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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHLfan10506</b></div><div>I think Elias has gotten the attention with his international play.

I don't know much about Blank. Can you, er, fill in the blank?</div></div>

I pulled this from my currently unreleased 2023 Draft Guide, which covers some 4th eligible players who are priority UDFAs

“ Alexander Blank has been on my radar for years now. His offensive toolkit has been something that I firmly believe is translatable not onlv to the North American ice sheets, but all the way up to the NHL. His skating is good, not great. His speed is solid, and his first step acceleration is above-average among draft prospects. He could use a little work on his edges, but it's not too bad as it is. His vision on the ice is among the best in this class, and the past few classes that Blank has been a part of. He is able to see the passing lanes through traffic and obstacles, and will get the puck there more often than not.
Another aspect of his game that I like is his ability to score from anywhere. His shot isn't the most powerful, but it's good enough in that aspect and he can put it wherever he wants. And when paired with his playmaking skill, he is a dynamic offensive threat. Defensively, he's nothing to write home about, but he isn't really a liability either, displaying a decent ability to lock up whoever he's defending, but can be prone to losing his assignments at times. Overall, I doubt that Blank gets drafted, due to him being a fourth year guy. But he should be priority #1 in UDFA signings, and he truly has NHL potential.”
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40 games in, and the Bruins are a staggering 32-4-4. No one could have predicted this, and I'm absolutely shocked to see how dominant the Bruins have been throughout the first half of the season (by the way, has anyone else felt like this season is flying by?). Here's how my predictions are holding up:

1) The Bruins are down to 2 point-per-game scorers, them being Pastrnak (58 points in 40 games) and Marchand (37 points in 32 games). However, the Bruins have 4 more .75 ppg or better scorers (McAvoy, Bergeron, DeBrusk, and Krejci), so there's that. I was expecting a more to-heavy offensive output to the Bruins like what we saw in years past, but they've been scoring up and down the lineup, so I'm actually happier with their current output than what I predicted, even if I end up wrong.

2) Copy-and-paste from the last few updates. Both Lysell and McLaughlin are playing well in the AHL right now, but there isn't room for experiments with the big club when the team is playing this good. Maybe at the end of the year when Monty rests some of the vets near playoff time.

3) Through half of a season, this prediction in particular has aged like a fine wine. Ullmark is playing like a Vezina winner, and he's still only lost one regulation game in 26 games. Unreal

4) Krejci is on pace for 25.77 goals and 46.86 assists for 72.63 points over 82 games. Not a bad return season.

5) The Bruins STILL top the Atlantic Division and the entire NHL in points and points %. Playoffs seems to be a lock at this point, and the Bruins seem to have been reinvigorated in these last few games since the Winter Classic. They weren't playing a good 60 minute game for quite a while before recently, but these last three games have been a return to early season form. Scary to consider how much they've been winning playing their B-game when their A-game has netted them 3 wins in 4 days against the Cali teams, all on the road. They outscored their three opponents, including the #9 ranked Kings (the other two teams suck, but the played them back-to-back while traveling) 18-5.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Dekes</b></div><div>Really like this post, something different then the norm we see here.

Would have to assume poitras would play RW, Lysell is on the left and Harrison due to his higher offensive/ goal scorer upside plays 1C his size also helps in that C area

Merkulov probably bumps locmelis down not sure where.

McLaughlin definitely would put up a solid fight for a bottom 6 role, has that hustle and all around game and possesses a strong shot.

I like ahcan and if it wasn’t for grzelcyk he’d probably be on the nhl squad but I feel brunet beats him out, kid has size speed an arsenal of weapons on how to score or help his teammates score. Potentially a future PP2 QB for Boston and everything I have read so far is that his defensive game is improving. Probably due to his size and speed.

Bussi another guy who I think will become the future back-up, younger then keyser yet is playing just aswell and has dominated in every league he has played in

B’s may not have this crazy high potential prospect pool outside of lysell and Lohrei but their is definitely a plethora of guys that could easily reach a solid middle 6 or 4-5 dman role or middle of the pack back-up goalie</div></div>

Someone hasn’t read my prospect updates lol.

Poitras is a center. He can play Wing but has been good down the middle. We’re weak at center and stronger on the wings so I figure keep him at C for this team build. Harrison needs to produce like he’s been for the past month longer to re-gain my full confidence. He was playing horribly to start the year, inconsistency always worries me with prospects.

McLaughlin is definitely another option. Like you mentioned, the Bs have a ton of guys that can slide into that bottom six role and be good.

No way with Brunet. Keep that kid and his trash IQ away from this squad. Again, read what I wrote up on him yesterday. And months past, but yesterdays most recent. Agreed on Ahcan tho

Yeah I like Bussi, Keyser was just the guy I settled on for this. Like I said, after Swayman it’s 3 guys with backup potential (Bussi, Keyser, and Dyck). Take your pick.