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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kogut35</b></div><div>It's a pretty even trade if Hanifin gets an extension with Boston. There are 2 perspectives you can view the trade from:

1: The bruins are all in and want to try to win the cup this year. This could be worth the trade. If Hanifin has an extension, I guess I'm not super against it.

2: (my perspective) The bruins have an eye on the future, and this year it is what it is. They're overachieving and it's very hard to make the case that they're a true contender. Hanifin would be nice, but even with him, I just don't see how they win a cup without a 1c. Add that to my opinion Lohrei is more NHL ready than people are willing to admit, and the Bruins <em>desperately</em> need a 1c, which will <em><strong>only</strong></em> be via draft in the first round, likely as a top 12 pick.

The bruins can keep focusing on luxuries, but until they get a 1c, I think it's a waste of time and avoiding the elephant in the room. Just seems like a distraction more than anything. But who knows, maybe elite defense and goaltending can win you a cup with average offense. Nashville was 2 wins away in '17...</div></div>

Ultimately, every team makes difficult decisions on cap allocation and it’s never perfect.

I personally feel the late first is the most overated asset in the NHL, but acknowledge that Sweeney has taken that to a bit of an extreme and it lowers the potential for impact assets.

I could see a structure like this. I’d prefer the Calgary 2nd rounder for obvious reasons, but it is directionally it looks more feasible
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