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Thread: Lets do this
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NMAvsFan</b></div><div>I actually think sending Nuke to the minors is not a terrible idea. I mean, it doesn't save a ton in cap but it might reinforce just how pissed they are. Maybe he asks for a trade; maybe he refuses to report and they terminate his contract. It's another of several options they have.

I can't see Behrens making the jump next year and I'd rather see them dump Manson than Girard. $2.1M is a lot to pay a 4th line C but he was pretty good for them; if they go 4 years, they should be able to shave at least a little off that cap hit. It's going to be interesting to see if Kovy can stick. He obviously didn't get much time to adjust but looked out of place. Once he does get time to adjust, hopefully he can be a solid bottom-six option. Mitts may very well get more. Of course, if Landy doesn't come back they'll have more money to play with; I wonder if they have an internal timeline on his return because if they go beyond UFA not knowing one way or the other, that's going to be tough to deal with.</div></div>

To be honest way I see it is nuke will end up on LTIR. Then he gets sent to minors. Someone will probably claim him. If not stuff him there till a trade happens.

Landeskog is my opinion should just hang his skates up. He won't be the same player and his contract in hindering the avs right now. He should become a coach with the avs system for now.

I think the C should go to Toews. People say mackinnon but he dint want it.

Last thing. Kovalenko did better then expected in my opinion. At times he looked out of place but dude was thrown into a fire with no practice and stuff.

If landy ends up on LTIR they can easily get 2 more top 9 players and a 3rd pairing dmen. I'm a try one with no trades and no landy