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Forum: NHLApr. 11 at 11:47 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Leafsfan98</b></div><div>Would that count for pace as well (talking about the 41 in 56 season Matthews had to win the RR)?</div></div>

Yes, but only in the case where the season length was different. Something like Cam Neely's 1993-1994 where he scored 50 goals in 49 games wouldn't be adjusted because teams played 84 games that season, but for the shortened 2021 season the pace would be over 56 games (even though Matthews only played 52). That season would count for 63.5 season-adjusted goals, but unfortunately hockey-reference's single-season goal leader page doesn't show anyone with less than 47 goals in a season so it's not in the main list.

<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>mokumboi</b></div><div>Yes, a relatively simple, nonsense calculation. And most of those 80s and 90s goal totals were done with wooden sticks, but that never gets mentioned. Or how certain crazy talented scoring teams threw off the averages. Or how clutching and grabbing and hooking and all sorts of things were allowed back then. No two line passes. Etc etc etc.

When folks start elevating 100% subjective, cherry picked and inherently faulty stats to gospel, it's just nonsense.</div></div>
I'm not going to debate you on your point that this adjustment is flawed and that the game has changed, but to say that I'm cherry-picking and being subjective are both wrong. Any era-adjustment is going to be flawed because you can't say exactly how much the game has changed. Does the improvement in goaltending equipment and skill offset the improvement in scorers' equipment and skill? Have the numerous rule changes over the years favoured one side or the other?

I use overall league goals per game because that serves as some kind of measurement as to how the offense/defense/goaltending balance has shifted over the years, though nothing can perfectly measure the difference between seasons, let alone eras.

What do you contend that I'm cherry-picking, and what am I cherry-picking in service of? I don't have a narrative to push, and I decided on the criteria and methodology before I saw any results. Similarly, I don't use any subjective measurements. League goals, league game and player goals are all countable, objective measurements, far from the 100% subjective that you claim.
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Forum: NHLMar. 20 at 3:54 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NorthernLeafsFan05</b></div><div>Its really not though. The worst teams in the league are the ones that get eliminated from playoff contention first. Those first few teams have a tremendous headstart on other teams. I detest the idea of having to watch ~20 games of a team that has literally zero reason to be playing</div></div>

This also spreads out the excitement of the draft lottery (30 minutes even when it's dragged out as reality TV) across the entire stretch run at the end of March/early April.

Teams at the top of the standings take a much earned rest, or play for seeding, but fans of bad teams are scoreboard watching, invested in other games, just as they would if they were fighting for a playoff spot.

Anyways, take the worst team to complete a season (sorry 2019-20 Wings) in the post-lockout NHL: The 2016-17 Avalanche
Even in a very strange year, standings-wise, where the West had a large gap between the 8 playoff teams and the 6(!) non-playoff teams, so all Western teams were being eliminated unusually early, that Colorado team still picks 4th, exactly where they picked under the lottery system, even though they had a dreadful 0.219 points percentage after their elimination, <strong>the truly awful teams get eliminated early enough to accumulate enough points to pick high in the draft anyways, and there is never an incentive for the GM to tank.</strong>
Winnipeg's 6 game winning streak to end the season after they had been eliminated, instead of actively hurting them by lowering their draft pick from 8 to 13 (after lotteries and Vegas), would have given them the first overall pick. Conversely, Vancouver's 1-8-0 performance after elimination should not have helped them move up the draft board.

2017 Draft Order, Gold System, not including Vegas or lotteries in comparisons
Winnipeg, up from 11th (12 points in 6 games)
Arizona, steady at 2nd (9 points in 10 games)
Los Angeles, up from 9th (9 points in 7 games)
Colorado, down from 1st (7 points in 16(!) games)
Dallas, up from 7th (6 points in 7 games)
Detroit, steady at 6th (5 points in 6 games)
New Jersey, down from 4th (4 points in 8 games)
Florida, steady at 8th (4 points in 5 games)
Philadelphia, up from 12th (4 points in 3 games)
Carolina, steady at 10th (3 points in 4 games)
Vancouver, down from 2nd (2 points in 9 games)
Buffalo, down from 5th (2 points in 5 games)
Tampa Bay, steady at 13th (2 points in 1 game)
Islanders, steady at 14th (2 points in 1 game)
Forum: NHLMar. 12 at 10:22 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>jonh514</b></div><div>1) Change the draft lottery to favor compensating the teams who just miss the playoffs more than the teams who tank, or at least compensate them all equally

2) Lower the maximum compensation for offer sheets to 3 1st round picks so we get more superstar offer sheets (lower everything by about 25% across the board)

3) Implement a 1 series waiting period for players on LTIR to rejoin their teams in the playoffs

4) Find a way to factor the local effective tax rate into the Salary Cap. Currently the system is extremely biased

What do you all think? What would you change?


Community suggestions:

1) Give up on the tax adjustments. There is a lot of evidence that it's actually a non-issue to the players

2) Expanded OT

3) 3 points for regulation win, 2 points for OT/SO win, 1 point for OT/SO loss

4) Play-in playoff round

5) Limit video review to not impact the excitement and momentum of the game as much

6) Get rid of National Anthems (controversial to others)

7) Get rid of broadcasting blackouts

8) Start games on time

Thank you to the Mods for leaving this post up!</div></div>

1) I've been on here several times advocating for the Gold drafting system, that the PWHL just implemented for their league. We still want to give bad teams the top picks, while disincentivizing tanking and keeping the end of the regular season relevant for all teams. The bad teams still should get the best players to help them not be bad, instead of helping out the teams just outside the playoffs one year.

2) This would be interesting but I'm not sure if it would actually increase the amount of offer sheets.

3) I like this, but I might add an exception if the player was ineligible to come off IR at the end of the regular season but is eligible at the start of the playoffs, due to the requirement that a player must spend 10 games or 24 days on LTIR.

4) I don't think that matters that much.

Community Suggestions:

2) Regular season OT should be 10 minutes 3v3. I don't think you can do any more than that without Zamboniing the ice. Maybe you do a shootout after that, maybe you call it a draw. Also get rid of the forfeited loser point when you pull the goaltender.

3) Completely agree

4) Completely disagree. I think it's nice that exactly half the league advances past the regular season, and exactly half of the remaining teams advance through each round. A playin would create unnecessary playoff spots... the end of the regular season is basically an extended playoffs for these teams anyways.

5) I don't think there's anything wrong with the current video review system. I remember the first couple of years where some of the reviews took over 10 minutes, that was excessive, but I think most of them are under 3 minutes now. Perhaps adding an actual rule that says "reviews cannot exceed 3 minutes" would be a good idea, but the system does not need to be changed.

6) I've never really understood why they do the anthems before games for club teams. Obviously it makes sense for a national team, but there are players of so many nationalities in the NHL that don't hear their anthem before a game.

7) Totally agree, let people watch the games they paid to watch!

8) If you want to do pregame ceremonies and all of that, just tell people that you're starting at 7:25 instead of 7:00. The first or second season of the Golden Knights was awful for this, games would start half an hour late because of their pregame skits.

I'll also throw in a couple of my own:

Eliminate the trapezoid, let goaltenders take a risk and play the puck. Dump and chase is less interesting anyways, incentivize teams (even further) to carry the puck in and make a play.

Get rid of retention slots. Teams can retain on as many players as they can as long as their total retained salary is less than the current maximum (1/8 of the cap)