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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Garak</b></div><div>I watched almost all of Levshunov's games this year and probably like 20 of Demidov's games. Levshunov is overblown. Silayev and Levshunov are both exciting young defensemen, but they aren't the best players available at 2nd overall. If Lindstrom has a strong combine and can alleviate some health concerns, I would take him before Levshunov or Silayev. You might even be able to talk me into taking him over Demidov. CHI has needs at every position aside from LD, but I would still consider an LD if they were clearly the BPA. Even if RD was a bigger need than anything else, you don't reach that far with a 2nd overall pick. Especially when it is unlikely CHI picks this high again for quite a while, barring a lottery win. Demidov is absolutely the best player in this draft after Celebrini, and it isn't close, imho. Although, the size, physicality, 2-way play, and general completeness of Lindstrom's game, along with what he projects to be in a few years, I think there is an argument to be made for him, as well. Levshunov at his absolute highest ceiling is maybe in that conversation, but I personally don't see a player who will get there. I think in your average draft, a guy like him probably goes in the late top 10 or early teens.</div></div>

Hi, Garak. I've increasingly come around to your line of thinking re Levshunov - for two reasons. First, while I haven't seen nearly as many games of his as you have, what I saw of him in person in South Bend this academic year in games against Notre Dame just didn't stand out much. Honestly, I was left wondering what the big deal was; that perhaps I was missing something... He was a good player, no doubt, and I know he's still very young; don't get me wrong... He just didn't pop out in a significant way to me, as a "can't miss" top-lineRD.

Second, I also saw Sam Rinzel when he came to town, and frankly, I liked him better than Levshunov. Or, to be more specific... I though they were very close to each other. Perhaps Rinzel was a bit better in the defensive zone; Levshunov a mite better in the offensive one. But not too much difference either way.

Put inelegantly... Perhaps the Hawks already have their "Levshunov" in Sam Rinzel. And even more (I'm afraid to even mention this for fear of jinxing him), Rinzel reminded me of Seabrook: size, speed, calm, cool, collected, made the right, easy decisions in his own end, etc. I think Rinzel still has more to refine in his game (esp in the offensive end), but I'm VERY interested to see how he continues to progress.

Assuming the Hawks agree with this, we may see them take a forward to two with their first rounders (I'd love for them to find a way to grab Yakemchuck, too; a top-flight forward and Yakemchuck would make my day!) and then draft some late first round and/or second-round RD to develop over time (as they apparently did so well with Vlasic and other LD prospects).

Anyway, that's my sense, FWIW. I don't have the experience or insight as many do on this site - and certainly not as much as the pro scout teams do - and could be totally off. Gonna be an interesting draft day. With so many draftees ranked closely together, I sense that "wheel and deal" KFC will do what he needs to, to get their guys.

Cheers, LA
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Thread: Jones
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>exo2769</b></div><div><div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>Affectionate_Side_64</b></div></div> Deleted not because it wasn't a good and thoughtful was! Just keeping it shorter.

