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Thread: leafs
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Billy316</b></div><div>Not saying it is
Just saying it isnt Habs that want him
Its what a 3rd part POV thinks MTL and TML need

As far as "Garbage players" they were a big part in putting TML out in the 1st round when your persummably good players in their role failed.
Just saying Chiarot was linked heaviest to TML and FLA . MTL even moved Chiarot for the first time in MTL to RD in a TML vs MTL game that was the start of a 9 game point streak that helped convince FLA to pull the trigger. They gave up and with Chiarot atleast made it out of the first round of the playoffs atleast.

Not saying i disagree with not wanting the trade , it wouldnt have made TML a SC winner
But it sure woulda ended the shame of losing every year you're in the playoffs in the 1st round.
It would end the 6 straight years of Losses in 1st round elimination games becoming the 1st team in North American pro sports to do so. (All Matthews Era and it was a record at 5 years)

Just saying TML has a habit of screwing themselves like trading Larry Murphy your last legit top pair Right handed Defensman to a Detroit where he won back to back cups.
TML got "Future considerations " for a dominant player that year and went on to put up 50+ point seasons in DET those 2 cup runs.

Its not like TML Gm's dont make worse trades then the one's you took offense to in a Fictional Forum designed to discuss players trade value.</div></div>

Edmundson and chariot had next to zero contributions to putting the leafs out. They got destroyed that series, like utterly annihilated and they owe price and danault steak dinners for the rest of their lives.
Bringing up Murphy is weird, but sure if it makes you happy before your team blows another top 5 pick, you do you
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Thread: leafs