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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BatVader</b></div><div>Domi would fit, but it would very much depend on the asking price.
I think it’s very likely Domi gets moved in the offseason as he’s the highest value player that’s easiest to replace, considering the Habs internal C depth. Most likely Montreal will be looking to fix their issues on LD in return so they’ll want an established player or an NHL ready prospect coming back as part of the deal.
There is also the issue of Domi being RFA this offseason, so a new contract would need to be worked out either prior to a trade or as part of the trade process. (It’s more likely an acquiring team would want to negotiate there own deal)
I can see Domi getting 6yrs at 6.5M, but more than that and I’d look elsewhere, personally.
As you said, shedding cap to bring him in would be required, so the Jets would need to include a player like Perreault or they’d need to trade one separately in another deal.
As for the sources you listed...
Dreger is mostly full of hot air. Usually just spewing what he hears from someone else.
Lebrun is a throw crap at the wall and see what sticks, kinda guy.
The Bobfather, McKenzie, is the most credible source there is, but he isn’t always the fastest.</div></div>

I get what everyone is saying on what they think Domi is worth and im not disagreeing with it. I do think he will get more though based on contracts that Kreider and Hayes have received. I think Domi has more potential at his age right now over those guys. So i am not so sure he gets less than 7 a season.
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