I appreciate the conversation and I can't tell you that you're wrong in any of it. I may not share the same opinion or have the same view on a few of the analogies you've used, but that's just an opinion not a fact. I don't think the Hawks are in the same selling period right now as they were with Debrincat/Dach/Hagel/etc... We already have Bedard. We have the #2, We're likely to be a very good pick next year as well. The Hawks are in the Prospect Development period. I've posted a few teams on Capfriendly and I feel (it's an opinion...not a fact) that it's very much in line with what Kyle Davidson has been saying. We need to get better and play more meaningful hockey in March/April. As a quick sidenote...KD's been extremely transparent. I'd argue too transparent because at some point extreme transparency can be used against you in terms of trades, but I guess my point in bringing this up is because he's not lying to us. He's does a very good job at setting fan's expectations. He's had answers as to why he didn't trade Strome/DeHaan/Kubalik/etc... away which MANY Hawks fans jumped on him for not maximizing their trade value. His response was that I guess they mean more to the Hawks than to other we kept them. It wasn't about getting a 3rd or 4th round pick. A lot of Hawks fans not only saw that as not collecting futures...whatever they may be, but also that isn't tanking either! He just traded Hagel away, but you kept pending UFA Dylan Strome? If were "selling" Seth Jones...then were letting the other team set his value and that's not how Kyle Davidson has been a GM. I can promise you that Kyle Davidson believes Seth Jones value to be FAR higher than what you've outlined above, BUT to another team maybe it isn't? IDK? But for us, he's extremely valuable. But that's because we're past the selling stage. And Kyle Davidson has said that too! We're in the prospect development stage and we need 1 more physical RD...if we're trading away Jones we're really hurting the development of our LD youngsters. It would take a MAMMOTH trade (more than Hagel. MUCH more) to get Kyle Davidson to think about potentially derailing the development of our prospects. Is Jones overpaid. Yeah, he's not a $9.5M player, but it's not THAT far off and I'm very happy he's still a Hawk. He's a no BS kind of guy and I respect his exit interview this year.

As far as the comps to Tampa...I guess I'd just say that we can't really do things exactly the same. If we're trying to force our situation to be like anyone else's...are we truly looking at ourselves correctly? Are you thinking Levshunov is Victor Hedman or Gajan/Commesso is Valievsky? Where's our Kucherov? It's impossible to know how any of these prospects will turn out. I don't care as much about maximizing each player's "value" in a trade (<em><strong>And neither does Kyle Davidson I might add...he's said that almost literally</strong></em>) as much as I personally care about developing the players. There are ways around situations like NMCs OR maybe Kyle Davidson learned from Stan Bowman's mistakes and won't resign Brent Seabrook. As much as I'm a big fan of his and met him a few times...very nice guy. It probably wasn't the right move to sign your 31 year old Dman to an 8 year nearly $7M per year contract. We'll be ok to have 1 contract that's higher than it should be. We're probably not ok if our prospects don't develop well. I want Vlasic and Seth Jones to be paired together for the next 6 years. I seriously do. Vlasic will be 27 at that point. If they continue to develop their chemistry, they'll be fine. Maybe they aren't the top line anymore? OK, I'm good with that too.</div></div>

What a great thread! Thanks, All, for your contributions. This exchange is one of the main reasons I read CapFriendly.

And, exo, shorter IS better. It's not easy, though... To get your ideas across succinctly makes them more powerful. Good writing is re-writing. It takes time and energy, but worth it as it makes more of an impact on the reader.

Reminds me of what E.B. White said once at the end of a letter to a friend... "Please forgive me for the length of this letter. I would have written a shorter one, but I didn't have the time." :)
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Thread: Seth to Utah
<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>boilermaker</b></div><div>I agree Seth is a capable player, though overpaid by a couple of million. And playing 25 minutes is important as the younger defenders learn their way. I'm just looking forward 2 or 3 years and would want Levshunov and a good forward prospect on the cusp of making the team at that time instead of a possibly declining Jones. I have a feeling Seth's contract isn't going to age very well. He probably has 3-4 years left of good play, then the wear and tear of playing all those minutes will come into play. He'll be a boat anchor for the last 2 years, so trade him now while he has value (ripe opportunity if you ask me with Utah) and obtain a future asset that will be coming into his own when the team becomes competitive.</div></div>

I really like this idea. Yes, Seth is a solid #1 for the Hawks these days; playing an important role for ~25 minutes a game that no one else on the Hawks can. I'd look to overpay DeMelo for four years, as an interim fix while Levshunov, Rinzel, and others ripen. He's not Seth Jones, but he'd do, IMO.

Grabbing the #6 OA would be a huge win, in addition to our #2 OA... Those two picks could greatly impact the Hawks' future, while enabling Utah to announce to the hockey world - and their fans - that their franchise is new and aggressive. That, plus Utah is further along in their rebuild, so Seth may waive to go there.

Excellent job, Boiler. I hope the Hawks find a way to make it happen. Cheers
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