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Forum: Armchair-GMJun 20 at 12:04
Thread: All in
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wildwinswhen</b></div><div>
It is kinda funny that you think Dumba (a top 4 D with two years left) isn't worth Frost and a first.</div></div>

Maybe I should have made my point more clear. Value wise it is probably a fair deal. Fit wise I don't think so for the Flyers. Frost is likely the only legit true center the Flyers have that can start to work into the lineup and make a impact top 6 in the near future. Patrick hasn't panned out for a various reasons and now are talks of him wanting out of Philly for a fresh start. Rubtsov was another natural center that had fallen in the draft because of the doping scandal, was a gift that hasn't really showed much. O'Brien was a risky reach and a boom or bust type player that has rebounded a little but is still years away from potentially being anything. Let alone Wilson and Foerster being good prospect but years away from NHL ready. Basically Flyers have 1 decent asset in Frost to hopefully count on for a top 6 center sooner rather than later when Coots or Hayes start to regress. I think they'd rather keep their in house option than have to trade or sign for a center in near future.

And as for Dumba I would love him on the Flyers but I just think they are looking at a guy they can sign now long term to solidify their plan for the coming years., If Flyers falter again and don't look great he can just walk away during FA, especially if Flyers can't clear cap for upcoming extensions during Dumbas two remaining years. Got Grioux, Coots, Lindblom and Myers let alone anyone else that potentially gets a short bridge contract like Patrick, Sanheim or Hart.
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