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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>perrystreett</b></div><div>Steal for the caps</div></div>

Most of my deals are low balls in my opinion... When a team is rebuilding, most likely they will not get the pearly gates for every single player... Doesn't matter if it is a steal or not... Kane, Toews, etc. are not exactly spring chickens they will be sold to teams looking to go for the cup one more time (Caps will, before heading into a rebuild themselves), thus the Hawks cannot expect equal value in the trades they will be given fair prices even low ball offers since the work is up to them to rebuild not have it handed to them on a silver platter. Look at the Rangers, they got killed for their trade of Miller, McDonagh, etc. If the hawks want a fast rebuild, they will tank for 2 years to get top 10 picks and use their current prospects and later picks they receive to build up prospects to be a force in 5 years...

So to me, the best bet for them is for them to stop kidding themselves and pull a combination of NYR and NJD for their rebuild mentality, and not hold on for dear life while screaming in the doorway as their relevancy is dragged out of the league... Guess how they made it here in the first place? Chicago is a huge market with a name to their franchise, granted if they hadn't covered up a sexual assault scandal then perhaps more stars would be keen to go there...

So my rebuild for the Blackhawks would consist of 5 steps:

1) Sell house, for the best realistic offer they can get.
2) Stockup on draft picks and prospects
3) Hire top prospect developers into their system
4) Look for the next Panarin (undrafted superstar from a top European league, or perhaps not even a superstar but someone that has proven himself in a league in Europe, and bring him over)
5) Just suck up to the pain, you do not want to be the next Buffalo or soon to be Flyers...