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Thread: Bowman sucks
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>drwats19</b></div><div>ChiHawks... have a little bigger picture in your head. This is not going to be the only move that Bowman makes in the offseason. Did you think that Bowman was going to bring back the same group of defensemen? No chance. Maatta will help in the defensive zone and help on the PK. The forward group was crowded and yes, Kahun had a solid year but he doesn't have "big potential upside". Sikura has a better ceiling than Kahun and this move gives him a better shot. Bowman and co. must be high on Kubalik in Wedin and I bet they pursue a big time forward free agent. I think that Maatta could find his game again in a new situation. Give the trade a shot and don't be so negative all the time.</div></div>

Really? I'm hardly negative all the time. I'm one of the guys on here that doesn't feel a rebuild is necessary and constantly telling people to have patience with the defense and the prospects we have because we have a logjam of defenders that are bottom 4 guys. I agree we need a LHD but only if it's a top 3 guy. That said, should not been at the cost of a rookie winger that showed a lot more promise. More then either Perlini or Sikura or Caggs has shown and for a guy in his first season on NA ice at the NHL level. Perlini and Sikura spent their entire development years and career on NA ice...for anyone that's played hockey, there is a big difference between NA ice and international. If Perlini or Sikura were better, they've had all the opportunity that Kahun has to show that.
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