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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>J2W</b></div><div>
Puljujarvi has played 1307 minutes in his career, he has been on the ice with McDavid for 363 of those, or just over 25%. The fact that he hasn't been able to secure himself a spot means he either isn't as good as you are selling him, or their is an off ice issue that is holding him back. Top end players earn their ice time.</div></div>

Look what happens when Puljujarvi DOES play with skilled centers:

[all numbers 5v5 points/60 and (TOI)]

Rantanen w/ MacKinnon: 0.00 (0:43)
Rantanen w/ Duchene: 0.00 (29:09)
Pastrnak w/ Bergeron: 1.31 (45:49)
Pastrnak w/ Krejci: 2.55 (141:15)
Nylander: NO NHL TOI
Puljujarvi w/ McDavid: 2.86 (84:01)
Puljujarvi w/ Draisaitl: 1.67 (107:28)
Laine w/ Scheifele: 3.01 (538:42)
Laine w/ Little: 1.76 (340:13)

William Nylander and Timo Meier didn't even make the NHL, Puljujarvi’s numbers were very similar to Pastrnak's. Despite the lack of TOI, JP is producing 95% of what Laine is when both players are in the top-6.

Rantanen w/ MacKinnon: 1.66 (684:55)
Rantanen w/ Duchene: 0.86 (350:34)
Pastrnak w/ Bergeron: 1.96 (61:19)
Pastrnak w/ Krejci: 2.04 (499:06)
Nylander w/ Kadri: 0.00 (4:57)
Nylander w/ Bozak: 0.00 (1.45)
Puljujarvi w/ McDavid: 1.87 (256:57)**
Puljujarvi w/ McDavid [w/o Lucic]: 2.42 (74:34)**
Puljujarvi w/ Draisaitl: 2.37 (101:22)
Laine w/ Scheifele: 1.13 (52:55)
Laine w/ Little: 1.58 (455:13)
Meier w/ Thornton: 0.93 (64:43)
Meier with Couture: 0.00 (16:43)

Nylander is still at zero, having barely played any NHL time and not having cracked the top-6. Puljujarvi’s numbers are close to Pastrnak’s, the Boston winger is starting to separate in TOI. Rantanen, whose production is well below Puljujarvi's, is getting over 1000 minutes with skill centers! Opportunity is everything here. Laine had his 1st line ice time cut drastically on sub-par production, a fact that is under-reported. Why? Probably because he continued to get cherry PP minutes, something his compatriot never did.

Rantanen w/ MacKinnon: 2.28 (946:52)
Rantanen w/ Duchene: 0.00 (12:48)
Pastrnak w/ Bergeron: 2.22 (541:19)
Pastrnak w/ Krejci: 1.54 (429:40)
Nylander w/ Kadri: 2.17 (360:06)
Nylander w/ Matthews: 1.82 (624:42)
Puljujarvi w/ McDavid: 8.76 (6:51) ***
Puljujarvi w/ Draisaitl: 0.00 (31:58) ***
Laine w/ Scheifele: 1.97 (30:25) ***
Laine w/ Little: 0.00 (105:49) ***
Meier w/ Thornton: 1.68 (250:00)
Meier with Couture: 0.00 (85:45)

So those 1000 minutes Rantanen got in the top-6 paid off the next year, he's now scoring at a 1st line pace. Pastrnak and Nylander are doing well too. Laine's struggles are getting more pronounced, but he continues to play on the 1st PP unit (TMac: take note). NONE of these players are scoring better in draft+3 than Puljujarvi did in draft+2.

** Much of this time included Lucic on the other wing, stunting JP's numbers (and McDavid's), so I also show Puljujarvi's P/60 without Lucic
*** These numbers are from this season, so small sample size alert.
Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 4:12 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>J2W</b></div><div>His points per game put him at a sub 30 point a season player, while getting ice time beside McDavid. </div></div>

He's played all of 6 minutes with McDavid this season (5v5), and guess what? he scored! He has never been given a regular shift with McDavid this season. Check out the TOI/game in the attached link.

<a href=";thruseason=20182019&amp;stype=2&amp;sit=5v5&amp;score=all&amp;rate=n&amp;team=EDM&amp;view=log&amp;loc=B&amp;gpfilt=none&amp;fd=2018-10-03&amp;td=2019-04-06&amp;tgp=2000&amp;strict=incl&amp;p1=8478402&amp;p2=8479344&amp;p3=0&amp;p4=0&amp;p5=0" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">;thruseason=20182019&amp;stype=2&amp;sit=5v5&amp;score=all&amp;rate=n&amp;team=EDM&amp;view=log&amp;loc=B&amp;gpfilt=none&amp;fd=2018-10-03&amp;td=2019-04-06&amp;tgp=2000&amp;strict=incl&amp;p1=8478402&amp;p2=8479344&amp;p3=0&amp;p4=0&amp;p5=0</a>

He simply isn't getting the opportunities most players of his skill level get. McLellan doesn't play him on a skill line and he doesn't let him play on the first PP unit, prefering instead to play Lucic. Even Alex Chiasson, Tobias Rieder, Ty Rattie and Drake Caggiula have spent more time on the first PP unit than Puljujarvi - don't tell me that these guys are better, more skilled or more valuable than Jesse, because they just aren't.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>J2W</b></div><div>Here's those players pts/gm at the end of their 3rd NHL eligible season (Puljujarvi's current) to remove stat differences caused by different birthdays, and their pts/gm at the end of their elc's.
Puljujarvi (to date) - .26, same stat for both obviously
Ryan Johansen - .31 and .51
William Nylander - .72 and .73
Leon Draisaitl - .72, same stat for both
Filip Forsberg - .69 and .73
Mark Scheifele - .47 and .64
Mikko Rantanen - .74 and .82(currently in final year of elc)
Johnny Gaudreau - .89, same for both stats
Nikita Kucherov - .35 and .82
Alex DeBrincat -.69, same stats for both (3rd year NHL eligible, 1 additional year left on elc)
Timo Meier - .36 and .44 (currently in final year of elc)
Blake Wheeler - was in NCAA and .51
Max Domi - .64 and .61
Mathew Barzal - 1.01 and .99 (1 additional elc year remaining)
Mark Stone - 0 in 4 games and .7
Viktor Arvidsson - .54, same stat for both

As you can see Puljujarvi is not on par with any of them. Players best seasons normally come before age 25, taking on a 20 year old who looks like a potential multi season project just isn't worth multiple good assets. If they Oilers do decide to move Puljujarvi he would likely bring back another project like Ho-Sang, or he would be part of a bigger package that is added to move a pick up a round or get salary retention/allow the Oilers to make a cap dump.</div></div>

ELC's can slide for up to two years, so comparing the last year of each players ELC is stupid. You're comparing a guy who is 20 all year to guys who are up to 23, depending on their birthday and when they entered the league - not the same thing at all. Use draft year as a basis next time (draft+1, draft+2, etc.) for a better look at these players.
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