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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Caniac2000</b></div><div>Boston against us right now, I wouldn't be shocked if we got perfect swept. Didn't score a single goal all series. All you have to do is hush the SAT line. Their depth is some of the best in the NHL. Idk what you're looking at, but Krejci, DeBrushk, Coyle, Kase are some of the best analytical players in the NHL ll in the Bruins bottom 9. Even if our defence is healthy, Slavin cannot stop that line on his own, Pesce has played like a garbage can analytically this year, Edmundson is a balck hole, Skjei, Vatanen and Gardiner are OFD. TvR and Fleury are no help, and Dougie is a defensive aid occassionally. He's not gonna be there consistently. We'd get absolutely destroyed and you'd know that.</div></div>

Look at how many guys on their team are below 50% even-strength Corsi. The Canes only had one guy like that all year, and that was Brian Gibbons, an AHLer. Don't get caught up by CorRel, because it makes some of the guys on our club look far worse analytically than they actually are. All of those guys that you mentioned, like Coyle, Debrusk, Kase, and Krejci are excellent players, I agree. I'm specifically talking about the guys in their support cast. Again, my optimism for the Canes' chances are backed up by direct evidence. They just need the shooting percentages to go up relative to the regular season. Not only am I high on the Canes making a deep run, but also Vegas for the exact same reasons. In fact, I have Vegas as my personal dark-horse prediction for this season's Cup winner.
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