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Forum: Armchair-GM4 hours ago
Forum: Armchair-GM17 hours ago
love the Jenik respect, but he's not close do Soderstrom imo
I'd consider MEP and Wolf over Valimaki, but I'm massive fans of the other 2
I honestly might not have Bean as a top 5 spec for CAR, Rees is def the best spec imo, then Suzuki Fensore and Honka all kind of in the same tier after, then Bean and Drury, maybe Puistola in the tier below (but I value potential a lot more than NHL readiness/ how safe they are, why I'm very low on Sanderson)
I would put Newhook close to Byram, those 2 and Zegras go 4-6 in a 2019 redraft (imo) and I could be argued to take them any way
I would argue Foudy in CBJ, unless you define a prospect as 0 NHL GP
Lavoie>>>>>Broberg (and Bouchard if you consider him still a prospect, I had Broberg after Harley York Heinola Seider, and maybe a few other d men in 2019)
It's Denisenko (or Knight) Tippett will probably fill in the Hoffman role next year, but i doubt he becomes much more than a PP merch at the NHL
Unless I'm blind you forgot the Habs, Romanov Norlinder and Caufield would be my top 3
Also think you forgot NSH, I'd go Farrance with a close second to Tomasino (and distant 3rd to Del Gaizo, but would give much respect to anybody who picks him)
I love Tyce Thompso (and like Bahl as well) but nobody in that system really comes close to Smith
Maybe Norris or Bath in OTT, I can't really make an argument against any of the 3
I would go Frost, unless you want 0 NHL GP
Shout out to Hallander for being very underrated (but yes, Poulin is better, tho I highly doubt he'd make my top 12 forwards)
TBL still has a Foote left? They didn't trade Cal, right?
I would still argue Sandin in TOR
Glass and Krebs way over Dugan, I'd probably take Morozov and Doro as well
McMichael in WSH
Love the Samberg respect