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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GoGuinsGo_18</b></div><div>No I understand my friend. Was just wondering what a package for Graves might look like yall would accept or if there could be any interest on your end if he's the type of player you think would benefit DET for the right package. I think Graves is still a decent player but has not lived up to that with us. I feel the same about Reilly Smith. Idk if it's the system or what but both have been akward fits to say the least and underperformed like they are capable of if the package was right I would entertain moving either. In fact Smith with only 1 year left on his deal I think we need to move him if not at this deadline than around the draft for sure...</div></div>

Honestly I have no idea. This is where fans and GMs think differently. For all I know, SY is perfectly content rolling out a right side of Seider/Ghost/Petry/Holl until the prospects are ready or he makes a splash with a trade (Graves or someone else) or in FA (Roy).

If they were out of the playoffs comfortably, and thought Graves would do well as the 2RHD behind Seider before becoming the number 3 (with cap rises he is priced very nicely) upon ASP's arrival.

I don't think this would be a bad idea at all. Swaps a LHD for RHD while allowing Edvinsson to possibly get a look sooner. Walman-Seider Ghost-Graves Chiarot/Petry'Holl would be an upgrade right away.

On the downside, it also would force SY to accept less or make an immediate move on one of Ghost, Chiarot, Holl (I think Petry wants to call it a career in DET) due to cap and this upcoming offseason.

Sprong and Maata obviously have ties to PIT as well so the familiarity would definitely help and I think it would benefit PIT.

Under those conditions I don't see it as a bad trade at all. As for now, just not a fit.
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