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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Wreckless</b></div><div>FWIW, I’ve been one of the most accurate posters on this site for quite some time.
Domi for Anderson, Edmundson at 3.5mm cap hit. Savard at $3.5mm cap hit. Chiarot for a 1st +. Lehkonen for a 1st +. Toffoli for a 1st +. Slafkovsky over Wright. Petry has actual value. Wanted Hughes 3rd overall ahead of KK. Trade Halak, and trade Subban before his NMC kicks in if you want to go back that far as well…

The fact that you both think this post is **** says way more about you than it does about me.

Dubois doesn’t want to be in Winnipeg. So good luck with that. You can do far worse than Dvorak. Drouin has history with Ehlers, and it’s an expiring contract that can be moved at the deadline if it doesn’t work. Florida’s first could literally be anywhere.

Winnipeg’s been a dumpster fire ever since Scheifele decided to turn full heel. Good luck trading PLD elsewhere when he’ll just sign in Montreal as a UFA in 2 years anyways.</div></div>

Im aware that Dubois doesnt wanna be in Winnipeg and he only wants Montreal but the Habs are probably gonna have to give up a lot more then that to Land Dubois that is why they should wait till next season when hes a free agent so they could land him for free. Dvorak is a good start to the trade but Drouin isnt good and hes had a lot of injury trouble and I think your own first round pick has to be involved in a potential PLD deal. My intention isnt to bash u but its just looking at these threads that most habs fans make on this app hurts my head.