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Aug 28, 2020
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Forum: Armchair-GMTue at 10:25 am
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Buffalove</b></div><div>As a Sabres fan, I’d counter with:
Keep the two 1sts, and give me Boldy &amp; Wellstadt instead- along with Rossi, and I’d be ok with Beckman. But we could also talk about swapping him out with a different prospect as well, bc there’s a few other guys of yours i like who you might rather part with.

I’ve got no interest in Rask, but if we have to take him to make the $$$ work, then that’s fine.

And I’d be willing to eat the Cap on that other deal u propose as well
Or of it makes it easier, we could just add Colin Miller to the deal- he’s better than Gardiner imo anyways. If u don’t want him, that’s fine too &amp; we can retain Cap in your other trade proposal
I’d even take Zuccarello as well for $$$ reasons if u guys need more space.

So how about:
-Eichel &amp; C.Miller
-Rossi, Boldy &amp; Wellstadt (main trade components)
-Zuccarello &amp; Rask (for Cap purposes so u can keep Fiala)
-1 of your “b” level prospects who has some upside OR if u want to lose more Cap, we’ll take Foligno back</div></div>

So gracious of uhh oh to take foligno as a cap dump, even though he finishes every season with selke votes. Kudos on making it seem like him and zuccarello are a burden to take on and not quality nhl players. Foligno being better between them for his contract.

How about if zuccarello and foligno are added minnesota drops rossi, boldy and wellsradt. Then you get beckman, zuccarello foligno and a 1st. That seems more fair than half the wilds team going to buffalo for eichel.
Forum: Armchair-GMMon at 5:24 pm
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>bdb</b></div><div>I think 20 pt wingers grow on trees, nothing wrong with Hartman, he plays hard and has some skill but 1.7 isn't cheap its the going rate. Foligno is a unicorn in terms of his physical and responsible play, I disagree with the elite moniker and imagine his strong season had more to do with play with EK, who I would call Elite. You guys are taking this as an insult, they are good players and if the wild didn't have to deal with massive penalties, I would agree that they wouldn't be on the block. Who else is the team going to move to clear cap from 2022-2026? Any other player is going to cost the same or more to replace. You can find bottom 6 wingers every year signing for less than 5 million combined.</div></div>

I’m not taking this as an insult - I get your rationale, just think that this particular proposal cripples the wild far more than it helps them. Advanced metrics show foligno to be a top 2 or 3 defensive winger in the nhl. He doesn’t put up a lot of points so he’ll never be a selke contender, but in the same way a Jonas brodin is a top 5 defensive defensemen. He’ll never put up much for numbers but is as solid as they come for what he does.

Taking a Schmidt who is a 2nd pair defender on a wild team, but old costly and longer term than they are looking for. Foligno and hartman more than make up for a cheaper 2nd pair option with their responsible play. A move like this would be much less fruitful for the wild. A move for hartman and foligno like this would genuinely require more than a 1st be added by Vancouver and more salary going back. Which I’m sure would sound quite unreasonable, but also would be necessary.

I think a better proposal wiuld be centered around greenway and rask. The cap would work better for the wild in the near future and would only give you greenway to resign after for a modest raise.