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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NoVaSpartan</b></div><div>I cannot understate how insane Kvyat’s AI was in that game. I signed him for my season 2 and 3 cars (which were both about 3rd best on the grid) with only Spec 2 Driver improvement and he was almost unstoppable. To date, he’s the only AI to beat me in a Drivers championship, embarrassing me in a winner take all at Abu Dhabi. (I keep the AI around a level where it’s difficult, but not impossible to win)

Ditto for Nyck De Vries, who I coincidentally dropped Kvyat for (and for some reason Kyvat decided Williams was better than a Merc seat). I consistently had to turn my AI difficulty down as when I had it on my normal setting, De Vries would finish every race in 1st, over a pit stop ahead.

TL;DR. Kvyat and De Vries’ ais are insane.</div></div>

You changed your drivers around, i've stuck with Jack Aitken in my second seat for the last three seasons (well, two and a half, i duffed it with money at the halfway re-sign mark for drivers in Season 2 and had to run with De Vries for the second half. I like Jack Aitken too much).

De Vries was great, and tbh i just decided to go full wingman for him in most races because i was bored. I do the same thing with Aitken, and he's currently in the lead of the Driver's championship. De Vries went to Williams to partner Latifi.

Kvyat has gotten more podiums in season 3 than Valtteri Bottas (and he's still at Mercedes because George Russell went to Red Bull), 2 to Bottas's 1.

Aitken is currently running at a rating of 87 with Spec 3 everything in Personnel (Simulator, Fitness Center and Analysis Suite), with the second best car on the grid (it goes Mercedes, Bobcat, and then Red Bull).

we finally gave america a f1 team they can actually be proud of lol
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