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Forum: Armchair-GMFri. at 3:30 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Victor24</b></div><div>By what metric are you referring. All the stats I can see show him as a below average player even among his peers on the Sharks.
(All stats 5v5, all comparisons are vs forwards with 500+ min)

Expected Goals per 60: 0.54 (3rd worst on SJ, 11th percentile)
Goals per 60: 0.39 (3rd worst on SJ, 9th%)
Points per 60: 1.38 (2nd best on SJ, 26th%)
Faceoff win: 49.1% (2nd best on SJ, 62nd%)
Corsi: 41% (Tied worst on SJ, 4th%)
Expected Goals against per 60: 3.42 (2nd worst on SJ, 0th%)
Shooting Talent Above Average: -4% (4th worst on SJ, 31st%)
Created xgoals: 4.5 (2nd worst on SJ, 5th%)

All of the individual stats above are very similar to his career numbers and numbers with Pit last year.

His PP numbers are also not good, though they are better than with Pit last year.

Granlund appears to be a worse version on Monahan, who did (surprisingly) net a 1st. So it is possible someone will overpay but based on his stats, a 3rd would be an overpayment for Granlund.

Side note, great username. One of the best on this site.</div></div>
Appreciate it 👍🏻

Also, those stats are surprising. But I was arguing more so in favor of Granlund's zone entries and puck possession strengths. I just checked his RAPM chart and he's slightly above average in terms of his impact in the offensive and neutral zones, so that checks out, though I still expected it to be higher.

It's worth noting that he's gotten better as the season progressed. He was exactly the no-show terrible player I expected from him for the first 15-20 games of the season, but he lit a switch and has been great since then, at least by the eye test.

In sum, a 1st is probably a stretch, but a 3rd at 2.5mil for another year locked in at that value I think is too low too. A middle-ground late 2nd rounder seems reasonable to expect from a depth-depleted team like COL who could use him, or DAL.
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