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As I’m sure most of you know, I’m still strongly of the opinion that the NHL stopped existing after June 24th, 2021, but I might make a small exception for April 29th, 2022. It was a nice end to an abysmal season for the team, and a good sendoff for the team’s greatest player of this century and the greatest goalie of his generation.

Carey Price means so much to me, as he does for a lot of people. He was a big factor in me becoming a habs fan in the first place, and has always been a steady fixture for the habs in my mind. Whenever Carey was playing, you knew that there was always a chance of something special happening. Price meant there was always a reason for hope, even if the habs were barely squeaking into the playoffs, or outmatched on paper. Even after having so many injury issues, Carey still lead the habs to the astonishing upset of Pittsburgh in 2020 and the magical run to the cup finals in 2021. I find it impossible to think of the modern Canadiens without thinking of Carey Price, and the current habs will feel especially foreign without him in net. It’s a tragedy that Carey and a lot of the other players we have had over the years were never able to lift Lord Stanley’s Mug, but I’m still so extremely grateful for all that he did to bring hope and joy into the lives of habs fans everywhere.

Price is a true legend, and I look forward to seeing him join the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2025, 20 years after the habs made what turned out to be a franchise-defining choice by choosing him 5th overall.