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Thread: Darche
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SK101</b></div><div>I think his ceiling is around an average two way 2C. Also his even strength P/60 he was 205 among forwards. Some notable names just ahead of him were: cirelli (188), zibenejad (195, hertl (191), slaf (203). Not bad for a 20 year old to have similar production as those guys. I wouldn’t mind moving him for the right piece that’s a pretty big overpay for tkachuck. You just left a gaping hole at RD of the future, hurt their center depth, and top 6 forward depth. Not to mention gave up 3 cost controlled players. Jackets aren’t one player away from making the playoffs. All this does is rush the rebuild and give them less cap flexibility</div></div>

Fair enough. We can have different evaluations of him. I agree they aren't one player away, but I'm not making this trade in a vacuum. Stamkos is a big part of this ACGM too, as well as swapping Laine for Larson. I like Brindley, Dumais, China and March over Johnson, and I see Voronkov as a major upgrade over Sillinger. Boone can still play C if needed, and LDBB in Cleveland so the depth is fine.

I get they are trying to rebuild, but I don't believe the rebuild will be successful without veteran leadership around your young players to guide them, and as has been demonstrated in Columbus in the past, the young guys aren't eager to stick around if the team is not winning. This team is much more balanced now with up front scoring (and much needed PP help), along with all their youth in Fantilli, China, March, Vronk, Mateychuk, Brindley, Dumais, Svozil, Ceulemans, and their incoming top-6 pick, which could be another C or RD.
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Thread: Darche
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>StutzlesNumber1Fan</b></div><div>I'm just curious why Columbus would move on from Jiricek and Kent though. Kent seems like a top 6 talent and Jiricek a top pairing RD, is Brady worth that to Columbus?</div></div>

Well, they both are promising, but I would say both have concerning warts and their growth stunted a bit this year. Johnson is very slight and his effort seems to be an issue. Jiricek's skating and defensive discipline seems to be a struggle, but I think he'll figure that out and turn into a good 2-3 dman. I don't think either one are a total slam dunk future all-star. Columbus also has Severson, whose contract won't be dealt, and Boqvist, who has shown a lot of promise. I think trading Boq over Jiricek is obviously preferable, but I don't think that's enough for OTT to say yes. CBJ also have Ceulemans coming down the line and could draft another RHD in the top-6 this year.

Brady is a legitimate star and a leader. OTT is fledgling and both teams could be looking for a big change with new GMs. CBJ have lots of middle of the lineup players, and to improve I believe they need to trade some of those for a top of the lineup player. Brady seems like an ideal target because he doesn't have a NMC, is still just 24, and has four more years on his contract. He fits with the core, and CBJ only sacrifice two young players. They still have a plethora of young talent to build around, including Fantilli, the Russians, Mateychuk and a top pick in the upcoming draft.
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Thread: Darche
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SK101</b></div><div>Sillinger is basically an average 3C already and took a big step this year. His skating greatly improved and his faceoffs and PKing got better. You don’t think as a 20 year old he has any room left for improvement?</div></div>

He's close to being an average 3C, but he still wasn't quite there this year. For him to be a desirable 3C IMO he still needs to be quite a bit better than what he was this year. Sure, he improved, because last year he was so damn awful it was almost impossible not to. Thats like saying Pascal was an improvement over Larson.

Yes, he's only 20, and he seems to be a hard worker like I said, so I do think he gets there, but I also think that is his ceiling: about 40 pts and a defensively responsible 3C. Those are a lot easier to acquire than elite scoring power forwards like Tkachuk. Sillinger is absolutely expendable in a bigger move, which I think they make this summer.

EDIT: 6 forwards x 32 teams = 192, 9 forwards x 32 teams + 288, so a third line forward would rank from 193-288, the median third liner would rank 240, I would call average 3rd liner being from around 230-250.

I just looked on Quant Hockey. In P/60, Sillinger was 272. That would place him firmly below average for a 3rd line center. His FO% was 46.3, which places him firmly below average, bordering on bad. His CF% and CF% rel place him squarely in the middle of the CBJ roster, which was one of the worst in the league. Again, I get that he's still 20 and has room for growth. I just believe his ceiling is a lot lower than some CBJ fans seems to think.
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Thread: Darche
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Thread: In two years
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>JacketsComrade</b></div><div>because 6 years means you're buying year one of his UFA and that <em>always</em> raises your AAV. if you did 5 x $5 million i wouldn't have bat an eye.

he's a 6'3" 23 year old gonna put up approx 20-20-40 in year 2 after setting the team rookie goalscoring record the year prior. if you don't think he's gonna be expensive on a long deal, then buddy i got a beach house in columbus ohio to sell you.</div></div>

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Turbo_Duncan</b></div><div>Being 23, anything longer than a 3-year bridge will be buying RFA years, so 5 vs 6 doesn’t really matter. Also, he broke the rookie goal scoring record as a 22 year old, which was previously held by two 18 year olds, PLD and Nash, so it’s not nearly as significant as you think.

This year he’s a .5 ppg player as a 23 year old. He’s good enough to deserve some term but he’s not a top line player on a good team so he’s not getting top dollar. The deal could fluctuate in both term and AAV, Id say closer to 5x5 or 6x6, but 5x6 is not far off at all from what he’s likely to get so just settle down there partner.</div></div>

He'll be 24 this summer so anything beyond 1 year would go into RFA. This is when it is wise to negotiate a longer term deal with 4-6 years of term.

Also, Marchenko is a year older than Chinakhov, who was nearly a .5 ppg last year and is .55 ppg this year. I'm for extending both long term, but if only one of them is getting a long-term extension, it should be China.