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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>RazWild</b></div><div>Dude, Fiala and Nylander have <strong><em>absolutely</em></strong> been comparable players for the last 3 years.

Given the fact that Fiala was playing at a 70 point pace in each of the last 3 seasons at minimum, all while playing with bottom six level talent in Minnesota until he finally got a true top-six talent in Boldy on his line for 47 games. And <em>surprise</em>, he's a 80+ point player.

Nylander has at least had the benefit of playing with either Matthews or Tavares as his linemates during that same timespan.

In the last 3 years, both players stats are specifically thus.

Kevin Fiala:
GP - 196
G - 76
A - 103
P - 179
SH% - 12.7
PTS/G - .91
EVG - 61
EVP - 135
PPG - 20
PPP - 49
SHG - 1
SHP - 1
SOG - 599
SOG/G - 3.1
SOG/60 - 11.0
PIM - 137
FOW - 11
FO% - 28.2
Hits - 104
BkS - 52
TOI - 16:43
PPTOI - 2:42
SHTOI - 0:29

William Nylander:
GP - 200
G - 82
A - 99
P - 181
SH% - 14.0
PTS/G - .91
EVG - 57
EVP - 123
PPG - 26
PPP - 59
SHG - 0
SHP - 0
SOG - 586
SOG/G - 2.9
SOG/60 - 9.9
PIM - 44
FOW - 151
FO% - 51.0
Hits - 40
BkS - 59
TOI - 17:49
PPTOI - 2:49
SHTOI - 0:08


How about in the last 5 years, considering that there was only one 82-game season in the last 3 years?

Also, please explain how Nylander benefitted from playing with Matthews and Tavares?
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NHL_season_boy</b></div><div>Greenway is still really good without the point, you have no idea what his role is. They let fiala go because they Rather pay Greenway and keep grief line together instead of paying players like fiala, and Nylander. Robertson would have 0 role exactly on Minnesota and has massive injury risk along with all finishing his elc soon. No , MIN say no because they aren't parting with Greenway and 1st round pick along with dumba for cap dump, b prospect, and nothing in addition to Nylander. Winger is straight up Minnesota last need</div></div>

They let Fiala go because with all the dead cap, they just couldn't afford him as Guerin said. He signed for 7.88m in LA but it's quite possible that he wanted more in Minnesota. With Talbot on the team making 3.6m, Guerin probably figured he had about 12m in cap next year. Signing Fiala would have made it difficult to fill the 6 other spots potentially, especially if they plan on keeping Dumba and if Boldy requires a significant raise. Fiala and Nylander aren't really comparables aside from last year where Fiala out did him.

Perhaps Minnesota does say no but your evaluation of the trade is way off base:

1) If Minnesota makes the playoffs their pick will be 16th to 32nd overall, that Arz 2nd is most likely going to be the 33rd-37th overall pick in the draft. So, that 2nd and a 3rd isnt a whole bunch of nothing. That Arz trade doesn't happen, so the Leafs wouldn't have that pick but I'm just evaluating that mock trade as is.

2) Holl is not a cap dump in this trade in any sense. The trade on the NHL-level is basically a net 0. If you want to be critical of Holl, he's a role player making 2m for 1-year, he can play top 4 minutes and play the PK. In other words, he's not overpaid, so not a cap dump in that sense either.

Minnesota may prefer Greenway over Holl+Robertson, but in the end, Holl is going to play a lot of the minutes that Dumba would have, so that a guy like Addison isn't throw into the deep end.

3) If Robertson has no role on the team he plays in the AHL (he's waiver exempt so there's no worry about losing him). The fact that his ELC is ending is a non-issue since he won't be due a significant raise. If he does end up playing on the main squad and pricing himself out, then they just simply trade him and they would get a significant amount of value out of the trade.

4) Finally, you said winger is the last need, but at the end of the day it's a winger + rhd for a winger+rhd. Of course if Dumba is in Minnesota's long term plans, they won't be wanting to move him. Or if the right side is already considered weak.
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