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Forum: Armchair-GM11 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>swinny</b></div><div>Saying I wouldn't move a first in 2023, not that he isn't worth it. The draft is deep, so moving a higher end prospect who is expendable at this time imo (Roberston) and a 2nd males.more sense than a 2023 1st who will have 4 years of developmemt time and waiver eligibility.

Sooner move the package than a singular pick. For the Ducks picking up an NHL ready youngster with a 2nd seems about where they are really at in turning it around. But that is what I see..... a potential long term linemate for Zagras or MacTavish.

And.for the record.... I probably would entertain Neimela and a 2nd as well. But I don't see in terms of where the Ducks are if he is NHL ready enough to be a factor in such a deal. Ducks fans can make that call.</div></div>

I'm probably the Ducks Faithful who was game for Robo + 2nd at the time, there's massive upside there and I think as McTavish winger on the 2nd line could be fantastic.

But damn man, another season ending surgery just SUCKS for him, and really tanks his value. It's not even that he keeps reinjuring the same thing, every injury is a new, previously undamaged part of his body. Poor kids going to be covered in scar tissue if he has an NHL career of any length.

I'd still like to see him as a duck, a couple shifty, small talent guys on a roster full of beef cakes should be well protected. Really grinds my gears that we didn't take Tolvanen when available, I think he would also have been a fantastic top 6 LW
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