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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Hockey_G2011</b></div><div>Suter will end up with the Islanders most likely. The Bruins are notorious for overpaying when desperate. I agree the money could be used else where, but given this teams track record I’m not confident; most cap space in a long time with a decent chunk of the vital players intact and they will just add “depth” pieces to say they did something so they don’t go into the season with over $8 million in cap space. I do not believe they will get a shutdown, quality LD. They will get a 3rd pairing Dman, maybe a bottom 6 forward, a backup goalie for cheap money and will be average, and they will wing it. Same old song and dance.</div></div>

tbf there weren't a lot of options for quality shutdown LD in this FA, pretty much just suter. Also Sweeney doesn't need to make a big splash in FA, there aren't really any forwards that will improve the lineup and the only ones that will have all been badly overpaid. BOS bottom6 desperately needed a shakeup after how poorly the depth scoring was, and Nosek/Haula def makes the lineup better. Forbort was paid 500k too much but at the end of the day BOS defensive depth last year was horrendous, and most of the available FA dmen were overpaid so I don't entirely blame him. Looks like the plan is to see what they got in training camp and if any of the young guys made progress. Lots of internal competition on the left side now you love to see it. And if need be they just acquire a bonifide topLD like ekholm or lindholm at the deadline