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Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 3 at 2:15 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CanMerc</b></div><div>1 &amp; 4) I would love to see Iafello and Namestnikov, moved… we are paying way too much for our bottom lines and we need to upgrade 2C and our RHD. We have lots of younger and cheaper bottom 6 wing and C options in the system, and neither of these 2 belong in the top 6 of a contending team.

2) I think including any of theses players in trades is likely the best option, though cheaper bottom 6 players is how you afford the salaries of the big boys, so maybe keeping them helps too

3) see #2

5) KC is dynamic and can play anywhere, but we would need Ehlers as our 2RW, so Connor needs to slot back at 1LW

6) 2C is our biggest need and should be Chevys main target, (though I highly doubt he even thinks it’s required)… for me Lindholm is the main target… fits our need in every metric and would be a huge add to our team… only issue being would he extend, but you make that part of the trade negotiation.

7) Schmidt absolutely needs to go,… he is hugely over payed and is taking up space better suited to better other options… my opinion is he should never have been acquired to begin with.

8) Heinola, for me, is best suited as a trade piece to either get that 2C or pry a top pairing/top 4 RHD out of somewhere… obviously not the main piece, but definitely an enticing additional piece. I put Samberg ahead of him and I see no place for him to advance in our system.</div></div>

Agree with many of your comments. #88 is a great team guy, but the salary is an issue...

2C change is needed... I like your suggestion, but wonder about Monahan, would he be that fit as you mention above?

As far as Heinola, he should be used as a trade asset. He won't last in the playoffs and the heavy going. We haven't seen enough from him in the NHL and I don't buy the elite status by some &amp; the media types here in Wpg. There is this comparsion to Makar by some, who in my opinion, is spenting far to much time on IR the past 2 years since their Stanley Cup run.
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