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Thread: Marner
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SNipeSHowInc</b></div><div>To add. While Mitch gets dogged for not showing up in the playoffs, he still produces in the playoffs. Historically (juniors and minors) Quinn doesn’t produce either, and those are levels he absolutely should be over a point per game in</div></div>

I guess the big question for me would be, does Marner help this team break Buffalo's playoff drought?

It's pretty obvious he can produce points at a pretty high rate and he's also pretty solid defensively. Having said that, the $10M+ he represents against the cap would eliminate upgrades needed in other areas, most notably 3C and No. 4 d-man. The Sabres have a pretty strong group of wingers and two centers who'll be locking down the top two spots for years to come. They have smaller skill players throughout the organization including young scorers like Peterka and Quinn who are on the rise, and a forward group as a whole that play a perimeter game, which is the type of game Marner leans towards. So other than points, which is nothing to sneeze at, he doesn't really change the dynamic of the forward group (which I believe should be their priority) while still leaving a hole at 3C.

I'd rather financially overpay a Stephenson or Lindholm at center or a Tanev/Roy-type as a second-pair RHD. It's the type of move would cost anywhere from $5-7M for one of those players with the other $3-5M being dispersed where necessary, maybe even upgrading the other position of need.

In that respect, I don't think a highly skilled, high-priced Marner with many of the same traits that the Sabres are filled with at this moment is that much of a difference-maker for his price-tag, whether the cap-hit or trade package.
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