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Forum: Armchair-GM9 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>pharrow</b></div><div>no one is suggesting the wheels come off at 32. That was never the point if you read it you understood that.
But the reality is the number of players 34+ playing at a PPG level 2.
There is typically a fall off, it's normal. Above .6 PPG there are 6.
That's not saying there aren't guys paying well at 34. But the drop off is there.
My point was never that he isn't playing well at 32. My point was when he's 35 on the last year of that deal. You aren't getting a 10 million dollar player. I don't know how you would even want to argue that.
As for the return. There are 2 1st there. POJ was a mid 1st round pick and is only a 20 year old prospect. And the other 1st.
I don't know why you don't see that. And everything else there other than Jarry is trade bait for picks.
I'm not going to sit here and argue that the return can't change. But you won't ever get a 40 goal young winger for him like some people have suggested. That's absurd.</div></div>

The reality is we are talking about Kane, not the average 34 year old player. Kane is exceptional not average. Kane is in the top 10 player in the league, you can bet he's going be a ppg 3 years from now. He's on pace for 38 goals and 92 points playing on a bad team. He's not digressing.

POJ is no longer a 1st round pick, he's 20 years old and playing his first AHL season after a so so stint in the QMHL. He has all of 3 points in the AHL....nothing exceptional. He's 6'2" and only 161lbs, it's hard to see if this guy is going to play at the NHL let alone stick in the AHL.

In addition you threw in a bunch of useless junk. Everyone here is saying you are way off and you are arguing with everyone. At some point you'd hope you realize everyone is not wrong and perhaps you are.
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