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Jul 2, 2017
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Thread: Get Eichel
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Thread: Get Eichel
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Thread: Get Eichel
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>OldNYIfan</b></div><div>But the problem here is that Buffalo fans aren't asking for a team's best player in exchange for Jack Eichel. Your fellow Sabres adherents post trades for a team's best prospect, its third- or fourth-best prospect, and two or three first-round picks or the player equivalent, and then act victimized when the trading team's fans decline the demand.

If you want to talk about Byfield, the eighth overall selection in this year's draft and Kale Clague, I'm willing to consider it even if some of my fellow Kings fans aren't. The problem is these Byfield, Turcotte, Bjornfot and two firsts demands from your comrades. Or how about Trevor Zegras, Jamie Drysdale, Haydn Fleury and the third overall selection in this year's draft for Eichel? Or John Gibson, Max Comtois, Troy Terry, Jacob Perreault and the third overall for him? (Those Anaheim trades were suggested in just the last couple of days.) And over the weekend there were a spate of similarly overreaching Las Vegas trades.

Personally, I'm with you. I hope Jack Eichel never demands a trade and never gets traded from Buffalo.</div></div>

OldNYIfan as I responded to you in another thread...Eichel went about his way of getting traded by going public with him and the Sabres not agreeing on surgery. I hate to keep quoting the "insiders" but Friedman has said the Sabres want to move on from Eichel. Actually Adams did an interview with LeBrun (the Athletic) today Adams talked about the young core as being Dahlin, Cozens and Mittelstadt never mentioning Eichel, Rinehart or Ristolainen. Friedman said today on his podcast that he was talking to a person from a team that the ask is high and when asked what it was the person said that he couldn't divulge it at this time. He also said that another team said that if the trade doesn't happen soon they are out.
I think the Sabres plan is a complete rebuild without saying that...I think that's the reason why Adams wants another top 10 pick. Then stink again this year and hopefully get in the top 3 for next years draft.
I think the only thing that holds up a trade is if it doesn't get close to his asking price. Adams may give in a little but he isn't going to have another ROR trade go down. I think he goes the Sakic route and holds true to himself. <a href="/users/Tjm220" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">@Tjm220</a> makes so many valid points but in the end I think Eichel is a goner sooner than later, later being the draft and there will be a ton of 'I told you so's' on here both ways.
Personally, I am exhausted with waiting for this trade to happen but once it does Rinehart will follow shortly for those that missed getting Eichel. Rinehart is the perfect get for LA in my opinion.
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 6 at 6:05
Thread: eichel trade
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 5 at 2:46
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>TheLamb9</b></div><div>U are a being a little bit nitpicky. Everyone knows hes asked to be traded or else he would never be traded. Very few players would say that straight up because they dont want to be hated by the fan base. Nonetheless you missed the point of what I was saying which is regarding the timeline and his health. By delaying a trade and asking so much for him now, which I get is bargaining, you are also delaying the eventual surgery and recovery time that he needs. As its a fairly major surgery it is fair to assume he will need several months of recovery time, which will be factored into the price teams are willing to pay for him. I never said you should start low, but the current asking price is stupid high especially for an injured player who may not be available next season. I get you are a Sabres fan, but ur GM isnt good and Im surprised you are defending him.</div></div>

The GM is also getting help from Karmonos, 4 firsts can be anything, what's so big if a guy is drafted 29-30, technically he is a first or a small step above a high second...never was anything said that 4 firsts had to be top 10's. There will be 1 first in this draft, preferably top 10, a good roster player under 25 or prospect ready to make the jump to the NHL and another prospect plus a cap dump. Example...if Glass were part of a trade, he was a first rounder big deal like Mittelstadt still hasn't developed and no signs he will. It's not like it is 4 #1's for the next 4 yrs. It's more about quality over quantity.

There's nothing saying he has to have surgery, it was ONE doctor that advised it and Jack went with that...he's had more than just one opinion and just one doctor advised it. My bet is come opening day he is in the starting line-up where ever he's traded to. Adam's has a plan and he is sticking to his guns, worked with Sakic in regards to Duchene. Remember Eichel can want out all he wants but he has 5 yrs of term left so he doesn't have to be traded that's where the owners failed with ROR, they wanted him gone b4 that 7.5mil bonus was paid and Botterill's back was against the wall.

Now tell me why Adams isn't good...he was a rookie GM last year he was going to make some mistakes but I'm interested in your take but if you go with the Hall trade you will lose on that
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 5 at 11:56
Forum: Armchair-GMJul 5 at 3:35