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Forum: Armchair-GMThu at 2:56 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HatterTParty</b></div><div>I’ve talked about this plenty of times. Just because they’re hawks doesn’t mean I’m going to like the player or the type of player they are. I never liked bickell, never quite liked Shaw, I never even liked Andrew Ladd I’d I’m being honest. Doesn’t mean I didn’t root for the hawks.

Dach is gonna be no different. He can have a great career, good for him. Good for him for making strides this season. In all honesty, he turned out to be exactly what his draft profile said. They said he was probably most NHL ready, so at least that part turned out true. I don’t like getzlaf or getzlaf styled players. Him having a great career doesn’t depend on my respect though. That’s fine. In case you want me to say it, no, I’m not gonna be a fan of his even if he hits 82 points a season. If he gets 50 a season I’ll at least take it.</div></div>

I get it, you're a glass half empty type of guy based on your rants about the team, management, and players. You are extremely critical of the team and the players which I know you and most of our brothers here would agree with. I can only imagine you weren't a fan for the 10 to 12 years leading up to the first of three cups in the last decade because those were years when the fans had real reason to be so critical and upset. This team brought 3 cups in the last decade and the team of the decade as voted by coaches, players and the NHL. They are still a lot of fun to watch, they are going through a retooling and will be back in the playoffs in the next couple years. Fans of 29 other teams would love to have the Hawks roster over the last 10 years. You simply can't win every year or even make the playoffs every year..that's just the way it is with a hard cap and what makes hockey a much better overall sport to follow then other's the ultimate team sport with the most parity in all professional sports.

Regarding Dach, for someone not to like the top 2 best prospects this team has seen in 10 years amazes me. Shaw, Ladd, Bickell were nowhere near Dach in skill. Dach is the best center the Hawks have seen since Toews and we desperately needed a center to fill the shoes when Toews is gone...Strome is not that guy and Turcotte is a big question mark so the Hawks did exactly what they should have done with the #3 pick as evidence by the fact both Colorado and LA had Dach as their #1 pick also...widely reported. If you don't like his game, then I guess that sucks knowing you will be watching for the next 10 years with likely a C or A on his chest eventually because he is the future leader of this team as it stands today. Like I said, pre and post draft wasn't a big fan, but watching him...the kid has a ton of talent and I was wrong. Rarely have I said I don't like a A caliber player's game...just seems strange to me.
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