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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Ledge_And_Dairy</b></div><div>You lost me at pick 7 TBH
- Jersey is looking for defense but they are much more in need of that elite winger so I expect they bank on Sanderson staying on the board until Arizona's pick since he's going to NCAA for a few years.
- Perfetti has a very slim chance of playing center in the NHL, he played LW the entire season this year.
- Mercer in the top 10? What?
- I doubt Ottawa management cares if the player they pick is on the 67's or not. If they trade up for another top 10 spot it will Holtz &gt; Quinn</div></div>
-And that is why I've continued the Devils draft by picking back to back to back wingers. Amirov might not be that elite one you're looking for (Although he could be an excellent complementary piece to your top six) but Gunler may be the best offensive mind in this draft and is able to score tons of goals, he torched through the SuperElit league and showed good things in the SHL for an 18 year old. Neither of Mueller or Butcher should be a top pairing defenseman and neither Ty Smith nor Bahl are trending to be one so with Subban fading out they'll soon be looking for a whole new top pair. They need to start looking at options early on if they want to fix the issue at one point.
-Good assessment but Buffalo but in both cases they need the position he plays, we'll see in the future if he can play center but if he can't he could be an excellent complement to Eichel.
-Is it that far fetched to think someone ranked 14 or higher in most lists' going into the top 10? This versatile forward who plays center or right wing at the moment is a premier puck retriever and can score, he isn't afraid of traffic and plays a 200-foot game. What's wrong with him being 10th on the list?
-Bringing a little joke on the side to ease the reading ... I guess it's not for all but nonetheless Quinn's a guy that Ottawa has seen played right there in their backyard so even if they might not ''care'' about it they clearly saw him -and Rossi- play lots of games which is usually good when the player position could be a target early on. The Holtz over Quinn's debatable as lots of teams are looking for complete players over uni-dimensional ones and that's where I give the edge to Quinn as he's not invisible when the puck isn't on his stick.

You see <a href="/users/PuckLuck_77" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@PuckLuck_77</a> that's the kind of post that I hate, bringing little to no facts other than his personal opinion basically saying that he knows better than I. Opposite of yours where you brought different points up that an outsider may not know.
Forum: Mock-DraftJul 21 at 4:51
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RobbStark03</b></div><div>You traded Montreal's 101 pick to Nashville and Edmonton. Also, I am super sour because we have very different Montreal draft picks in the second :)</div></div>
God damn it you're right! Even after re-reading me 3 times this one fell from me (Also should've wrote *Columbus from Carolina for the 52nd pick but sadly CapFriendly isn't giving you much to edit your mockdraft. One of the trade should've been made with pick 105.
As for our differences what where your picks (According to who's left on the board onto this mock)? I'm no better than you so let's discuss! If Mysak's there you have to take him, he's first round talent. I obviously wanted Topi but I've fu*ked myself with Carolina's trade hahaha, that's why the trade down. Not sold on Evangelista as I was an inch away from taking Cormier but he did manage to make a ppq in his first full year with London.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PuckLuck_77</b></div><div>but I just don't see the Kings picking Stutzle even with Vilardi/Turcotte/Kupari in the system. Vilardi is still a bit of a question mark due to his health issues (and I'm crossing my fingers that he's past them!!), Kupari has winger written all over him in the NHL, and Turcotte played left wing at times in the USNDP so he's an option on the wing if they desire. So even if they did go with Byfield, they have plenty of options on the wing. That's not even counting Akil Thomas, Madden, (both of whom will probably be more effective wingers than centers at the NHL) or JAD.

The second round, I really like the Foerster pick. If the Kings go Byfield at two, I definitely see picking a swing-for-the-fences type dynamic scoring winger to help solidify a question mark area. If they pick Stutzle though, I can't imagine they'd go for another winger with their first pick in the second round. I'd suggest Topi Niemela in your draft as someone who would still be available at 35. Then another winger or center for the other picks in the second round.
Again, really good job. Hope you take these comments as a conversation piece instead of a "YOU'RE JUST WRONG" type comment that I've seen around.</div></div>
Oh man I wasn't aware that basically all of your center prospects were projected to play winger, thought I think Turcotte stays at center. He did play winger but has enough defensive awareness and faceoff skills to grow as a center in the NHL.
Niemela's a nice pick but Sourdif could also be considered, from what I saw/read he really is an explosive player at both end of the ice. (He) May not have that high ceiling but very high floor pick.
Your comment contain way too many words for me to just think it's a ''You're just wrong'', it's a nice inside view of your pipeline. There's no one on CapFriendly able to know on the tip of their fingers all 31 teams pipeline so it's welcomed!
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