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Forum: Armchair-GMWed at 5:07 pm
Thread: next year
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BStinson</b></div><div>Just trying to follow the logic.

Schmidt’s (5.95M) is a tough pill to swallow for a much better defensemen but MP’s 4M (within 2M difference) isn’t? I would wager his NTC diminished his value more than his contract as waiting really wouldn’t accomplish anything since they had 24 hours to be cap compliant for the AP deal.

Toew’s way more is two late second rounder picks (Colorado) versus a late third (VGK) and late fourth (TBL). Yes, there is a value difference as Toews is a legit top pairing defender making 4.1M x 4 years.

MP’s defensive partner is John Marino whom I’d wager most would rather have than MP. I mention this because it’s not like he’s carrying his defensive partner and as it’s already been addressed MP’s offensive and transition metrics aren’t great. I’d add further that MP has really never shown to be a great offensive threat even at the Swedish junior level as his calling card is a stay at home D.

Over the last half of the season he’s been averaging sub 16 minutes of ice time. Since April 1st he’s been in 4 games where he eclipsed 18 minutes of ice time but never more than 19 minutes out of 20 possible games.

I just don’t see this player anchoring a second line currently. I’m not saying he can’t but the metrics don’t help and he’s having a down year and I don’t see the offensive upside in him. Doesn’t seem like a great gamble to me versus signing someone like Martinez.</div></div>

Oh i agree his offensive upside is limited and id rather have martinez for cash than mp for picks.