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Forum: Armchair-GMAug. 11 at 5:04 p.m.
Thread: Gibson deal
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>CD282</b></div><div>There was to sound argument LOL, all you pointed to was all star selection. That's just a beauty pageant, it has nothing to do with ability or level of play. And each team sends someone irrespective of whether they deserve to or not. Dumb argument.

Since 2018, 72 goalies have played at least 50 NHL regular season games. Gibson's save percentage ranks 54th, his GAA ranks 60th. Look at any stat - GSAA, GSAx, whatever - he's near the bottom of the league. The FACT is, he's not a top-10 goalie and hasn't been for years now.

The apologists like to blame the team in front of him while ignoring 100% of the evidence, including the fact that he is regularly outperformed by his backup, who plays behind the same team. Even the last "good" season Gibson had (2017-18) he was outperformed by his backup Ryan Miller .928 to .926.</div></div>

Argument 1: The ANA ducks win zero beauty pageants. They’re not sexy (hopefully that’s starting to change), have a small fan base, and had Troy Terry on the All star team too

Argument 2: there’s tooootally validity to the stats. But to pretend that the team doesn’t have any impact on sv% and GAA is more laughable than a baseball team still relying on batting average to determine if someone is good at the plate. Just because a stat has been around a while doesn’t mean it’s the best one.

15 of the top 16 goalies in GAA were on playoff teams. 12 of 16 for Save %. They’re very highly correlated to the quality of the team in front of the goalie (and I’ve played goalie on both good and bad teams, my stats did not at all look the same because the volume and quality of chances isn’t). Entering the all star game Gibson was 2.64/.917 which would’ve been 14th and 9th end of season. Ducks traded Manson, Lindholm, and Rakell, shortly after the All star game, after which he miraculously fell off

Again, I’m not even saying he’s top 10. What I’m saying is it’s totally debatable that he is. That may be more likely than him all of a sudden going from top 10 to a scrub coincidentally at the same time the Ducks roster went to hell (both this year and back in 2017). I can tell you have zero willingness to be convinced, so I’m happy to leave it here. But just so you know, it’s pooooossible you aren’t right ;)
Forum: Armchair-GMAug. 11 at 4:25 p.m.
Thread: Gibson deal
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>GiggywithGibby</b></div><div>The amount of promotional material that he is on would beg to differ about him being the face of the franchise. His time in that spotlight may be limited as Zegras, Terry, and McTavish continue to develop, but for right now, he is still our biggest name.

I'm also of the opinion that Gibson will be one of the goalies that stays good deep into his 30s based on his durability and style of play. He works in a lot of non butterfly saves into his game which is reducing wear and tear on his hips and knees. The guy I would track his trajectory to is Marc Andre Fleury, who is still a great goalie at 37, and won a Vezina at 35.

Its true, he hasn't been the world beater the last couple of seasons that he used to be, but I think that comes down to frustration that the team just isn't competitive. We've been shelling the guy for four seasons in a row now, giving him next to no goal support. Last year was the first season we had put up over a 200 GF pace since 17-18 when we put up 235, but we gutted the defense in front of him. You can't ask a guy to give it his all night in and night out when he knows the team can't provide the support needed to win. The world beater is still in him, he just needs the team to be there with him, and I think we are starting to turn that corner.</div></div>

Zegras is one of the bigger names in the NHL now, let alone ANA. People don’t talk about Gibson. But agree to disagree. This disagreement is pretty beside the point so I’ll let it go.

I love your confidence in Gibby’s durability, but he constantly gets injured (15 injuries announced since 2017). Luckily they haven’t kept him out for long stretches for the most part, but he also declines significantly as the season rolls on most years. Both are red flags for durability as he gets older, especially the former. He won’t recover as well/quick as he ages.

Your last point I 100% agree with. I don’t doubt his ability, I do think a vast majority of his stats struggles are due to the team around him, and that he’s totally a debatable top 10 guy. But the lack of consistent stats will of course give other teams pause, which factors into value.

The main thing for me is the likelihood of him performing at all-star level in 2-3 years when the ducks are pushing feels questionable. And we have 2 very promising young guys to replace him in Dostal and Clang to rely on, with Stolarz to bridge between. Considering we can get pieces that can help us in our window (even if it’s a raw prospect that we move for a key piece later), that’s 100% worth it to me. Plus it gives him a chance to go fight for the cup in his prime years
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Thread: Gibson deal
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