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Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 1:53 p.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Bc44</b></div><div>Half as good is a major concern. No way a player half as good as Shenn and Zadorov are even in the NHL. It My example was Savard with the extra year would be worth what Zadorov got earlier this year so in fact the Savard example is cheaper. Paying the same and getting the extra year. I DO NOT THINK THE LEAFS SHOULD TRADE FOR SAVARD. Savard type of player =Tanev, Tanev is a better version of Savard but the Same type of player and every insider in the hockey world has the Leafs involved in aquiring this type of player. Its ok to disagree with Leaf management about acquiring this type of player, u wouldnt be alone. However every hockey insider has the leafs in on A Savard Tanev shenn Gudas Edmondson type of defender. I Dont 100% agree with limiting to just these types of players nor do i think any of these player outside of Tanev should be a Leaf Target.</div></div>

Wel that's kinda the point isnt it? People think hes good because he used to be good and now he plays don cherry style smash over substance hockey. He cant stop a rush, or a cycle or a pass. He's incredibly bad but he cross checks people and stands in front of shots so people think he defends.
He's very much like chariot, terrible all around in the ways that matter and tberes probably one gm who binged rock em sock em 8 on coke last night who might over pay for him.
Insiders have connected basically every name defender to the leafs for the past 20 years, not just the bad gritz n hitz types
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Forum: Armchair-GMYesterday at 9:01 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DJP1117</b></div><div>So I mustn't see what you're seeing in holmberg. I mean he's going to be a solid bottom 6 player but so is clutterbuck. Yes the age is a factor. But holmberg can't make the lineup rn. It's possible they move him out for depth help.

There is zero chance the isles take reeves contrat for an expiring clutterbuck contract with money retained which Toronto would want and need.alot of people.Re sheeting on guys like bertuzzi domi but those types of guys who are phyical and can play are the guys who are going to win us games in the playoffs. It showed when they played Montreal. They had the grinders perry and Anderson and that really helped them late in series.</div></div>

Holmberg is simply just a better player than Clutterbuck in every way, that's why. the islanders being dumb enough to play clutterbuck too much and Keefe being dumb enough to play guys like Reaves over holmberg dont change that.
And of course they dont trade Clutterbuck for Reaves, Reaves is one of the few players worse than Clutterbuck out there, which is why that is the only way it makes sense for the leafs to trade for clutterbuck.
Grinders didnt really help the habs, they got absolutly caved in by the leafs, there were two reasons on the habs roster that made them win, Price and Danault, that is all. Also, Anderson isnt a grinder, he's not even half as physical as people thinks, he's a one way rush scorer who cant defend and probably doesnt even know where the defensive zone is, he's even genuinly mediocre on the forcheck.