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Jul 16, 2019
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Forum: Armchair-GM23 hours ago
Thread: next year 2
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Xspyrit</b></div><div>Yes, parameters obviously change over time but Ottawa wouldn't be the team taking on Byron, even for a 7th to 3rd pick swap. Ottawa won't have any probem reaching the cap floor going forward. Maybe you can find another taker though

Lines might be different but all the guys below will be back next year. I am <strong>assuming </strong>that Tierney, Sanford and Ennis will be traded (or just let go if no value at TD). White could possibly be bought out because it's the last year his buyout will be very cheap, but can't assume they will.


- Then there's Nick Paul who I'm <strong>90% sure </strong>they will extend. The only problem with him is that he's too good on the forecheck so they want to keep him as a winger instead of center. They'd also much much rather spend that 2.8 on Nick Paul than Paul Byron, which I think will be Paul's approx AAV. It will be a matter of term. If he doesn't want more than ~4 years, then the negotiation should be easy.

- After that, you have Angus Crookshank who would have made the team but unfortunately injured himself for months. If no injury setback, he'll be on the team for sure.

- Parker Kelly has a very good chance to be on the team. He <strong>might </strong>even stay all year this season. They love many parts of his game, could be an excellent 4th liner.

- Egor Sokolov impressed at rookie development camp, rookie tournament and even main camp. They didn't really want to send him back but thought it would be best for him. He will <strong>probably </strong>start his graduation later this year (after deadline?). If Logan Brown had half his dedication and determination, he'd be a top-6 NHL center right now

- Ridly Greig... this guy is still pretty young but will be a significant player in the NHL. Turns 20 in august so he'd finally be eligible for the AHL (he was AHL ready last season, was the B-Sens best player (or close) everytime I watched them play and he was there). He <strong>might </strong>just steal a spot at training camp

- Mark Kastelic <strong>might be groomed </strong>into the 4th line center. Big strong, excellent on face-offs and defensively.

- Clark Bishop <strong>might </strong>just be kept as an extra forward. Cheap, very fast, doesn't get himself in trouble.

- Tyler Boucher and Roby Jarventie will <strong>probably </strong>need another year. Ostapchuk and Daoust at least 2 I'd say. The rest of forward prospects are probably longshots</div></div>
Oh I remember those days when Sherbak <strong>might </strong>be a star in the making, Juulsen <strong>probably </strong>makes the team but got injured and Reway <strong>would </strong>100% be an NHLer iif not for his injury/disease.
Don't worry, by no mean am I trashing your POV, just putting back in perspective that a bunch of "ifs" don't make a professional team competitive. Obviously CF is a speculating platform but we need to keep sight that something plausible for one might not before others but it still doesn't discard the idea that Byron could hypothetically play for Ottawa next year. When healthy Byron's salary may be several hundred Ks higher than it should but it's by no mean a trash contract for a defensive/PK specialist like some think around here.
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Thread: next year 2
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