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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wadejos123</b></div><div>Not a fan of it for the hawks. Kieth won't waive first of all, but we'll assume he would for the sake of the post. Strome+Cat for Ehnlers+Roslovic majorily favors WPG in my opinion. I don't see the sense in the hawks doing this. Ehlers is a mior upgrade over cat and Strome to roslovic is a large downgrade. Then it's Vesalinen+moving up 5 spots in the draft for Kieth (with 1 mil retention for 3 years).Kieth won't waive, but we are better off keeping him as a mentor to the young guys anyways. He's a lot better and has a lot more expierience than Dehaan and Maata, and the cost is only 1 mil more (it's even if you take into account the retention). I think we are better off keeping Cat and Strome, but if one has to go it should be strome for another roster player. Maybe we use strome to get another 1st and then send it to tampa in a package for Sergachev? then you would buyout/trade maata and dump dehaan wherever you can. Idk if that would work or not but I think that's more along the path we should be on then the one presented in this trade imo.</div></div>

I disagree on Keith waiving. The one place he would waive is Winnepeg to go back home where his kids are since he keeps a home there and goes there for the offseason.

I agree on Ehlers and Rosolovic favors the Jets over Debrincat and Strome; wasn't looking at it that way. Ehlers, Vasalainen for Debrincat and Keith and Rosolovic plus moving up 7 spots in the draft for Strome is how I was looking at it.
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