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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SilkyW</b></div><div>Whoa!! Listen I post trades based on the fact that there are rumors surrounding a player on my team. Jeff Petry has a 15 no trade list, long been rumored that he wants to play in the eastern states. I saw need on the right side in the short term for Detroit because I thought they wanted to begin to compete for a spot next year, and I'm sorry but Holl and Ghost aren't top 4 caliber and petry is still an upgrade on both. Harris is a great depth defenseman on any team and proved capable of playing both sides last year. Dvorak does not have to play center. Granted my comment earlier about Detroit looking to take a next makes trading away an asset in Perron look hypocritical. I think if they do this they would then look at signing patrick Kane.

Ultimately too fellas and ladies I make AGM to start a discussion on the idea of a trade. Sure I'm listening to you folks that say chiarot instead of maatta, and I would listen to retaining salary. But send an alternative trade that makes more sense for your team if you don't like it. But I will reiterate one thing in defense of the need for petry on the wings. Holl and Ghost are both not top 4 defenseman on playoff teams so good luck if that is the hope this season.</div></div>
At this stage, both Ghost and Holl have more value than Petry. Petry is old, breaking down and has a horrible contract. There's a reason why those 2 were sought after in FA and Petry is a cap dump that everyone keeps trying to get rid of, for the last 3 years. Dvorak has no use to us, as we are already overloaded up front and Harris is of even less use. The fact is, none of these pieces fit in Detroit, AT ALL and Perron and Maata do.

The ONLY trade involving Petry that would have ANY use to Detroit, whatsoever, is Petry for Chiarot, straight up.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>"Another troll with no comment history" is an infractable comment. Full stop, it's neither feedback nor constructive. I thought there could have been a teachable moment there instead of just deleting a post and this thread.

No opinion was dismissed other than there was nothing of value being returned to Detroit. Why is there an immediacy to dismiss Petry as a neutral or positive asset when Perron is equally as risky of an asset given his age and potential conditioning? I have no qualms with the trade not working for Detroit, I don't have a horse in either team's camp, the *how* in which we go about dismissing this trade and addressing the team needs is my problem, and it will continue to be my problem until the entirety of this community gets on board with not immediately jumping to the option of being the worst versions of themselves for internet points.

None of this is gaslighting or me taking advantage of being a moderator. It is the complete opposite: there are rules to be enforced here. I can either start appropriately infracting and banning users that insist on replying in a manner like what happened above, or I can insert myself into these sorts of replies and point out why they're wrong and point users in the proper direction. One of these is a more human approach, the other perpetuates the apparent disdain for the forum moderators you've picked up somewhere along your journey. I know which is my preference.</div></div>
I will edit my comment, as not to be so harsh. With that said, if moderators/admins took feedback into account and actually gave us an option to ignore users with no comment history, I would gladly do so and just move on, but these posts CAN NOT be hidden by users with no comment history, so it gets quite annoying.

I get irritated because drive-by posts like this, where a user drops a trade and doesn't engage in dialogue is just asking to start crap, which to me, is trolling.
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