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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Andy_Dick</b></div><div>Untouchables..

Xhekaj isnt being traded.
Going to the game last night and seeing the jerseys. I was just reinforced in my belief that he's a solution not a scapegoat or means to an end going forward.

I truly doubt Hughes pulls off a Bergevin power move ala Subban. This team needs fan favourites otherwise tickets sales will plummet eventually even with a waiting list because this team aint close to competing for a playoff spot and the fan base will become apathetic much like the Buffalo Sabres whom have half a building, a lot of nights!
That Sabres team is soft as butter, they got manhandled by the Ducks after coming home watching the game last night at the Bell Centre.
The Sabres are absolutely a heartless group that got outshot 19-2 in the 2nd period vs an AHL caliber Ducks roster with a rookies leading the way at center, on defence in Zellweger and Carlsson.

<a href="" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">DO NOT BECOME THE SABRES AT ALL COSTS.</a>

Struble is simply the perfect bottom pair D, same as Kovacevic.
There is no rush to trade either as their pedigree wont allow them to seek much return. Both are physical, needed presences that can take the load of guys like Guhle, Reinbacher playing pk.

That leaves Barron, Harris as the clear trade chips. Barron offense and pedigree along with handiness makes him attractive but he hasnt fit on a team looking for a identity and with Guhle playing the right side, he's become redundant with Mailloux's physical potential being greater than Barron and you have the rock solid options of Guhle/Reinbacher on the right not to mention the Russians coming around 2026.

Savard's leadership right now is needed. You don't deal him unless a team targets him with a big offer. That offer is bigger than a late 1st.
I'm talking at least the same the Bolts paid with a 1st plus 3rd but preferably an B+ prospect. He's only making 3.5M for top pair shutdown D that blocks everything in sight. His blocks blow every defender in the league away per game and he's contributing offensively at a better rate than ever higher than guys like a RHD such as Liljegren in Toronto whos suppose to be this great puck mover in transition according to Leafs fans.

Evans simply has zero offense and can probably be had for less. Edmonton would probably offer a 4th, let's say.

Dvorak despite the broken narrative he's a cap dump here BUT with a year of term 4.45M with strong center play with a flair for offense on the PP in the bumper and young enough to contribute, will easily be in demand. The Hawks signed an older Jason Dickinson to a long term contract at the same AAV so Hawks fans and other trolls can get bent with that current cap reality.</div></div>

I really like your comments. But you don’t answer clearly. Who is your top 6?

Guhle Reinbacher (lock)
Xhekaj Mailloux
Hutson Struble
(Kovacevic or Engstrom or Trudeau)

But I’m really not sure if Xhekaj and Mailloux could play top 4. And no others D prove us they can be top 4. Kent Hugues has to bet on what he believes.
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