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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Richard88</b></div><div>Timmins got ranked ahead of Romanov in The Athletic's recent drafted prospect rankings (#44 vs #48). Obviously the ranking is just an opinion, but it does suggest that Romanov isn't valued much higher than Timmins, if at all. The fact that Timmins is a RHS also give him a bit of an edge as RHD are harder to find.

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The Athletic may be an exception but I've seen Romanov touted as an elite prospect in many other rankings above Timmins (The Hockey News especially). But that wasn't my point. Romanov is much more valuable to Montreal than Timmins is to Colorado. As a rebuilder, he is one of our best prospect and he will lead our LHD in the future. Whereas Timmins is behind Makar for your LHD and has Helleson there as well and you are a contending team.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>McRanteskog</b></div><div>LMAO wait what? How is Romanov &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; Timmins??
You must be joking?
Timmins is RHD &gt; LHD
Timmins has 3” more size
Timmins is NHL ready right now

Timmins was 2017 32 OA (just one year and 6 positions ahead of Romanov in 2018 at 38OA).

Romanov put up a pretty disappointing 11 points in 86 games in the KHL plus 0 points in 8 playoff games.

What fantasy stat are you using to evaluate Romanov? Cause based on point production, size, NHL readiness, and player handedness, Timmins is ahead</div></div>

I meant based on how valuable they are to their teams. But I would be willing to try to make a case for Romanov being seen as a better prospect. Romanov is NHL ready now and despite his size he is a very strong player. Playing 2nd pairing minutes in the KHL as producing like that as a defenseman is impressive and not disappointing. He is ready to play in the NHL on a 2nd pairing or higher where Timmins would most likely struggle due to facing weaker competition in the past. Their overall selection at the draft has very little impact on their value as Romanov has proved to be 1st round talent similarly to Timmins. Keep in mind Romanov is a year younger than Timmins and is of similar skill.
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