style of game either so is there going to be a bunch of moves to bring in a bunch of defensive minded grinders?.. 🙄

Plus with all the turmoil surrounding the team and unhappy players is hiring a guy like Bowness really going to ease any of that and show these guys a clear direction, I doubt it.

This seems like a 'good ol days' hire by Chipman or that Bowness was one of the few guys willing to come to Winnipeg for what they were offering, its probably a combination of both to be honest.

Can't imagine there'll be too many sellouts at the Canada Life Centre next season to watch boring hockey from a team that's destined for 5th or 6th place in their division, they're really going to need big regression from Minnesota or Nashville(which is possible) if there's going to be any chance of playoffs for this lost in the wilderness organization.</div></div>

I read too much into most things, but I wonder if jets take a swing basically as is possibly a Dillon or Schmidt trade, too open up a spot for lhd kids. In theory if they win a few more in the lost in ot/shootout category they are possibly a wildcard. Bowness is wpgs version of bringing in sutter in cgy. Poor man’s version of it, but possibly run this team out again, and a second round visit is a success, but sitting that much worse in a year. Scared of the fanbase, I’m kinda lost on this one. I would have canned Chevy, brought in trotz with Hamilton from tb, and give them a hashed up effort between the two. Give the bench to trotz for a season, while they figure out roster and leave a door open to president and Hamilton is the other half of the combo. Then have a coach waiting in the wings if it’s a fire sale to grow with next lineup.
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Thread: Buh bye
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Thread: Buh bye
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Thread: Why Bowness
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Thread: Why Bowness
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Thread: Why Bowness
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Thread: Why Bowness
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>tsyls</b></div><div>People are acting like this is a tragic hiring. The guys a strong structured coach. He’s what the team needs, they couldn’t play defense to save their own life.

No wonder people don’t want to play/coach in Winnipeg when the majority of the fanbase either thinks the team is winning the cup or they’re a dumpster fire. It’s one or the other for most people. They can’t seem to find a bit of patience and see how things unfold.

I’m saving my judgement for after this season coming up. Also did people really think Tocchet was a much better option? It’s not like he’s had a shiny glamorous coaching career either.</div></div>

Imo the only way the jets win, is come to realization that they are tb rays/Oakland A’s of the nhl, got to shelve the loyalty contracts, need to draft and develop, have to find gems in throw aways, and the lowest levels of pro hockey, or random location on earth. They have to stay ahead of the curve basically, defensive structure and trap and whatever else is going to get to a forever bubble adventure. Got to copy what’s going to win next, and that’s all out offense, speed/scoring/ copycat colorado but nobody giving you makar or mackinnon, so bite the bullet now, and bring in a young coach and Develop coach with the rebuild, and sell high. Or push off rebuild for a couple years of first round exit or just miss, then sell lower on your vets. I’m here for your optimism though.
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