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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>PleaseBanMeForMyOwnGood</b></div><div>I bet your reasoning is somewhere along the lines of how TO values guys for where they are playing on their current team. As in Player A is a 2nd pair guy on Team A but would for sure be the best player on TO's right side so his value is immense. Funny how so many people will say that to chirp Leaf fans and then immediately do that with Kapanen who could get 50 points this year playing 3rd line minutes with a turnstile of linemates and centres this season. Kapanen is a 2nd line winger on most teams in the NHL, Top line on more teams than he's a 3rd liner but talk to any non Leaf fan and he's just a 3rd liner while guys like Larsson, Manson, Mayfield, Murphy ect are all worth massive hauls from the Leafs because all those 2nd pair defenders would apparently be the best defenceman in TO.

That is what I call a pile a crap. If a guy is a 2nd pair defender, he's valued as a 2nd pair defender. If a player is a 2nd liner, he's valued as a 2nd liner. There are as many teams wanting top 6 scoring help as there are needing defenceman. To think that guys like Johnsson and Kapanen (both top 6 scoring wingers with age and term on their side) have little to no value is just stupid.</div></div>

At what point did I undervalue Kapanen? Was it when I said that on this site, he and Johnsson are overvalued by *Leafs* fans (example: KAPANEN FOR DUMBA STRAIGHT UP!!!!, or JOHNSSON AS THE HEADLINER FOR SETH JONES!!!!)

or, was it when I said:

"...but IMO, you can do a lot better than a couple of months of Hamonic if you're giving up Kap."

It's mildly entertaining when you rip apart 50% of a comment and take it as a personal affront. You're quite the fella!
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