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Thread: Dubois
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>villenash</b></div><div>I don't think Armia needs to be involved -- so yeah, change the 2nd to a 1st and remove Armia. That's about as far as I would go. Dubois hasn't really shown he's a true 1C except maybe a bit in these past playoffs for only a handful of games. I just feel like his value is being overblown on this site because he is a young C with high draft pedigree -- but he hasn't quite reached that next level in his game yet (I am well versed in young C with high draft pedigree from CBJ, and look how Johansen has turned out -- just saying). I believe he'll be a great player for a lot of years, but people are acting like McDavid is available with some of the trades I've seen lol</div></div>

Fair enough.

An interesting aside: One of the guys that I golf with in the summer is a retiree, who worked with the NHL in broadcasting (HNIC, Fox Sports Ohio, etc.) for a bajillion years, including with the Blue Jackets until he retired. I remember when the Seth Jones/Ryan Johansen trade happened, and I was like "Jeeez, Jones has really high upside, but hasn't shown much yet, whereas RyJo had two 60+ point seasons".

We were sitting at the bar the next summer and were talking about it. I pretty much said the same thing to him as I had been thinking that summer with "Johansen is a top notch C, but who the heck knows about Jones, given how sheltered his time in Nashville was". His response turned out to be 100% true, when he said something along the lines of "Jones is going to get better and better, but Johansen is the type of player that has hit his ceiling and isn't going to get better". Obviously I was pretty skeptical about it, given that Johansen was only about 23 or 24 at the time. Crazy.
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