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Forum: Trade Machine ProposalsFeb. 9 at 9:02 a.m.
Thread: trade
Calgary drafts Honzek at 16th 2023, no first in 2022, Coronato at 13th in 2021, Connor Zary at 24th in 2020, Pelletier at 26th in 2019, no pick in 2018, Valimaki in 2017...

They want to hold on to Markstrom and keep drafting these guys, and I think yas knocked Zary out of the park when you first picked him and can't believe no one else did before that (should have gone between 13 and 20 in that draft), but you cannot win a Stanley Cup drafting at a position in the margins.

This is why I made the silly Toronto proposal, because their window is more immediate than NJ's and because Calgary needs to offload this guy as per he does the OPPOSITE of what they want him to do: they need him to suck this year for a pick, they needed him to be great last year for the playoffs, and they needed him to stop McDavid the year before. I know... he's just trying his best, but reality is the Flames should have offloaded this guy to a team like the Kings at half salary retention and at a garbage price months ago so that they can PROPERLY tank.

This is a year where there are like FIVE D in the top ten who can potentially become NUMBER ONEs, what Calgary has wanted and needed forever, but instead, this team CHOOSES to be good enough to draft at pick 15 and to SUCK enough not to make the playoffs. WHY?! WHY WON'T THIS TEAM PROPERLY REBUILD? Treliving left, Conroy should have Chicago detonated this BS and rebuilt the damn thing, and now you're delayed a year.

Treliving was at least trying to compete, I'll give him that, and I really liked the Flames in 2022 before they crapped the bed against Edmonton, but really, REALLY... this team has to rebuild or they need a plan to get a #1 defenseman. You think they're going to use this guy to get Mercer or Nemec, you're out of your minds. Even if I wasn't a Devils fans, I'd call you nuts. It's just not happening. Markstrom they should just take what they can get and offload anyone and everyone who makes them half decent but keep the Kadri Zary tandem.

They should trade Coleman, Mangiapane, Tanev, Hanifin, and Markstrom in the next 3 days, let alone at trade deadline, so that they can AT LEAST fall to pick 8 or 7 and get one of them stud defensemen.
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