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The way I see it, it may still be below value simply taking the Marleau trade as comparison with a few others in the past as well like the Bickell trade and the Datsyuk trade notably. Ericksson's got two more years as opposed to the one for Marleau and the Habs are sending back Mete which is a decent young player in his own right. I feel if Mete is going to be going back, Hab's would need something else added here to bridge the gap.

Just from a market standpoint, that Marleau trade was when the market was good, getting better every year and without exterior factors being in play. As it stands right now, the cap is stagnant, will be staying stagnant for a while and a ton of teams have lost money. The amount of teams that need to cap dump has risen this year compared to previous years which only adds to the market value for dumping contracts.

I think not only will there be less teams willing to take on massive cap dumps but the amount of teams that will need/want to dump cap has risen. If we could associate a value to X dollar/cap being dumped, what ever that is, its higher than in past years. Its gonna be real tough to move salary/cap this year and maybe next so its really gonna hurt the teams that have to do it.

In all honesty, I think Van will have to resort to simply not resigning guys like Markstrom or any free agents like Demelo, coupled with a strategically placed buyout of Ferland. IMO this will hurt less than all the cap dumping they'd do to make space for EP and Hughes.
Forum: Armchair-GMJun 23 at 12:10
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>math731</b></div><div>Id argue that he is in the same category as Matthews and Eichel who are franchise players (not generational). Even without two extra first rounders, we're still stacked for the next 2-3 years imo.
The depth and skills of this lineup is among the best in the league, plus we get to have our own Matthews, MacKinnon, Eichel, etc.

Caufield (at the end of 2020-2021)-Suzuki-Armia
Lehkonen-Poehling-Evans (Byron)
Norlinder (by the end of 2020-2021)-Fleury

+two high second round picks

By keeping the 3 picks, we're simply adding players that wont be ready until 2021-2022 at the very least and even though this next line up would be great, we'd have too much skilled players for so many pp time and ice time in general.

Byron, Evans, Ylonen

Norlinder, Struble, Juulsen

And that is if those guys pan out... I have no worry about Perfetti and Sanderson but they sure have less chances than Laf to reach their max potential.</div></div>

I'll have to disagree with that assessment. I do not think Lafreniere is in that calibre group with most hockey analysts agreeing with me and on top of all this, hes a winger, those guys are centers. They control the game way more than wingers do.

He is being compared to guys like Huberdeau. Great player, dont get me wrong but 9/10 people say Barkov is the better player because centers are more important.

Plus I mean you basically made the point against it in your previous post to convince me Detroit should accept.....

"So based on past drafts, its basically :
Hughes for 3 of Zegras, Cozens, Caufield, Podkolzin, Newhook or Soderstrom
Dahlin for Hughes, Boqvist, Farabee
Hischier for 3 of Necas, Suzuki, Brannstrom, Vilardi or Tippett."

In any one of those drafts, id take 3 of those players over the first overall any day.

Make no mistake about it, if Lafreniere's name was Alex Lawton, we wouldnt even be having this conversation. Thats the problem IMO.
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