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Forum: Armchair-GM8 hours ago
I mentioned this in another thread but I'll bring it up here as well.

The Selke trophy is an opinion based award from a select group of people. If the PHWA was comprised of people who put all their faith in analytics, the award WOULD go to guys like ZAR/Copp for example...... and who would we be to argue otherwise? They are ones that choose. You can disagree but that doesn't mean your right either.

Judging by previous nominees and winners though, its painfully clear they are not people who use analytics to completely form their opinion so how can anyone claim to say a player like ZAR/Copp should win the Selke based on analytics that not everyone in a position of authority even agree upon as a standard?

If the argument was if ZAR/Copp are having a very good defensive seasons this year, would anyone disagree that they aren't? I don't think so. That has no bearing on how many minutes they've played or better yet you could use any level factor we could agree upon just to say a player is having a good season in any particular category and it be fine. I haven't personally watched enough of them this season to form my opinion but based on what the analytics show, i wouldn't discredit it either. but that's not what we're all talking about, is it? Its whether ZAR/Copp would win the Selke and I've already addressed why that isn't probable.

As for the AGM in particular, most of them are pretty valid, I mean there is no eye test nor analytic that could say Seabrook is <strong>not </strong>a huge anchor for his team right now but some of them others are hard to agree with. Especially (mainly) without knowing how you are value weighing what makes a contract good or bad based on the players on ice and off ice performance overall.
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