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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>AEcho</b></div><div>Someone who has already accomplished everything in his career and is at the point where he wants to play with his friends and where he and his family are comfortable. He is likely at the point where he is starting to consider retiring. Why move from all of your close friends and pick up his entire family for 2-3 years, move into a new home in a city he has at best only really ever spent a week in consecutively, all for a few million a year? Yeah, that isn't a small amount of money, but 9M would be representative of 7% of the money he has made over his career right now, by the end of it, it will likely be closer to 4-5%. With the amount of money Stamkos has made, it's easier to consider making a decision that benefits your personal life as opposed to your professional life.</div></div>

Ok so by your logic let’s say you make 90k a year. You live by your family and friends so you’re all good. Then one day your job says look man I know you worked here for 17 years but we’re gonna have to cut your pay to 45k a year. But then some other company calls and says hey man we’ll give ya 100k a year for 4 year compared to the 45k for 4 years. You would say nah I’m good because my family and friends are all here . Or would you tell your family we’ll come back and retire here in 4 years lol now instead of 10s of thousands think millions. Only way I seen stamkos staying in Tampa for 5 million is if they offer him 5 for 6 or 7 years. I might be wrong but let’s hope for the preds I’m not and we can sign him 😀
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