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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Sabrebluehs</b></div><div>Tampa will have to move on from either Cirelli, Sergachev or Cernak. They will not be able to keep all three. They have to many players with NTC. The return will be young prospects and draft picks because they can't afford any salaries. Even so they will have to try and move on of the bigger contracts. That is the problem with good drafting and and development...you sometimes are too good and have to move on from players you would not to trade.</div></div>

That is only your opinion that Tampa will "have to move on from one of Cirelli, Sergachev or Cernak." Most of us here in Tampa have heard it all before with other supposedly impossible to keep RFA's and players and yet not a single one has left via an OS or been ridiculously overpaid. While it is possible that changes with one of these players, I wouldn't bet on that scenario, based on past precedent and on how most buy in to Tampa's organizational structure. Serg and Cirelli taking bridge deals each around 4.5 and then Cernak closer to 2 lines up more of how Tampa has signed their rfa's. One of Gourde(either through trade after waiving the ntc or simply waiving him as a last resort)or Killorn(less helpful to move cap wise but easier and will have highest trade value)is going to be moved, and there are multiple ways for Tampa to free up additional room if needed(getting Coburn to waive, trading Paquette etc.). Not saying things will be easy, but of the 3 only Cernak has a realistic chance of leaving imo, and even then it's slim.
Forum: Armchair-GMJan 24 at 10:55