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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>dannibalcorpse</b></div><div>2022: Sharks trade out of #11OA and get back #27OA, #34OA, &amp; #45OA
2021: Chicago trades #12OA, #44OA, Adam Boqvist, &amp; a future 1st for #32OA, #173OA, &amp; Seth Jones
2021: Dallas trades #15OA to get back #23OA, #48OA, &amp; #138OA
2019: Philly trades #11OA to get back #14OA &amp; #45OA
2018: Ottawa trades #22OA to get back #26OA &amp; #48OA
2016: NJ trades #11OA to get back #12OA &amp; #80OA

6 times in the last 8 drafts - the only years it didn't happen were last year (stacked top 10), 2020 (COVID ruined scouting), and 2017 (Vegas expansion draft chaos). It happens quite often, and smart GMs will take advantage of another team's desperation to stockpile more assets - both at the deadline and on the draft floor.</div></div>
So Sharks sure that's one example. Chicago that was a "over the rebuild" move for Seth Jones so doesn't really apply. Dallas literally went to the cup finals the year before, not a rebuilding team . So Philly moved back 3 spots and Ottawa moved back 4 spots, NJ moved back 1 spot.

Only one really comparable is SJ and if anything that's an example of why you shouldnt. It's early but this will likely end up looking bad with all the players they chose to pass over.

Ottawa already had a 4th overall so sure trade back your later first why not.

At the end of the day Calgary needs high end talent, which is usually at the front of the draft. I see them more likely as a team to combine there 1sts to trade up rather then down.
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