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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>HabsIsland</b></div><div>What a BS call by the officials. Kurashev got that goal Hoffman really didn't have to push him like that. Monty would've saved that. That was f ing crazy, he did not have full possession that is clearly offside. Whatever, the reason I am not on the group of tank tank, is because when Habs get bodies back, on paper they are not a bad team,they could go on a bit of a streak. Also it's not a fun atmosphere for the players. Habs played well after the 1st. I am upset over that terrible call. Monty played extremely well once again. Petry looked like his normal self, Poehling had a really strong game, romy has the biggest heart on the Habs. Pitlick actually played well. Armia had a better defensive game.
3☆ for toni

1☆ Montembeault

Chicago I liked reichel,Lafferty ,and gustafsson.

Back on Monday 400 game for habs-coyotes.
That will be fun. Who is the worse team?

Anyway I'm just gonna fall asleep and not think of that call. Luckily it wasn't last year or 2018-19
Goodnight to all</div></div>

It was a goal because Hoffman pushed him. If he didn’t the puck probably wouldn’t have went in, and it would’ve been no goal. But you can’t punish the Hawks because Hoffman took out his own goalie.

And the puck was on his stick and it stayed that way for a good while after, that’s clearly possession to me.

Also I understand not wanting to see them lose, but if the habs want to make the playoffs they’d have to win over 80% of their remaining NHL games. (So basically at a pace greater than the NHL record for points in a season.) And while the habs should be a playoff team, this team isn’t exactly a super team lying in wait.

Winning games this year won’t benefit the habs anyway other than mentally. Winning a bunch of games and finishing just outside the playoffs would be terrible for the organization.