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Thread: sellers
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Thread: sellers
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>Wallinder shouldn't be in the conversation. He's good, not the best out there. Edvinsson, sure, I get that argument. I still would say Morrow is better. Morrow didn't play his entire draft year due to covid and STILL went in the second round. In a redraft, he's easily the first D-man from that draft taken. He's breaking Cale Makar's UMass records. He's a point per game as a D-man on a garbage UMass team. He's certainly the best D prospect in North America, and I stand by my point of saying he's the best D prospect in the league right now. Nemec is the only other one I would really give up the argument against. I understand both of them with that debate. I'd still suggest Morrow is probably a better prospect than Jiricek at this point. If I'm forgetting any others, please remind me.</div></div>

I put Wallinder in there because I believe he is over-shadowed by the other defensemen in Detroit's system that were recently drafted. Seider, Edvinsson, Wallinder, Johansson, Buium all very highly regarded. Wallinder beat Edvinsson out for rookie honors last year in the SHL, and has shown this season that it wasn't a one and done (Neiderbach and Dower-Nils demoted from SHL this year after being projected to improve). He is a fantastic 2-way defender. I would be surprised if in the NHL prospect rankings if he was outside the top 10-15. It is tough to rave about the same team having multiple picks at similar positions and say that each one is deserving. Usually one prospect wins the media battle and gets the coverage. Pretty easy with Edvinsson and his comparisons.

Nemec and Jiricek are up there, but honestly I haven't seen as much of Jiri this season to say fairly where he is at. I am very high on Mintyukov because of the way the league has shifted and him being offensively gifted. Faber/Lambos both continue to grow on me (living in Minnesota) and Topi was there but since has cooled off (watching Viro at WJC and kept hoping Viro was RH because it was him). Brandt Clarke would be the one depending how you view him of being the top prospect, however I could see the case that he is an NHL regular this year when it is all said and done (Guhle as well). I believe Morrow is in that conversation.

In all fairness, some 3th-4th-5th rounder is right now doing things under the radar and ends up being the best d-man in the draft lol.
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Thread: sellers
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafs3416</b></div><div>Touche, I wrote the title before actually doing any trades then did not bother changing title. I do belief they could be realistic with some tweaks here and there.</div></div>

So instead analyze why the opposite team would "accept." I will use the Wings trade as that is my favorite team in the example. You are proposing a trade from TOR's point of view. So this is a trade offered to SY. Based on his history, the two teams and their history, etc. TOR is looking for upgrades at LW, in the bottom 6 (CF TOR fans do your thing) and an upgrade on RHD (seemingly shifted more positive recently). You also have cap constraints limiting some options. Kerfoot, Holl, Engvall, are seemingly the most obvious candidates based on performance compared to salary.

You move Engvall to Detroit for a middle to bottom 6 C in Suter, which benefits TOR based on their need for (upgrade in bottom 6) even at the gain in salary cap. Detroit gains nothing as Engvall adds in to what there is already a surplus of. He also would not be re-signed. The cap hit is irrelevant to the conversation as the added space doesn't impact immediate needs. There is no added benefit since Engvall has done nothing to garner the same level of trust as Suter. So for Detroit, there are two players that have no added benefit (outside of who holds more value moving when the time comes) which would be Pius. So Detroit downgrades at the cost of an irrelevant cap hit.
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No from the Red Wings (value fits however)
- Ras has improved each season, and while I don’t think he is a main component for the rebuild, he is the perfect fit for a bottom 6 player (physical, timely scoring, hot streaks) that championship teams look for, while “rarely” being able to fill in top 6. Can’t live up to where he was drafted, but he is not going to be a journeyman for his career. In saying that, he could also be a key piece in a trade similar to this. (Description was for your question on 3rd or 4th line suited, also personally I see him as a perfect LW that takes draws depending on matchup rather than an outright C).

- Hronek as a second pairing D behind Mo has been huge this season. Now that he isn’t a number 1-2 guy, he seems to have settled in. Always had the offense, drastically has increased his defensive game (still has a ways to go). Behind him Detroit gets very thin, and RHD prospects aren’t what’s propping up the prospect pool.

- 2023 1st SY has stated numerous times he wants to acquire picks, not rid himself of them. Obviously that could change, but unlikely to happen based on all things happening this season. Also, although the Wings are looking good, there still is a chance that pick could be very high.

The value is there, but it doesn’t fit at “this cost.” Swap a few things around and it would be hard to turn down. One last thing, Horvat does have some affinity for Detroit. In saying that, he may have a desire to go there which bodes well for Detroit. Not saying that is the case, just a thought.
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