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Forum: Armchair-GM5 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazorSeider53</b></div><div>This isn’t even really a criticism of Caufield. Raymond’s development in the last year has been absurd.

Started the season 12 pounds heavier and a clear step ahead of where he was last season. He’s a rare case I can recall (From players I track regularly at least) where you can literally see his progression over the season.

Wouldn’t trade him 1 for 1 for Caufield ever. Larkin getting injured was Raymond’s coming out party.</div></div>

Raymond has always had a better offensive team mtl has been a bottom 5 since caufield stepped out except first 10 games but then still without mtl losing like 15 times in ot shootout they wouldnt of been the wildcard. Yes raymonds better but ru telling me a with the league average 10+ shooting percentage and caufield has 2 less goals then raymond with a 8.8s% with over 320 shots if next season he hits 300 shots again with a average shooting % or normal for him 11+ hes hitting 30-40 goals by plane math btw raymonds shooting % is 18.6 and has 2 more goals then caufield <div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazorSeider53</b></div><div>I’m gonna be honest dude it’s hard to even understand and address what you’re saying because you typed a paragraph as one big run-on sentence.

Yes, Raymond is better than Caufield at this point. No it would not be different if they changed teams. Raymond has literally been his best in the last 6 weeks that Detroit has absolutely sucked for.</div></div>

Alight let me rephrase, raymond is the better player. Can every agree a 18.6 shooting % is not obtainable? Yes. League average shooting % is around 10. Caufield has shot at 8.8%. That being said if caufield shot at his normal 11+ or even league average 10 the math shows he should have 30-35 goals just by math if he didnt even have a down shooting year.

I also know mtl only has suzuki slaf caufield matheson who are good on this team and you can say newhook who has less then 35 pts.
Now detriot has kane larkin raymond seider raymond debrincat compher sprong gost who all have more then 41 pts which just shows there offense is better they also have 13 players who have more then our 6th place scorer. 😊

Raymond also has worse defensive numbers no playoff stats to show for and has basically 33 games of development on caufield. They have the same pt% through there careers. Also caufield has had injuries (shoulder surgery)

Yes I agree raymonds better but at the same time with this all being said raymond just has more games and better team.
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