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ANA - I usually like the wacky jerseys, but this one just doesn't do it for me. Perhaps if it were a color jersey rather than white, as the logo is already very white.
ARI - Very bold, I like it. I didn't really like the dark green version they used to wear, but this one pops a lot more.
BOS - It's fine. I would've liked them to use the Pooh Bear logo, but I like the yellow.
BUF - Excellent. I'm glad they stuck with the blue/gold color scheme, and I really like the dual swords logo.
CGY - Another great one. I loved the original Blasty jerseys. I'm a big fan of the striping on the bottom and the sleeves.
CAR - As a jersey, it's good, although I wish they had done navy blue as the primary.
CHI - Pretty average, nothing great and nothing terrible. Kinda sus that they really tried to hide the main logo in the photos and videos.
COL - Not sure why everyone is going crazy for this one, likely the nostalgia factor. It's just fine. Nice of Adidas to pay homage to the huge French-Canadian metropolis of Denver, Colorado.
CBJ - I actually kinda like these, but I'm not sure why. I'm not usually a fan of white shoulder yokes and I'm tired of red jerseys, but these just work for me. I think it's the hint of lime green.
DAL - I'm a Stars fan, so I'm sure I'll grow to like it, but for now it's not looking great. I understand wanting to use the current color scheme on the Cup-winning jerseys, but there's just way too much white.
DET - Just awful. They could have easily done a red version of the striped jerseys from the 20s, and it would've been way better.
EDM - It's fine, not too different from what they currently have, just swapped the blue for orange.
FLA - Probably my favorite. I've always loved the red/blue/yellow color scheme, and I absolutely love the shoulder yokes, and the sleeve/bottom striping. The old logo is also much better than the current shield logo. Their pre-Reebok jerseys are some of the best.
LAK - I've always liked the black/purple scheme the most, but the purple/yellow is also very nice. I don't really like the Chevy logo. I wish they'd used the big crown from the early 00s or the crossed sticks shield logo.
MIN - Pretty solid. The bright green/yellow scheme really pops.
MTL - I really like this one. I've always wanted to see the blue and red reversed on a third jersey, and now it's happened.
NSH - I think these are some of my favorites. I wish they would use these as their regular homes going forward, as they're much more exciting than the bland blobs of yellow they use now.
NJD - It's fine. Not much you could really do with New Jersey, since they haven't had much differentiation over the years. I think an all black version of their 90s jerseys could've been cool.
NYI - It's like a lamer version of what Edmonton did. They just swapped the orange and white stripes and then turned it navy. The fisherman was right there for the taking.
NYR - I've always liked the Lady Liberty logo, but they should've made the sleeves red like how they were originally. Also, using the classic royal blue instead of navy could've been a cool spin.
OTT - It's alright, but I would've liked to see them bring back the third jerseys from the early 00s that had the unique red/gold striping pattern on the sleeves and bottom.
PHI - Haven't had a lot of differentiation, like New Jersey; but the sleeve striping looks weird to me. I like that it's black instead of the usual white, however.
PIT - Booooo it's not RoboPenguin, so I'm naturally upset.
SJS - I don't like the fact that it's gray. I liked the jerseys that had the tinge of orange in the stripes and shoulder yokes, so I wish they'd used that design.
STL - I actually like these. Like I mentioned, I love the red/blue/yellow scheme, and these really pop.
TBL - Although I usually don't like white shoulder yokes, these look much better than the black ones they wore when they won the Cup in 2004. Pretty solid.
TOR - Really bad. I don't get the gray. They should've used one of the old designs that had a ton of stripes on the sleeves. That would've at least made sense.
VAN - I love the gradient, although many seem to not. It really makes it unique, and I like the navy/green combo.
VGK - Pretty good. I like the striping patterns, and the logo is solid.
WSH - Another one of my favorites. These should be their primary homes. The striping is great and the logo is awesome too.
WPG - I get they had to do something unique/different since they already have used the navy/red pretty recently, but they could've done something better than these.