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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>swissmontana</b></div><div>i hear what you say it is. And all the experts. I'm expecting that as well. Also, if he fails again, it's a 1 year ban from play along with the automatic contract termination you mentioned.

I said `My expectation is that the Avs already have a plan in place to terminate his contract on the grounds of misconduct`. Whether or not the NHL &amp; PA agrees that it is valid or not is tbd for sure.

I get why the CBA has this in place. It protects the player from being terminated for seeking help, or failing in the process of seeking help. Drug addiction is a lifelong battle. What I'm saying is - why is that in place if the player has never sought help but continues to just break drug policy? Based on how the incidents have occurred, it's not unreasonable to assume that he's just continued to fail drug tests after getting caught with an undocunted eastern european escort while on drugs. It's not that he voluntarily entered the program and is thus protected. He failed a drug test <em>again</em> and was forced to go back into the program. If players like Corey Perry can be terminated midseason for <em>reasons</em>, the Avalanche will probably try. I give them at best a 20% chance at succeeding.

ALSO: the league has to reinstate him. I'm not sure what that means or if it'll even happen now or ever. Super gray all around.</div></div>

I believe the CBA is 3 strikes in your banned, and this is his 3rd official attempt.

Corey Perry is a different situation as the rumor is he assaulted a employee or sponsor (not clear) at a event in front of others in which he was drinking heavily. If this is true, any type of assault is grounds for termination based on the code of conduct regardless if the victim presses charges or not.

The situation with the lady in the hotel is obviously very sketchy, but who knows if she was a victim or willing participant and being undocumented makes it that much sketchier
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>March 1st 2022 is when the interim tag was removed from KD, the rebuild was announced, and the first moves began a few days later at the deadline. We have completed two years of the rebuild and are currently in year 3. There should not be any debate about that.

An awful 21-22 season due to Stan Bowmans dumb decisions, Jeremy Collitons poor coaching, and them leaving/being fired from CHI does not constitute the beginning of the rebuild. That stacked roster still had almost an entire season to try and turn things around.

So, to be precise, we are exactly 2 years 2 months and 19 days into the rebuild. That is just a fact. It isn't a matter of opinion.

It is not conducive to a successful rebuild to constantly be creating huge holes in the roster. It also makes it far less likely that CHI can draw other players in through free agency. When they see we are still just tearing down and have no real help or mentorship for the young players and that it is likely to continue being miserable for the players, they will say "Nah I am not signing there", unless we are signing huge contracts that might make it more palatable for them. In which case, we might as well just keep Jones, because he is that huge contract that keeps him here and provides stability and mentorship.

Even if CHI wanted to address that RD spot, CHI should not pick Levshunov at 2nd overall, and he will not be available at 8th overall, the only option I could see there is Yakemchuk or another forward. Parekh looks like he will be a huge liability at the pro level, and is a risky pick and won't be ready for years either. KD has openly stated he is not worried about handedness, though. So there are other options, but, again, none of them will be ready for years. So, it would take some serious creativity and persuasiveness to free agents, to make this not be a total mess that prolongs the rebuild even further.

KD has also openly stated that the tear down is over. Also, TOR would need to ACTUALLY get a hold of that pick first, and then Jones would need to be ok with a trade, let alone a trade to TOR, which I am not sure he would be interested in.

So, As I said yesterday, an 8th overall pick definitely makes it more interesting, but there are so many unknown variables and obstacles to making something like this work.</div></div>

Not completely true as it is because of the 21/22 season, we landed Nazar and Korchinski so it's easily objective to say it started then regardless of when the front office came to grips with it.