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Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EmilFo</b></div><div>OK, so if we will agree on a list. I would say for Edmonton main thing is
1. Wait out this year of the Lucic contract, 3 years let is easier to handle than 4 years left. Deal with it for at least 1 or 2 more years - then trade or buy out.
2. Who is to TRADE (Don´t want a buy out for this players)Sekera, Russel, or Koskinen, if we want to get capspace?
3. Or is the answer trading Nugent Hopkins? He is too valuble for the forwardpart, but too bad value to that money. Trading Brodziak?
4. Fixing the 3C, or at least 1 wing option, with this small amout of cap. Is it just to go with the same team for one year, and let the new preospects compete and fight for a roosterspot. I think it is.

sign Chiasson, Gambardella, , sign Puljujärvi to lowest cost possible. Don´t sign Rattie.</div></div>
One of my creatons:

<a href=""></a>

1. After July 1st this summer Lucic's contract only has $16M left, or $4M per year on average. I think it's movable with retention for a late pick - no sweetener. Or, as I showed in the mock above, for another bad contract in return, one that is a position of need and can be bought out without much headache. Summer of 2020 Lucic will have $10M and 3 years left, so $3.33M per year. This is also an option.
2. Russell would be my #1 target, but only if I can get a replacement signed. Who would mind the net if we traded Koski?
3. I don't trade Nuge. He's hugely valuable to the Oilers, probably moreso than to another team, so they're unlikely to overpay for him. He is NOT bad value for money, you won't be able to replace him with a UFA for anything close to $6M. I have no issue with trading Brodziak, but he isn't going to create much space - you could just bury him in the minors.
4. Hard to fix anything with the cap space, true. But I think the new GM will do some drastic cutting this summer to create space.
Forum: Armchair-GM8 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EmilFo</b></div><div>Yeah, small keys, bugger fingers made text a mess. Sry about that. We van only hope that pulju was i injured. From whst I heard, draisaitl and McD find it hard to play with him, doesnt fi theirs style oc play, no matter what numbers say. So he will be a Nuge winger. Prob 3 line. Yamamoto ineeds a ton of developement, I think he needs at least two more years. Prob bedt stampled wiyj McDavid than Drais.I find Russel anx sekera good fur the team and is needed until someone otheg plays better. Not many of Sekeras caliber is moving to edm as a FA

AND to lasy. Koskinens contract was mega stupid and maube gonna be bought out soon</div></div>

- <strong>We van only hope that pulju was i injured</strong>: <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"></a>

- <strong>I heard, draisaitl and McD find it hard to play with him, doesnt fi theirs style oc play</strong>: Link? Lots of rumours around, I don't think either guy has made that statement at any time.

- <strong>Yamamoto ineeds a ton of developement, I think he needs at least two more years</strong>: that would be pretty normal, although his scoring rates are better than any of the forward prospects that were drafted right behind him, and a few that were drafted ahead, too.

7. Anderson 6 goals in 36 AHL games <strong>NHLE: 6.64</strong>
11. Vilardi 0 goals in 4 AHL games
12. Necas 14 in 55 AHL games <strong>NHLE: 10.14</strong>
22. Yamamoto 10 in 27 AHL games<strong> NHLE: 14.76</strong>
24. Vesalainen 4 in 12 AHL games <strong>NHLE: 13.28</strong>
25. Poehling 8 in 35 NCAA games <strong>NHLE: 6.24</strong>
28. Bowers 11 in 37 NCAA games <strong>NHLE: 9.58</strong>
30. Tolvanen 12 in 49 AHL games <strong>NHLE: 9.76</strong>
31. Kostin 8 in 58 AHL games <strong>NHLE: 5.50</strong>

Glass (6), Tippet (10), Suzuki (13) and Frost (27) are still in junior so I didn't include their seal-clubbing stats. Rasmussen (9) and Thomas (20) are in the NHL but have scored just 8 goals in 62 and 63 games, respectively. Chytil (21) has 10 in 70 NHL games. Even though he's battled injuries this year, I'd say Yamamoto is developing ahead of his peer group. Nothing to worry about here.

