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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>gretzkyghosts</b></div><div>Great conversation.
Let's start by taking Coyle out of the deal and add Jeremy Swayman.
I know Buffalo has three decent prospects but Jeremy is one of Boston's top prospects enough said.

Second, that is the wrong line up.
Hall can drive his own line, Jack is a good playmaker, but Hall has a higher % of assists than he.
Everybody who I spoke to who knows anything about hockey knew Hall should not be with jack (Hum! Jeff with Jack and Taylor with Sam, I guess only a soccer coach would not understand how important Lefty/Righty combinations are in Hockey).
Hall can drive his own line as he did in New Jersey.

Boston lines IMO would be:
Marchand Bergeron Pasternak
Haula Eichel Smith
Hall Coyle Foligno
Hall and Eichel will make the players around them perform better.
Does anyone remember how well Pittsburgh did when they separated Kane, Malkin and Kessel?

<strong>So the trade becomes:</strong>
Moore, Wagner and DeBrusk Three players included to balance the cap who together have a neutral value or very slight positive value if DeBrusk can rebound.
Studnicka, Swayman and Lysell Three decent prospects (Center, GK and RW Swayman steps right in to become Buffalo's top GK) none will make anyone forget about Jack but all have a decent upside.
2022 1st round pick (BOS) and 2023 1st round pick (BOS) Two first round draft picks, both could be really late near seconds.
Maybe Boston needs to add conditional picks if they make it to the final four each year (maybe a second each year they reach the final four)
Buffalo probably still says no but this trade is closer in value.

You are correct.
By the time Buffalo is good, Marchand and Bergeron are gone,
But if it is the best offer, who knows. Spoken as a true fan LOL. Too bad the recommended treatment for a herniated neck disc is rest, rehabilitation and pain medication.
I guess Jack does not want to become public knowledge. I completely agree, I added a better prospect, took out Coyle and added some conditional picks. Yup, put Hall on his wing and watch him rebound.</div></div>

There's an option to have surgery for it and he wants it. It don't matter what the recommended procedure is. He's getting it and will be out for the season. Makes no sense at all for BOS to trade for him.