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Forum: Armchair-GMFri at 5:47 pm
Thread: Next season
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Stan_Bowman</b></div><div>I agree that we are playing guys up the lineup out of necessity this season, but I'm not sure how that changes going into next season. Assuming Toews comes back I think Him, Kane, Debrincat, Kubalik, and even Dach are all decent top 6 guys and we have a number of young guys with potential to fill that final spot. Take Kurashev for example, I think he would bring a nice element to Toews and Kub’s line and assuming he gets better as he approaches his prime I think he could be top 6 and not out of place. That being said I don't agree with the 3rd liner projection yet. I think Colorodo is going to resign Landeskog, but I would definitely be open to Saad on a 1yr trade bait deal if he can't find a home as easily as I'm sure he thinks he will. Not sure how I feel about singing Saad long term because he has been described as a guy who's in it for the big contract.</div></div>

Interesting, I've never heard Saad described as being in it for the big contract. Kurashev to me, at this point, is nothing more then a solid two way 3rd liner. He would have to be quite a bit better to be more then a filler on the 1st or 2nd lines. However, with Strome centering the 3rd line, I think we can could create a very nice line with a combination of Kurashev, Nylander, Suter, Strome, Borgstrom, Hagel....take your pick of any 3 but a good scoring but defensively responsible line. Of course I think our 4th line is pretty solid. Just looking for one more speedy top 6 forward that can pot some goals.

Starting to think Toews might be done, but I do think it's Covid related and there are some pro athletes that just can't regain strength and lung capacity to return.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div>I like the write up and I will admit that upon that Joki/Nylander draft. I was the biggest hater of them all. Link below for how upset I was...it's bad. I really liked Joki ALOT. Time has passed and I have not been impressed with Joki's development AT ALL. I'm really quite shocked that he regressed as far as he did last year. He seems to be getting a little bit back on track this year, but he's also with Dahlin who's a complete stud. I still wish him well and I won't ever forget Joki just shutting down McDavid 4-5 straight drives. Q just tossed him out there and WOW, I thought we had a winner. Anyway...on to Nylander.

I started out with a very pessimistic view point and BUF fans said he was lazy. I've NEVER seen that on NHL ice. I did think in training back last year he took off a few shifts, but he's hustled in the NHL. I actually thought he was a very good bottom 6 player. I know I like liked NYR1983 s post, but I would not give Nylander top 6 minutes. I would give him 3rd/4th line minutes and have him continue to hustle. He made alot of his counterparts score more in that bottom 6 role. I'm not upset with his play last year at all. Should we protect him? No. I don't think Seattle takes him. I don't think he's 2nd or even 3rd on their list. Hard to take a guy based on draft status, 5 years after he was drafted. He'll have played...8ish games in a year and a half before he plays his next game. I just don't see Seattle taking THAT big of a risk. DeHaan, Kampf, Gaudette are all likely ahead of Nylander if I were Seattle.

I don't hate Nylander. I probably came across that way initially. ***CORRECTION...I definitely came across that way initially*** I want to keep him and have him work. I think he can have a role on this team.


Nylander has large in part become a bust based on where he was drafted, but had he been drafted in the late 1st or 2nd I think people would be okay with where he's at. Draft position has huge value to teams and expectations follow. Jokiharju has been equally unimpressive as a late 1st, but the bar isn't as high naturally.

Nylander's biggest issue iMO is his IQ is low. I don't think he's lazy as much as he needs time to think of where to be, where to pass, where to shoot and the NHL simply doesn't allow for much time at all...it has to be instinctual at that point and I don't believe it is yet. Will it be? Possibly but he's got 1 maybe 2 years to figure it out if he wants to be more then a 4th liner or healthy scratch. If he can learn to react quicker and let the game come to him then he can be a good top 9 player.