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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NickC1988</b></div><div>Nylander is not starting in Rockford, like the guys on the hawks talk podcast said: You don't trade Jokiharju away for a player to put in Rockford. Nylander will certainly get a look.

Like I said in my description, Dach will start on the wing for 4 or 5 games then could shift to C to see how he feels. He will get his 9 game look and so will Boqvist since De Haan is out.

Smith does not have the foot speed suited to play in the NHL. OTT was in disarray sure, but he even had a letter on his jersey, they never actually placed him in the minors to save money, he was just THAT BAD. Carpenter is in a similar situation, except his right handedness will keep him around as a 4C/PK option.</div></div>

He will get a good look during preseason, but based on historically, he will play in Rockford as the Hawks try to groom him into something. He has demonstrated he clearly can't play in the NHL so far, just because they gave up Jokiharju for him or anyone for that matter doesn't change that fact.

Well I can tell you, the Hawks didn't trade AA for a guy that won't play in the NHL. You are basing your theory on a team that arguably shouldn't be a NHL team and players being extremely frustrated by management instead of the player himself. I don't take anything that OTT management does as an indication of a player. Smith will play, that is a 100% fact. Smith is a solid physical 4th liner and PK guy, he will without a shadow of a doubt play in the lineup.
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Thread: Lines
Nylander is playing in Rockford IMO. The coach in Rockford has worked with him before and what Nylander has shown so far doesn't constitute an automatic call up to the NHL to start the season. Sikura IMO has a better shot at the lineup based on a high IQ, great puck moving and passing...goals will come in time with Sikura. He clearly has the work ethic and stayed in Chicago this summer to train and put on size. Despite his size, he's not afraid to go to the dirty areas and play the forecheck. That is all a lot more then Nylander has shown in his 3 year pro career. Anyone who defends Nylander, hasn't watched him play in the AHL or NHL, he shows flashes he can play and then other times looks lost and not interested. If that's a product of the Buf system or not being happy then fine, let's see how he does in Rockford to prove that true.

Shaw is not a center, you should know better Nick. He's a relief guy at the dot not a fulltimer. Kampf is pretty much guaranteed the 3C at this point. Coach C loves Kampf.

Where is Smith? I saw you sit him in his last AGM and it's a headscratcher. Yes, I know Ottawa had him on the waivers, but that is a horrible team in disarray. Hard to judge a player playing on a bad team with horrible management. Smith is a solid 4th liner and certainly better then Carpenter.

Assuming Boqvist is up to play 9 games until De Haan moves back?

Assuming Dach is playing 9 games? Beyond that they aren't playing him this year to play winger. He's a center hands down. Hawks aren't going to try to develop him anything other then a center.

Likely Saad or Shaw is going to play the 2nd line wing to get some physicality and two way play on that 2nd line.
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