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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>moli92</b></div><div>Thanks

I have a hard time understanding some of these rankings. Owen Tippett has lower production in the OHL this season than he had last season. As a 20 year old he has 1.37 P/GP in the OHL as a winger and is ranked ahead of Hayton who is 1.5 years younger and is producing 1.69 P/GP in the same league. Just doesnt make sense to me.

Same with Makar and Hughes. I get that Makar is a year older but he has much higher production and carried UMass from a bad team to one of the best in the country while Michigan has trended down this season. Maybe im biased but I dont see how Hughes could be ranked higher than Makar.</div></div>

Yeah, I don't usually pay attention to his actual rankings since they can be all over the place; I usually just focus on his actual write-ups about the prospects. Here's what he said about Makar:

"Makar returned for his sophomore season at UMass, where he’s been the best player on one of the better teams in the nation. He’s one of the best puck rushers you’ll see, as his great speed combined with his skill level can make him a nightmare to handle for defensemen when he’s coming up the ice. He’s at his best on the rush, but he’s also a very smart player who can make the tough passes. Makar will never be the best defender as a pro due to his size, but at the collegiate level, he’s defended more than fine. The 2017 fourth-overall pick by the Avs will likely sign and suit up for them this spring."