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Forum: Armchair-GMJan. 13 at 2:22 p.m.
Thread: Mediocrity
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>WranglerWranglin</b></div><div>Of the 16 players the Flames drafted with over 50 NHL games since 2010 5 are mainstays in the line up now, the other 11 were all either moved for parts to help the team, left because of contract disputes or claimed on waivers because they couldn't crack the roster in Calgary. Not one player in the Flames system since 2010 that went on to have a reputable NHL career left because they weren't getting elevated in a time frame the fans saw as applicable. Fans wanted Parsons rushed up, they wanted Gilles in, Jankowski, Emile Poirier, Klimchuk, etc. etc. etc. I get that Pelletier is a higher calibre prospect that those guys and he will be a piece in the Flames line up for years to come but there is so much more going on internally than any of us imagine.

That would be a silly guarantee to make.</div></div>

I think we have different concepts of "rushing". Mackey is 25 and has just played in the NHL. Philips will walk as a UFA and get playing time elsewhere. Valimaki was lost on waivers but is doing well in Arizona, considering the team quality. call ups should be dependent upon their play in the AHL or farm system. This sends a message to other kids we draft that they won't get their shot in Calgary. That's especially worriesome for NCAA picks. We also had very poor drafting until BT came to Calgary (except Feaster getting Gudreau). I would say that Goalies are different: they take longer to develop. I wouldn't want Wolf called up. Pelletier has had 5 years to develop, but is still eating snacks I the stands. What's the point? He will take a QO and walk as well.
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Thread: Mediocrity
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Thread: Mediocrity
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Thread: Mediocrity
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheSummerofGeorge</b></div><div>I think the impetus for making a Reinhart proposal here is that Frank Seravalli has reported that FLA might try to move either of Bennett or Reinhart to recoup some of the significant amount of draft capital they've given up recently. No one in Florida thought they would be struggling to make playoffs this year, but it also seems like in making the Matthew Tkachuk trade they recognized they would have less urgency to win right away and kind of reset their intended competitive window.

Reinhart only has one year remaining on his $6.5M contract after this season, and they only gave up the 2022 28th overall pick and Devon Levi to get him. So it's possible if they look like a non-playoff team come TDL, they might think he's more valuable as a trade chip than as a guy who would be a pending UFA next year.

All that said, I still don't think they move him. Not many teams have the ability to add $6.5M right now, and I imagine FLA has no desire to retain any money. The teams that can afford him aren't going to be the ones giving up their early draft picks.

Also think Calgary is going to have to give up the 2023 1st. Their hands are pretty much tied on moving the 2024 1st or FLAs 2025 1st right now given the absurd laundry list of conditions currently attached to those picks.</div></div>

I dunno, it would seem difficult to replace Reinhart at 2C. Lindell seems like a 3C. Then again, I haven't looked at the FA market for next year. Although, the biggest mistakes are made July 1st. Signing anyone over 28 to a long-term deal is foolish. The contracts end poorly (as Calgary will find out). Calgary isn't close to contention IMO and they need a solid pick in this draft to restock the cupboards. My guess is that prices will be lower than anticipated this TD day. As you said, the cap is tight and could be only increasing by 1MM next year