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Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 10:36 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>coga16</b></div><div>I dont think the deal gets done but I see where jeff is going with this, most avs fans are on the same train of thought. Avs are a top offense right now with all their injuries (1st in goals per game, 2nd in goals differential at +22, second in team scoring (Goals For). Hall would make the roster better on paper but I dont think he adds much outside of just adding more to what is already a huge strength, depth scoring.

Avs dont need to trade for hall to be a cup contender, they already are very dangerous wiht all these injuries. How good will they be once they are healthy?
Devils need the Avs, or a team like the Avs to push all in for Hall in getting him extended via trade. But the options are probably very limited for the Devils to find a team that Hall wants to extend hall or has the cap space to extend him.

IMO Avs dont need to over spend on a hall rental or extended bc the price tag to get him via trade and to extend him in 10-11m range, is it really worth it?
If the deal is right for sure take a crack at trading and signing him like Jeff says, but there is 0 need for them to enter an arms race in year 1 of their 4 year mackinnon cup window, especially with how well balanced the team is when healthy</div></div>

I dont love the player as much as most do. I think that mvp season is his high spot and I wouldn't give him 11 million. hes a good winger , he'll be productive but I just dont see him being as a guy like panarin who was last years big winger