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Jun 22, 2017
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Montreal has the worst fanbase in the NHL. No Drouin and Price are not bad.
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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>Yeah hindsight with covid is a conundrum and is definitely one of the factors more in line with tipping this towards equal. I genuinely thought that it was an even trade at the time that Nashville would win - I didn't expect Subban to drop off a cliff and Weber was already an old man - but the Habs clearly had some idea as to what they were doing. Good on them.

I agree with his usage being somewhat inappropriate. I think Caufield gives them a new look for who the designated shooter is on the powerplay and reckon Petry should probably be getting those quality minutes for his ability to dish from the point. Weber won't like it much, but he has to see the writing on the wall and that his minutes need to start getting scaled back. Coaching staff will get there too. Part of the immediate problem (in my eyes) is the lack of exceptional options on the left tbh. Nobody outside of Montreal knows what a Kulak is and Edmundson came as advertised. Romanov will get there, but these are still his first steps. Chiarot is a very quiet, quality piece, but he's only one man. Can't help but wonder how damn good Sergachev would look on this blueline right now.

I suspect that Montreal will be one of the teams that deals with the Kraken after expansion. A Drouin-for-defenceman deal perhaps? Oh the irony.</div></div>

I doubt the habs will go for a defenseman unless they’re really cheap and cost a fair price. They have to deal with their own players first with all the contracts up. Drouin isn’t going anywhere, and any improvement on the habs’ blueline will likely come in the form of improvement from Romanov.
Forum: NHL TradesTue at 11:05 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>BeterChiarelli</b></div><div>Do you suspect that Montreal's staff/management were privy to Subban's upcoming decline and saw 4(ish) years of Weber as enough to keep them competitive(ish) and that dealing with the back end of his deal was something they could offset with trading him retained?

I don't often like to give Bergevin more credit than he's due, but the plan (from a distance) seems to me that Juulsen and Mete were looked at to take that next step forward while the Habs accumulated picks and prospects. The former didn't happen, but the Canadiens do have the spare assets to dump Weber at 50% retained on a team just looking to enter a rebuild (San Jose?). Romanov coming out of nowhere and an increased investment on defense prospects at least leads me to believe there's something planned to clean house a bit, no?</div></div>

I definitely think this was a combination of trying to move Subban’s personality/attitude, while trying to make the team better in the short term. He certainly accomplished his goal.

I do think that the current management likes Weber more as a player than I do right now. Otherwise he wouldn’t be playing top minutes in every situation. And that’s probably mostly because of a disagreement in what constitutes good defensive play, and how effective he is on the PP.

Plus this contract would look considerably more manageable and honestly wouldn’t be that much of a problem if we weren’t staring at multiple years of a flat cap.
Forum: NHL TradesMon at 11:32 pm