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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>their defense is pretty much set in stone for the next while now.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Kotkaniemi15</b></div><div>So right now you have <strong>Weber </strong>and <strong>Petry</strong>, who are locked in on the right side for the next while. Then you can put <strong>Fleury</strong>, <strong>Brook</strong>, <strong>Juulsen</strong>, or whoever on the other RD spot. On the left side, we need one great defender, since we have a bunch of good, but not great defenseman in <strong>Mete</strong>, <strong>Chiarot</strong>, <strong>Kulak</strong>, <strong>etc</strong>. IMO, one or both of <strong>Romanov</strong>/<strong>Norlinder </strong>can become that great defenseman. I don’t think we should try to fill that role before either of them get a chance to prove themselves. Worst case scenario, neither of them do, and we trade for one then. But I’d like to give them a chance first.</div></div>

Yeah that first statement doesn't reflect well in the second quote. Let's not kid ourselves, having a "set in stone" defense isn't about throwing 11 names in a hat and saying they're set sorry.
What's set in stone as of now in Montreal;
XXXX - Weber
XXXX - Petry

What would it be if I fit two more according to their skillset;
XXXX - Weber
Chiarot - Petry
Romanov - XXXX

Chiarot is good on a first pairing but would be an excellent 2nd pairing guy with a more offensive partner. So even now we've got two holes left that could be filled by 7 other players from your quote. Maybe we'll be set in stone 1 year or 2 from now when (IF) our prospect flourish (Romanov, Norlinder, Harris, Fleury, Juulsen) but to start the season nothing's set.
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