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Forum: Armchair-GM6 hours ago
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>batman</b></div><div>It’s different here. We don’t have McTavish Terry Gauthier or Leo Carlsson. Caufield is just a goal scorer and a shifty talented player. He can’t defend just like Zegras. Value wise, the offer you made for Caufield is fair for someone who’s invisible without the puck. but we wouldn’t take it because we’re weak upfront. Slafkovsky is the only rookie young elite forward we have. When was last time a GM traded 2 firsts ++? He certainly won’t pay that price for someone who’s useless without the puck and can’t do anything else than score. You pay that price for players like Pettersson, not Zegras..

If you want a Potential # 1RD, we have Mailloux who’s KILLING it in his first AHL year.</div></div>

He’s 22 years old. How many 22 year olds are defensive studs? And he showed great improvement YoY defensively under Cronin in his limited sample this season. If you don’t like his defensive game, don’t trade for him

I kinda couldn’t care less how often a team trades multiple 1sts. They have a low hit rate of becoming NHL regulars let alone cemented top 6 60 point scorers at 20 years old. ANA has plenty of bottom 6 and bottom 4 prospects. They have no need for more. They need elite talent.. like.. Zegras

And the awesome thing is, ANA has zero need to move him. He’s on a solid contract, RFA controlled, the team and staff love him, and he fills a need short and long-term. The rumors of him being shopped were shutdown by Lebrun already. If you want him, you have to blow ANA away with an offer. This isn’t it

Mailloux would be great (not considering character issues). Pair him with the MTL ‘24 first, and if Lindstrom or Levshunov are up for grabs at MTL’s pick, that’d absolutely be considered by Verbeek
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