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Forum: Armchair-GM24 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CJBear71</b></div><div>Well it appears that Minnesota has already tried to trade Zucker twice - once at the trade deadline and once in the off-season. Not exactly the ideal situation to keep him on the team. But VGK doesn't have to trade Gusev at all in my opinion. They can pay the ransom (high picks) to move the money they need to sign him. They have two extra 2nd round picks over the next two drafts to work with that they can use to pay teams to take Reaves or Holden off their plate.

This seems to make some sense for both teams, but who knows if GMs make deals that make sense.</div></div>

They aren't trading Zucker because they hate his face......... They're trying to get younger and cheaper. EThose 3 guys are either the same age or older and are more expensive combined than Zucker.

Minny not trading Zucker is because they are being selective on the return they want. because their is a demand for a guy whose put up his numbers. The same reason the reported asking price for Gusev is a 2nd rounder and a prospect which as of now, no one has ponied up for.

I'm not against keeping Gusev, trading Gusev or any other scenario. My only beef is with the expectations/reasoning behind it. Vegas is in no position to start dictating terms. Just like with Miller and Haula, they have to sell players short because they have no choice to be under the cap.

If you want Gusev so bad, fine. That's means you have to trade at least 1 of Holden, Reaves and Eakin etc. That's all. Expecting to trade Gusev and get a return better than Gusev but for a cheaper price is nonsensical.
Forum: Armchair-GM24 hours ago
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