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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BuFfaLOFaN</b></div><div>I'd also like to point out that Husso, Kuemper, and Fluery would be better options than Campbell if you could attract any goalie you wanted.

Here is a sabres breakdown/what I'd do...

Draft -
#9 - Gauthier - Got size and a good shot.
#16 - Chesley - Probably a little high, but I think he brings the most value to the Sabres at this pick.
#28 - Ohgren - Add some more Sweden blood to the roster

Free Agency - Feels like the Sabres are forced to pay some players, just to get over the cap even with Bishop. I think you get yourself a goalie, I prefer to overpay here for some goalie for 2 years to help shelter UPL, while not blocking Portillo and Levi from the AHL and NHL in the future. The last point is more important as they can just return to college and leave in FA. I think we should also shoot for a defensive RD with a Stanley cup or lots of playoffs experience, and overpay to get him for 2 years, he is a buffer for Chesley hopefully, or he gets scratched next year for someone like Laaksonen or rotates in.

Goalie Options
#1 Husso - 6M X 2. Probably gets offers for 5 X 4, if the Sabres needed to pay 6.5M I would be fine with it.
#2 Campbell - 6M X 2. I don't think this gets it done as he might get offered more than Husso
Kuemper is another option, although he probably would want a long term deal. Fluery probably would want a cup.
Vet options for cheap
#1 Anderson
#2 Holtby
#3 Jones

Defense Options
#1 Josh Manson
#2 Justin Shultz
#3 PK Subban
#4 Ian Cole
#5 Ben Chiarot

Next Years Breakout Player: Dylan Cozens. Option B, Mitts
I expect him to cement himself as the 1C for our team next year from day on. Playing on team Canada he play exceptionally well with Dubous and Batherson leading the whole tournament in Goals, +/-(misleading stat yes, but he was significantly better than batherson while being on the same line), and shots. I think give him time with 2 skilled wingers, Tuch and Olofsson and he will be special next year.
Best Rookie: Quinn/Power
If Quinn can slot in immediatly into the roster where I have him below I think he is the best rookie, Power will be most likely to take that trophy though.
Best Defensive Forward: Asplund
No explenation needed, got Selke votes this year. He is a hard-working player who could play on any line.
Best Dman: Dahlin
Best defensive Dman: Samuelsson.

Forwards - Switch Asplund into any line, if the young kids struggle.
Skinner - Thompson - Quinn
Olofsson - Cozens - Tuch
Krebs - Mitts - Peterka
Asplund - Girgensons - Okposo.

Samuelsson - Dahlin (was the top pair last 20 games last year)
Power - (veteran Dman
Bryson - Jokiharju</div></div>

thank you