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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>justaBoss</b></div><div>Good question. Capwise, our options are limited. Before we make a decision in that regard, we need to make sure we can afford the target, both short and long term.

If we were to slot this winger to the lineup now, it'd had to be someone that fits to a line with Seguin and Marchment. Segs and Mason bring leadership, offensive prowess and some physicality into a line, but they somewhat lack speed. I think the guy we should go after would be someone that has good legs. Konecny works in this regard imo, but PHI will demand a huge cost for him.

We also need to consider the long-term need. Should we target a rental, and then trust Stankoven to fill that hole long term. Or should we pay up a bit more to get a long-term asset? If we think pure rentals, Patrick Kane obviously comes to mind, but Hawks probably don't want to deal him to a division rival. Kuzmenko, if he's available, is an option to consider as well.

Also, is there a potential option in the market that could be had for a reduced price for some reason. Would that save us cost wise and if it does, how much. Guys like Boeser has been in the rumors for a while, and I wonder if guys like Vrana or Mantha are also available at a cheaper price given their reduced roles in their current teams.

Lots of questions need answering. But it's safe to say it'll be nigh on impossible to find one guy who meshes well with all the mentioned criteria</div></div>

With Texas playing well, I don’t think we will want to mess up the chemistry in the A. Mavrik and Stankoven are keeps. I’m thinking our trade chips are Guri, Faksa, and picks. I don’t think we would move Dobby. He helps Texas out, and winning / playoff runs are good mentally for players in the A.

I think Domi could improve the second line for low cost. Konecny is my first choice, but he might be too much. Boeser would cost too much long term, so there would have to be retention. Same thing with Horvat (who we couldn’t afford to extend). AA could add speed at a low cost. Monahan and ROR have been injured (remember Zuc).

I guess imo the most reasonable would be Domi or Boeser with retention (if Faksa and Guri go the other way). OR Horvat with Guri and Faksa going the other way for cost. If we pulled Horvat without losing Logan, Mavrik, or Harley… I would be impressed.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SlevinKalevra</b></div><div>I’m dialing back on the Suter hate. Faksa is still on my list. I don’t have much patience left when it comes to him. DB better have all the defensive plugs on the fourth line getting fourth line minutes. If Faksa and Glendening are on different lines there will be no secondary scoring. Dell will not reach his potential playing RW. He’s a center. I’m cautiously optimistic but I can just as easily see this season being garbage. Doubt we will have the cap space to chase Severson or Weegar even if they make it to free agency</div></div>

I like Faksa, but not in the system we were in under Bones. His defensive game didn’t shine because everyone played defense. He is a damn good face-off man who does his part in his own zone. With the players we have on the roster, he isn’t necessary. Both Guri and Faksa could benefit from a new start.

NJ wants a wing for Severson. Guri played limited minutes under bones due to flaws in his defensive game. Not to say that he is a defensive liability, but under bones the base structure was defense first. Guri never had a chance. NJ could benefit from his speed and style of play. Plus he plays RW. I think that is there need.

What would it take to get Severson? Add a pick if there is an extension? Severson might play third pair minutes in NJ. Is his value there for the future. Is NJ his future after this season, since he will be an UFA? Would it be best for NJ to trade now rather than down the road with a reduced workload which could negatively impact his value?

What would it take?
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