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Forum: Armchair-GMFeb. 22 at 11:44 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheMooterus</b></div><div>- Don’t mind trading for Tanev at the deadline. But a 3-year deal for a soon-to-be 35 year old defenseman is almost exactly what the Stars did with Suter and it has been a glorious failure. Do not make the same mistake again

- I agree that, if it’s one or the other, Dallas should move on from Pavelski and keep Duchene — that being said, Benn is not Pavelski’s top line replacement, Johnston is. DeBoer has been shifting lines a bit over the last month and Johnston has been his go to 1RW with Hintz &amp; Robertson. He’ll be the replacement for Joe.

- Keep Dellandrea &amp; don’t sign Maroon. Maroon is fine for what he’s expected to do, but losing Dellandrea &amp; his ability to play up and down the lineup, in any situation, would be a mistake. He’s going to be super affordable for Dallas as well.

- Agree that the Stars need a buyout this offseason in order to fit everything under the cap, but I don’t see Dadonov as the right player. The contract they need to buy out is Suter’s.

- HARD disagree that the Lindell-Hakanpää pair has been a “solid pair for a couple of years”. They are both solid on the PK, but as a defensive pairing they are among the slowest and worst puck-possession pairings in the league. If Dallas is keeping them (I’m hoping they don’t re-sign Hakanpää), they each need a defenseman playing with them that can effectively move the puck out of their own end.</div></div>

I agree with this to a degree. Dellandrea can be replaceable if the trade was warranted. I like the Harley-Miro pair, and I would like to see what Nils would look like with a better partner. Buying out Suter would be my choice as well. I question if Nils can put up 20:00 games, since he isn’t used like this. I think that Matheson out of MTL may be a good fit, but it would probably have a high cost.