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Forum: Armchair-GMNov. 3, 2021 at 10:58 a.m.
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>NYR1983</b></div><div>How many months does it take to recover from his surgery and get back to game form? This isn’t a broken finger or toe. Also, nhlp/BUF/JE are coming to a head where something will likely be forced, it’s not Vegas’ responsibility to make this happen by any means lol. Therefore I’m right smh. from timelines I’ve heard, he won’t play this season and playoffs is unlikely but still possible. I get that you want a monster deal done for your sake but no teams are responsible for bailing you guys out of the JE contract. The very fact that you guys are better without him should be disconcerting to most not to mention the gamble that he can be back to game form for this season if at all. BUF will need him to get the surgery and be rehabilitating so teams can see what his future will look like in order to get the “asking” price they want. It’s why no deal has been made. Tuch is injured, krebs and Hague aren’t exactly superstars and picks are disposable for a contender.. yet Vegas won’t budge.. it’s on BUF and JE to start the process and the NHlPA needs to step in to guide them before a deal will get done.</div></div>

According to Emily Kaplan of ESPN the trade is at the "1 yard line" between either Calgary or Vegas. The estimate for Eichel to be on the ice after surgery is after the all star break. I do agree why all the love for Krebs as he hasn't proved anything. I don't see a monster deal coming even if Adams gets his asking price. Lets face it the wheels will be coming off on the Sabres shortly, the talent level just isn't there and like in the last few years they jump out of the gate than slip to near the bottom of the standings.

I think Adam's is using Calgary as leverage against Vegas to get what he wants but that's just a guess. We will see if this gets done by the end of the week
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