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<div class="quote"><div class="quote_t">Quoting: <b>iAce</b></div><div>Depends on the situation the team is in. I never say no to a trade and look at it more in depth. I think Lambos could be good, but he's still young and hasn't proven anything yet and a 2nd doesn't do anything for me right now. So I look at the Dumba trade as this, the guy has been on the trade block for 5 years now. His contract is up and is very unlikely to be resigned. The trade deadline is coming and he knows he is gone, I think he plays much better when he is traded. Imagine being in a situation where you are talked about being fired every day no matter what you do for that company. I'm not saying he will be a 50 point scorer again but he certain is capable of playing Top 4 minutes in this league. On a Cup team hes a stud bottom pairing guy and plays in all situations.

Savoie, Kulich and Ostlund haven't proven anything yet at a pro level. I'm not saying people shouldn't be excited about them or protect them but they still haven't done anything at the AHL/NHL level. Of those 3 Ostlund is seen as the lesser of the three. I picked him because of that and a 1st that will be 20th - 25th in this years draft. Sorry if the value is off a bit but honestly Buffalo's window has been pushed up because the team has come together so well. You guys are a scary looking roster. I'm glad you guys have bounced back so well, because that Eichel situation was no fun for anyone and you deserve a good team. Hope to see you do well in the playoffs and will probably be the team I root for if the Wild don't make it.</div></div>

Buffalo’s window has been pushed up. That doesn’t mean they should trade for a severely declining to the point of being bad hockey players just because. That’s significantly more than over a PPG center in Horvat just went for. I get it, you’re not a prospect guy. But if the “max” you’ve seen for Dumba is a Risto return, this is already more than that.
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