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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MelonVK</b></div><div>That's because anyone is a disappointment next to Russell. Dougie carried the guys I mentioned, I have the receipts for it. You saying he's "complementary" doesn't mean he is. If anything Slavin is complementary to Dougie, because Hamiltons possession abilities has improved every defensive defenseman numbers next to him. Slavin *can* play defense because Dougie makes sure possession is on their side most of the time.

Your example helps me if anything - it's the literal embodiment of Russell as a player; if he had Dougies puck playing abilities he'd be a useful defenseman, or even a good one. Instead all he does is block one shot to have opponents take the next one. When Slavin blocks Dougie turns the play around. It's the rarest and most important quality a defenseman can have, the ability to turn defense into offense. No one cares how many shots you prevent if you make sure there are more of them to prevent in the first place.</div></div>

I'm also, in effect, pointing out that New Jersey's left side of the defense skews more like Kris Russell than Jaccob Slavin. This is objectively true outside of Ty Smith, but even he's pretty raw. And even so, Carolina has effectively swapped Hamilton for DeAngelo, who (love or hate) is the only non-Hamilton defenseman on the UFA market that actually drives offense at 5-on-5 and the power play. I think New Jersey made a huge splash with some risks (as I pointed out) but could pay off. I'm just saying that the roster structure matters with Hamilton. Both Carolina and Calgary had elite LH defensemen in Slavin and Giordano and New Jersey doesn't.
Forum: NHL SigningsWed at 5:38 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>MelonVK</b></div><div>You're so wrong. Dougie changed the trajectories of all teams he joined and left. Sent Boston into a re-tool by leaving, Calgary towards the top of the Pacific and back into purgatory when he left. Carolina from breaking playoff-missing records to a true contender.

He's more consistent than any other top D. He's been this good for years while others have fallen off. Giordano and Slavin post *way worse* individual numbers away from Dougie. Their respective corsies go from 57-58% to below 50 without him. The only way Dougie requires an elite partner is by turning whoever's playing next to him into one.

One of the best defensemen this millennium is playing in front of you're eyes and you're missing it due to a narrative you can debunk with 2 stat points.</div></div>

Slavin was always as good as he was before playing with Hamilton. They worked well together for a reason. It was a yin and yang partnership. The issue is that Hamilton is a great complementary player but not someone that could carry a lesser defenseman on his pairing. The latter is what you should expect to pay for $9M/year and something that Hedman, Fox, Makar, and the like can do. If Ty Smith or Luke Hughes develop into a Slavin-esque stabilizer in the coming seasons, then great for New Jersey. If you pair him with a Kris Russell, though, like Calgary tried to do at one point, get ready for some disappointment.

Also, your claims for an account that says "watches no games" is a really big problem.