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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>You see, this is what cracks me up a bit inside. I had this <em>exact</em> discussion with Pens fans last year when I had the <em>temerity</em> to imply that JEE was better than ZAR and among the best young defensive centers in the league. Needless to say, I was shot down pretty quick because his points totals weren't as good and because ZAR got Selke votes and JEE didn't.

Selke votes are first and foremost a joke, to say the least. ZAR gets Selke votes because he plays for the high-profile Penguins, JEE didn't receive any because he plays for a flyover team as far as most fans and the casual media are concerned. JEE is getting them now, because he's broken out offensively this year and because of the absolute tear the team's been on of late. Having Kaprizov has forced others to actually look at the other players on our roster and seeing first hand that Wild fans aren't just blowing smoke whenever we talk about them. People have had to recognize just how good JEE actually is.

Here's the thing, I'm a fan of <em>both</em> teams. I watch <em>both</em> of them religiously. I've watched both players a great deal and like them both equally. ZAR is the better <em>defensive</em> player, that is true. Sturm however is much much faster, and is dynamic offensively even if the points haven't come for him yet. But they will in time. Sturm is also extremely solid defensively in his own right, even if ZAR is better in that department.

The bottom line is they're different players with different strengths but enough similarities to justify comparisons of each other. In that regard, after having watched them both at length I can comfortably say that Sturm is just as good of a player as ZAR if not the better <em>overall</em> player.</div></div>

I totally agree with what you're saying in the first 2 paragraphs, Selke votes are worthless, hell both Tanev and Blueger also got votes iirc despite ZAR being SIGNIFICANTLY better than both of them, and I likely would have taken JEE over ZAR last year as well, even setting aside age, JEE was good defensively (not quite as good as ZAR, but still very good) and his offense was likely more than enough to make him have a better overall impact than ZAR however I do not agree with the last 2 paragraphs, being faster/more dynamic does not make a player better, ie AA in LAK, super fast, but one of the worst players in the league, or Stütz in OTT, very flashy and dynamic, but has put up just dreadful results, even for OTT, that are only buoyed up by unsustainable on ice finishing luck. But regardless, even if what you say is true and Sturm has roughly the same impact as ZAR, ZAR probably still has more market value being a complete defensive specialist, guys like Brandon Carlo would get more in a trade than their net impact would suggest bc they are so great defensively. Also idk if you were hinting at a JEE comp/"breakout" for Sturm, but Sturm is currently 25, almost 26, he likely is what he is (which is not bad at all, just saying he likely won't improve), JEE last year at this time had just turned 23, that's a huge difference
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