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Forum: Armchair-GM2 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Radu47</b></div><div>He might be the best combination of playmaking and finishing (still nah tho) but I can think of many better playmakers from the past 15 years like...

Backstrom there ^
Joey Thornts
Henrik Sedin
Connor McDavid naturally
Mario was technically active 15 years ago lol 🤷‍♂️


If we look at assists per game played, Kane is #32 all-time. Among active players only behind McDavid, Malkin, Crosby, Backstrom, and Panarin; Thornton is not far behind. Assists alone doesn't tell the whole story but it's a good starting point.

If we look at adjusted assists all-time Kane is #25 and among active players, Kane is #3 only behind Crosby and Thornton.

Now departure from stats which gives a good indication but not the full story, Kane is the most creative playmaker in the last 15 years. He literally changed the way scouts and coaches view size, creativeness, puck handling abilities, and being able to create something from nothing (playmaker). (McDavid and Matthews are doing that in this generation). Very few players are generational talents like Crosby, Kane, Ovy, etc. for different reasons as their games all very. I guess it boils down to what one's definition of playmaking is?

If you add to the fact he never had a dynamic duo on line with consistency for most of his career I'd argue Kane is in the discussion for the most effective playmaker in during that time. Example: Kane has played with 18 different centers in the league, most of which are average at best when he played with them...that puts a lot into perspective. On the opposite wing the biggest name he played with at any consistency was Panarin for 2 seasons, but outside of that nobody was consistent. Coach Q and now JC like(d) to pair Kane up with either budding stars to jump start their careers (Panarin, Debrincat), or average players to elevate their effectiveness.

Obviously Crosby is better then Kane as example, but is he a better playmaker when considering what I shared? Is Thornton? Hard to answer objectively but see objective arguments can be made for all these top guys over the last 15 years.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>LetsGoPens69</b></div><div>Ya, i agree. If u read the description. The Pens can’t take MAF without moving a contract back. Even at 50% retention. So all these ACGM with Chicago trading MAF to the Pens for draft picks won’t work without the Pens moving a contract out too.

And like the description said, the Blackhawks can try and flip Zucker at 4.5M to a contender at the TD, trade him in the offseason, or keep him and if they arnt contending next season, trade him at the deadline.

And flip DeSmith to a contender too. Getting a 3rd team involved might be a better option.

But like I said in the description, either way, DeSmith’s contract is expiring and Blackhawks atleast gain that cap space this offseason.

I added Gruden and a 5th for Gustafson(rental). But like I said, in my opinion, Zucker at 4.5M should be able to be flipped to a contender at the TD, this offseason, or next season if the Hawks arnt contending for atleast a 2nd round pick.</div></div>

I did read the description and also understand the cap situation, but one trade doesn't have exist on it's own. Multiple trades can happen for the pens. The bottom line, the Hawks aren't getting anything of real value here and no, the Hawks aren't relieving cap space in this trade, they are taking on more going into next season.

Hawks don't need to flip anyone is my point, you basically are suggesting the Hawks don't have options at the TDL with only the Pens wanting Flowers and as such take on the responsibility of moving cap for the Pens; I don't buy that. Flowers is marketable as an asset to a playoff contender and Hawks will get offers that amount to a 2nd round pick or better and maybe have to take on an expiring contract but not additive cap beyond the season unless they see the player coming back having on ice value for the team. I can't see that with Zucker going on 30 years old for a Hawks team in complete meltdown mode and the Hawks up against the cap next year; Zucker at $4.5M is just not a luxury they can afford.

A 3 team trade may be doable but again, Hawks would expect to get a 2nd or better back for Flowers without taking on additive cap beyond the current season.
Forum: Armchair-GM14 hours ago
Thread: Next season
Forum: Armchair-GM15 hours ago