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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>DefaultJatt</b></div><div><strong>The Lines:</strong> Yea I feel this gives us 4 very balanced and dangerous lines.

<strong>Powerplay:</strong> The powerplay #1 Rielly essentially takes the bumper spot with Hyman as the net front presence. That gives you Matthews and Nylander as shooters with the unexpected shot from Sandin. Powerplay #2 would be diffferent with Marner down low and behind the net with pass options to Tavares, Foligno and Spezza in front. Muzzin obviously can also send a blast from the point.

<strong>Penalty Kill:</strong> I took Marner off of the PK because we have capable players already and he doesnt need to be used EVERYWHERE.

<strong>Goalies:</strong> I was thinking more of a Goalie tandem. Similar to the Vegas model with Fleury and Lehner. Both are ready to go. 1A and 1B

<strong>Other Signings:</strong> Id want to sign Petan, Malgin, Noesen, Suomela, Sabourin, Hutton, etc. to round out our Marlies Team (it wasnt going to show up so i didnt make those signings here)

It looks quite similiar to this years roster after the trade deadline but we would have a year of Galch and Foligno creating chemistry with their linemates. Also more of a focus on using our prospect pool with Robertson and Amirov. There was a few players I was considering (Oleksiak, Janmark, Granlund, etc.) but I wanted to see what was possible without blowing everything up or making a huge signing.</div></div>
This all seems very realistic and reasonable. I think it goes without saying, you'd have to sign Reimer after the expansion draft so you wouldn't have to expose him in it. It was a good idea to take Marner off the PK. Leafs goalies had injury problems this year, who do you have as the 3rd goalie next year? Hutchinson, Woll or Vehvilainen? Hutchinson is a UFA after next year, Vehvilainen and Woll are RFAs.