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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>SammyT_51</b></div><div>Look at the other part from Edmonton Oilers part, its just under this part. Also it counts on Bouchard being NHL ready and he is Shea Weber 2.0 trust me. He would be great.

First of all its trade in 2019 preseason as you might read probably, also in the scenario it counts redemption from Zaitsev and that he would be very solid, which might help Oilers as he is better 2-way player and has better defence-to-offence transition than Larsson by miles, also can double the Larsson points and be solid on D without loosening D core.. And also helps offensively.

As for your comparables:
-the same amount of points in good season for Larsson compared to worst possible season from Zaitsev (in 3 less games and horrible illness in January) and he for sure would be atleast 40pt player in NHL in 2018/19
-career -14 versus +44.. Im not taking anything from Larsson, but Zaitsev when he posted -22 in 16-17 was playing with arguably the least defensive line in the league in JVR-Bozak-Marner and paired with Gardiner (who we know is bad defensively), he is a plus player with decent teammates with him. Also +/- is shitty stat.
-if you are 25 or 26 it does not matter in this league, as soon as the difference is more than 3yrs age does not matter.
-NHL experience does not matter.. or does it make Duchene better player in comparable to Panarin (1yr year difference) because he has 411 more games in NHL? No..
-300k is almost nothing
-advanced stats are sometimes misleading, you got to look into it from stats and eyetest standpoint.. combine those two in 2018/19 season when Zaitsev hasnt got TERRIBLE season.. they would be similar.. advanced stats say that Polak is comparable to Ristolainen lol..
-position on the draft or not being drafted does NOT matter.

I get what you are trying to say but that deal is from stats, playwise and contract wise pretty fair.</div></div>

In a Toronto pipe dream I’ll agree with all of that. You basically are adept at seeing only the best in Zaitsev and ignore all the risk and red flags, and then simultaneously make the trade a year out with the assumption that his year 1 is the standard of play for him rather than the regression he realized in his most recent year of play. Yes, a lot of these factors are that it’s a slight edge to Larsson, however add up a bunch of slight edges in addition to a few not so slight ones I mentioned and there’s very little upside present for Edmonton. Post this trade from the an Edmonton Armchair GM and see the reaction you get. I’m a fan of a pacific division rival and still can tell you this is not an offer that would be entertained
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