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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Boush</b></div><div>Clutch-osity is a myth. You're looking at two instances in time as a definitive narrative as to who the player is and will continue to be. Last year was his best year ever in boxcar stats. He's about the enter the wrong side of 30. Faksa is having the worst season of his young career and is largely on pace with Eller. I disagree with the idea that Eller is a better two-way player than Faksa, as I believe that Faksa is as good or better overall (this season on the Stars being a current exception, which is the only reason the Stars would part with him at all). The Pens won back to back Cups, trust me, they don't have many regrets. The Preds probably wish they had Bonino signed to Eller's deal, too, since they actually have him on their team on a worse contract with mixed results.

In two years, it'll be two years later. Eller will be older and almost certainly worse. Faksa will probably be as good or better as he is now, which, again, is as good as Eller. He might demand more money, and the Caps might be in a position to pay it if they want. And if not, they <strong>have his RFA rights</strong> and can use that leverage. If he's earned more money, it's because he's <strong>better for the team than he is today</strong> and that is a <strong>good thing</strong>.</div></div>

few things

"He's about the enter the wrong side of 30"...two years ago ovi was considered to be on the wrong side of 30. its just a stupid term.. and faksa best season is 33 points? his worse season is going to be like 25-30 haha I mean If the major difference between a "down year" and his best year is 5 points I think its not worth mentioning bc it doesnt really matter.... you could just say hes a consistent 30 point is eller.

and penguins won 2 cups bc they had a guy like Bonino. no surprise they lost the year he wasn't on the team....

also players don't turn 30 and suck. eller will consistently be a 30 point guy till this deal ends...... faksa will also be a 30 point guy. at this point you are trading a dollar for 4 quarter....

eller is able to slot into a 2nd line center when hes needed to and knows our system and plays well within our system.... why risk getting a player that fits for a guy that cmight not fit well? esp if they are lateral players
Forum: Armchair-GM8 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM8 hours ago