-<strong> I find Russel anx sekera good fur the team and is needed until someone otheg plays better</strong>: I agree. I''d like to see a puck-moving 2RD replace Russell, but he isn't doing too badly in that spot.
Forum: Armchair-GM10 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM10 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>EmilFo</b></div><div>Edmintin has tre hardest offseason if all teams, that makes them interessting to challange. What thry first nees to do is scan tge leauge of who is willing to take prospects and high picks for Lucics contract, then see if they can retain only 1 ' 1,5 m$,and or three or four years. Eait one year, then shoot away also Sekera for anything. After Lucics gone, Nurse and Kassian gets even morr needed thoughness. Defence is young but inexperienced. Larsson and Benning needs to stay if Bouchard anc Bear cant rake heavy load. If anyone can, trade the D with besg value in market. I suspect both Yamamoto and Puljujlrvi is development failures. Draisaitl and McD needs though and hardchecking wingers with some playingsense. Pulju doesnt fit the team at all. . Needs a trade.edmonyon in a year needs a top UFA winger, and needs to save cap for that purpose + Nurse contract. Thats the ground.

Next step for succes is a good 3C. Next problem is that Nuge is a good player, bad center with poor faceoff, and for his toolbox highly overpaid and hard to trade for value, cause I think edm. Needs another cheaper 3C. Nuge is a 6 m winger, thats bad value - but is also bad tradebait. Edmonton finds smart 3C for max 4$. That would be perfect piece to the puzzle - then trade Nuge, maybe even retained - value back is most imporrant for edmonton for the future.</div></div>

Ok, that was a tough read but my Swedish is non-existent, so I'll give you a pass and try to respond. I'm giving my opinion only as there are undoubtedly many ways to fix the mess that Chiarelli left, and we can't possibly know the correct one without a crystal ball.

-<strong> Edmonton has the hardest offseason</strong>: probably true, but it isn't anything of historic proportions. Boston dealt with a similar situation when Chiarelli let and they were able to shed about $21M in cap in one summer. This has been done before. Of note: there are no high profile RFA's this summer that are being blocked by the legacy contracts, so there isn't as much cap pressure as some teams have.
- <strong>who is willing to take prospects and high picks for Lucics contract</strong>: the Lucic contract isn't necessarily the first priority. It's large and no doubt they'd like to move on (player and team), but it won't be an easy move and the only reason to pay significant assets to do so is if there is a UFA deal on the table that won't fit under the cap. There are other contracts that are easier to move in that case. Oh, and if you retain it has to be over the duration of the contract, you can't do it for 1 or 2 years.
- <strong>Defence is young but inexperienced</strong>: no it isn't. Sekera and Russell are in their 30's, Larsson and Klefbom are in their primes and are veterans. Even Nurse will be starting his 5th full year of NHL hockey. Bouchard and Bear will likely play in the AHL next year, the team President has stated this several times already. If anyone is traded it will most likely be one of Sekera or Russell, with a veteran UFA coming in to replace them.
- <strong> I suspect both Yamamoto and Puljujlrvi is development failures</strong>: you are basing this on what? How many 22nd overall picks are playing in the NHL 1.5 years later? Yamamoto has played 26 NHL games, only one player picked after him has played more. Your expectations are completely unrealistic. <a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"></a>
As for Puljujarvi, he's only 20 and has been playing with hip issues for some time now, that inhibited his skating ability. He's younger than Jordan Kyrou, who many still talk about as a top prospect. Again, premature to make the call on this player.
- <strong>Pulju doesnt fit the team at all. . Needs a trade</strong>: disagree. Look at his numbers with McDavid (and McDavid's numbers with JP) and you'll see that they work very well together. This while JP has been playing through pain.
- <strong>edmonyon in a year needs a top UFA winger</strong>: not sure about this, I think they'd do better getting 2 or 3 mid-range wingers instead. I know you said "in a year", but I'll give you an example from this summer: they could probably sign all of Connolly, Ferland and Donskoi for about the same money as Panarin. Which makes the team better?